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  2. Hi Heather! Would you please do a video on the Marquette method. I ordered my Clear blue fertility tracker today. It’s super hard to do sympto thermal postpartum and while I’m nursing! Thank you so much!

  3. I was using Billings (which worked for me), but we switched to Marquette. I like the peace of mind that the fertility monitor offers. And it tries to predict your cycles, which is helpful. Additionally, I thought the rules made more sense than Billings and I liked that Marquette was developes by several health care providers. I do the monitor combined with charting my fertile signs. I will say that I cheat a little on the charting because I CANNOT keep up with a physical chart. I use the Ovia charting app, which also lets you add notes, pictures, and other information and will try to predict your cycle, as well.

  4. I recommend the book 'Taking charge of your Fertility' by Toni Weschler to anyone who's interested in NFP and is looking for a comprehensive overview and guide.

  5. Does the clearblue opk work less than 4months pp? As I'm looking into this while I wait for my fertility monitor to arrive

  6. Your mom is a rock star.  I have 7 kids.  My two middles are Irish Twins.  December 31, 2007 and December 29, 2008.  Just found your channel and love it.  My husband and I just returned to the Sacraments and we baptized are 3 youngest and the older 4 are in RCIA.  So nice to follow a fellow practicing Catholic mom.

  7. My wife and i are doing the same thing with the marquette method. How’s this new method working for you guys? We’re on our 2nd c section

  8. I would love a video on the Ava bracelet! My husband and I bought one while I wasn’t pregnant and I do really like it but I haven’t used it to actually track my cycle yet and I’m trying to figure it out. I am 6 weeks postpartum and just got my period even though I am exclusively breastfeeding 😓. My husband and I use the BBT NFP method but I’m just so confused postpartum. I’m panicking just a little…

  9. There's a great book called : Taking charge of your fertility by Toni Weschler,it informs a lot about how you can start charting, everyone can do it, does'nt matter if you're single,married or consecrated.But anyways it's better to assist to classes with a qualified practitioner if you are to marry soon and want to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

  10. The symto -thermo method from the couple to couple league is a 3 way cross section of temp/ mucus/ ? I forget … We used this for years. After you learn it is free. I am to old to have kids now. But this work very well.

  11. I used the clearblue ovulation test after a miscarriage and it never caught my ovulating and I actually ovulated 2 eggs and was pregnant with twins by my next cycle. Just it seems nothing is 100%

  12. Sorry but that clear blue for me didn't work for me when i got a flash we tried me & my bf it didnt work at all like everyone said i bought like 5 of them i thought it was waste of money

  13. I am not a practicing Catholic but I am looking into converting. I’ve used nfp for about 6 years. After my second was born I didn’t have a cycle until 4 months after he completely weaned (he self-weaned at 20 months). But with my third child I got my cycle back before he turned 1. He’s 21 months and still night nursing lol I think it varies with each child. I love your videos. It’s funny bc I prayed to god to show me something that he’s listening to me and I found your videos today 🤗

  14. Thanks so much for this video. I'm certified instructor in NFP and help my two daughters and their friends with NFP. I teach how to use the Clearblue Fertility Monitor (see below) to track ovulation in order to avoid/get pregnancy (we're Catholic!) It works SO WELL.
    I seriously believe we need to get this machine out there into our Catholic world in a bigger and louder way and it should be taught to single women so that they can KNOW their bodies before marriage in a deep way so they can feel comfortable once they are sexually active during marriage.
    Too many women are frustrated with the methods out there because they aren't easy! Guesswork shouldn't be an option when we have this tech!
    I just got my daughter the Ava bracelet to use along with her monitor. Could you use that and review once you're sleeping through the night again? Also, if you could get the fertility monitor and review it that would be fabulous!!! THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU'RE DOING. –link: https://www.amazon.com/Clearblue-Fertility-Monitor-Screen-Pregnant/dp/B00R1V66SG

  15. There isn't enough resources for postpartum women. There is way too much emphasis on telling women that if they consistently and solely breastfeed they can postpone fertility and that is only true for a small percentage of women. I have had a very hard time practicing NFP. Similar to what you said I wasn't overly concerned about practicing NFP early in our marriage since my husband and I were open to children. I got pregnant within a month after our wedding day. Then my second daughter was born 13 months later. We then started to think more seriously about NFP. We have researched and practiced several methods and have had formal classes in the Sympto-thermal method. But this has not been an easy journey. I am now postpartum two months with baby number 6 in 6 years and I already have my period back. We have invested hundreds of dollars in methods and monitors which still have not helped postpone pregnancy for us. I do believe our fertility is our cross. I am thinking about simply abstaining for the next year. Neither my temperature or mucus symptoms have been reliable and I have struggled to use the Ovacue Fertility Monitor for postponing pregnancy since it's intended purpose is for helping to conceive. I have been struggling with gut issues and have Hashimoto Thyroidism which contribute to conflicting fertility symptoms. I am interested in formal training in the Marquette method since it uses a monitor and I do feel as though a monitor is a more reliable judge than monitoring my fertility on my own. I definitely need a break. Thanks so much for the discussion.

  16. Thank you for this video. I recently found your channel and am trying to go through the videos. I am 7 months ppd with my third..still no cycle. Hubby and I are struggling with intimacy because I am afraid to get pregnant again…We are, in the last few years, really practicing our faith and this is the hardest part. I will be looking into that ovulation kit!

  17. http://avawomen.ref-r.com/c/i/10619/11959642
    It says 20$ off, however the whole month of June will be 30$ off

  18. It is important for Catholic couples to note that it is always licit to practice NFP to get pregnant, but can be considered sinful if there are not grave or serious reasons for practicing NFP to not get pregnant. Dr. Taylor Marshall has a good article on this on his website:


  19. Thank you! and praise be to God for you and your videos! This is just what i needed right now! Just had my 4th baby and 3rd cesarean 2 months ago. All the doctors who tended to me recommended i tied my tubes. I didn't, but I cannot take any more risks. I felt like i was fumbling around in darkness alone as the NFP methods we were taught did not work for us personally. Please do more videos on NFP and the Marquette method. Thank you and God bless you and your beautiful family.

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