Natural Labor & Delievery Story|Surprise Gender Birth

for today's video I have the labor and delivery story of Elsa's birth she is our fourth daughter and Elsa's birth was pretty intense and rapid to make the story short all I can say is Elsa was almost born in the car every the baby's coming I got 9 minutes our story begins on June 26 around 7 a.m. I woke up and I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom I was 37 weeks and four days and I was really hoping that Elsie would make it to 38 weeks like Callie's Callie did my third pregnancy uh Anna Lee was born at 37 weeks as well so I just had an average that anywhere between thirty seven weeks and 38 weeks Elsie would be born but I was really hoping she would wait till 38 weeks because my mom was supposed to be arriving from California on June 27th on Thursday and Elsie was born on June 26 on Wednesday so that morning I went and I peed and then I wiped and I saw a ping of a mucus plug it was very very little mucus plug it wasn't like that huge mucus plug and it had a very light tint light pink tint of blood so I just knew it when I saw that I just knew that I was going to go into labor because that's exactly how my Labor's always have started so I called Henry right away and I said mucus plug is coming out knew we should be expecting a baby anywhere from today or tomorrow I don't think the baby will wait for my mom and Henry was like alarmed he's like are you sure you don't want me to come home and have the car because that was the first day of the girls summer vacation so I didn't I told him to take the car I told him I wasn't going to go out because I was going to try my best to keep the baby in for the weekend and all of that but she had other plans because she really wanted to be born I had no contractions around that time so I went back to bed and around 8 a.m. I was woken up with the very first contraction and then I said okay he'll see his really well I didn't know her name at that time I didn't even know the gender because it was a surprise gender birth I said baby is really coming so I went back to the bathroom and I put on one of those always discreet underwear because I said if my water breaks I won't get the bad messy or anything like that so I had contractions pretty much all that morning and they were very sporadic and they didn't have any rhythm to them so I knew I was in really early labor and that's why I told my husband to stay at work and that I was going to let him know if anything changed so I was having contractions and I when I laid down the contractions would go away and then I would say hmm maybe I'm not going into labor it was very weird but my body just knew I was in labor but I knew I was an early labor and I would say maybe she could possibly wait until Thursday all my kids I have labored a very long time so from morning's or afternoons I don't give birth till the middle of the night all my kids have been born in the middle of the night all of them I just didn't think that the baby would be born earlier than the middle of the night so I was wrong that day I stayed and I did a lot of housework I try to finish things that I wanted to finish before the baby came and before my mom arrived the next day I also finished packing the hospital bags and the car seat was still not installed so I was pretty nervous about that but Henry when he came home he just threw the car seat in he took it out of the box and just threw it in the car with the diaper bags and we left that day I was struggling a lot as a mom because I was in labor and I also had a toddler who had a pretty high fever she had a 104 fever because she was dealing with a UTI so it was really really hard because she was doing a lot of toddler tantrums throwing herself on the floor and I couldn't really pick her up and cuddling hurt her a little bit if I was sitting down because she was pressing on my belly contractions were still bearable and we're still not as painful so then the afternoon came and I decided I was going to order some food I wanted to really stay with energy so I ate all day long I drink lots of fluids and I said if this is labor I know I have to have the energy to push the baby out so I need to eat and drink as much as much as I can so that's what I did we ordered some food I fed the kids and I just laid down and waited for Henry to come home Henry came home around 4 o'clock and at that time my contractions were every five to six minutes apart and the little app I had downloaded I'll leave the name of the app down below kept telling me you should be heading to the hospital but because my Labor's have always been you know very slow and steady and I don't go from like zero to a hundred like that and I knew I was still very early on I decided to wait before we left the house I did call my doctor I texted him and I said listen doctor I'm an early labor I think we're gonna have a baby pretty soon and he told me Chrissie there's no rooms available in the hospital right now so try to labor at home as much as you can and get comfortable and so we will see you later and I said I really want room number six because that's the one with the labouring tub and I wanted to go in the tub little did I know I wasn't even gonna almost make it to the hospital so that day we decided to go I'm in labor and we have a child with fever we're planning to leave them at my mother-in-law's and my father-in-law's so Henry ran into target he got two bottles of motrin he got Pedialyte and all the sick necessities and I was still having really intense contractions and so we headed to his dad's house when we arrived at Henry's dad's house I did notice that my contractions were having more of a rhythm and they were coming every five minutes to every four minutes to every three minutes so I started to think okay we should be leaving soon let me just get the kids settled down so I laid down with Cali on the bed and I was having contractions and I really hate laying down or sitting down during contractions because I feel they hurt and they're much more painful so then Henry's mom came we told her everything with Cali she offered us food I ate a little bit but that time when I was eating I had two really intense contractions and those contractions told me it's time to go another reason why I stayed home laboring so long was because it was rush hour and the Turnpike here in New Jersey was jammed it said it would take us two hours to the hospital when in a normal like no traffic time it would take us anywhere from 35 to 45 minutes so I was pretty terrified of sitting there on the Turnpike with five minutes apart contractions so we did decide to wait but after those two contractions Henry was like massaging my back and I said babe it's time to go we we need to go now left the house and it was a very emotional moment for me as a mom it's always been hard to leave my kids when I go and deliver but this time I was leaving a sick baby and it just felt so hard like to leave hurt and still so young my other kids have been three three and a half when I've left them to deliver and Cally's two and a couple months so it just felt like I was leaving my baby to go have another baby and she was sick and I think that really just caught up with all my feelings and my emotions so I started crying and I knew I had to be strong and take it easy because I had a lot of work ahead of me so we got into the car and we drove off and I remember Henry driving pretty quickly because he was nervous I kept telling him I have a lot of pressure the contractions are like coming really quick and so we did stop by the house to pick something up I can't remember what it was and then we drove away to the hospital and as we were driving I just felt like the contractions just kept coming back to back to back to back and I knew that that was like my body working really hard and it was almost time to push the baby and so I kept rushing my husband and I kept telling him like Henry I don't think we're gonna make it to the hospital this is really painful and again I have a really high tolerance for pain I've delivered vaginally naturally no IV none of that in the past but this birth and this labor were very intense and painful and I think that was due to me being strapped into the car it's terrible like if you guys have ever done natural birth you know that what helps you get through all that is movement it's moving around moving your body massaging your back rocking your hips that's like the ease of all of the labor and I've done that a couple times but being strapped to that car was so excruciating and so painful that I kept telling Henry this hurts so bad and since he's done this with me in the past he was really worried because he had never seen me in so much pain during labor I'm usually very quiet and I'm like in my zone and I can like move my head and he's massaging me and we're a team but since he's driving he's over here trying to massage my back I'm holding on to dear life in the car I'm like really complaining like this is it it's so painful like he's just like really nervous because I've never done that before I've never been so verbal during labor so he's speeding he's honking the cars to move he's like putting his emergency like like please move away my wife is in labor and we're gonna have a baby when we were about 15 minutes away from the hospital that's when I started to getting the urge to push and I started getting urges of the head the feeling of engagement of the baby's head so I kept saying the baby's coming I can feel the head I feel like I need to push all those things we're so terrifying our car turned on a couple lights and then turned off and then he had to turn it back on and I think all of that was because he was forcing the car to go so fast braking and just like speeding and braking it was so bad the car just came back from the mechanics because of our rapid burn so I remember I don't know where I got the strength to do this but I remember that I texted my doctor and I said I'm gonna be there in about 10 minutes and just to let you know I'm I'm getting ready to push so he knew that I was coming and that I was possibly coming fully dilated I don't know how I got that energy to do that my sister-in-law was in the back so I just kept holding her hand and I was just like oh my goodness I just want this to end this is terrible and so Henry just kept saying okay oh my what are we gonna do just relax we're almost there you he's called it from 15 minutes to 2 minutes before without the hospital he kept saying Krissy we're 9 minutes away Krissy 5 more minutes Krissy 2 more minutes just hold the baby in and I was just getting ready to push that baby out you know the urge was there and so I knew that the only thing that was holding my labor was that my butt water was not broken so if my water would have been broken I would have had a baby like that in the car and nothing would have stopped it but because my water was still intact that pretty much hell helped me until I made it to the hospital so yeah we pulled on to the labor and delivery and I just felt this sense of relief right away like I was just like we made it I don't have to give birth in the car and then I had another really intense contraction Henry came over to help me out of the car and I said don't don't I this hurts too much I cannot move right now like don't so once that contraction was done I said okay let's go I pretty much was having contractions from the car into the hospital the whole time they just kept coming and coming every two minutes and so I'm walking and I'm like holding on to Henry I'm like oh my goodness a lot of people have told me like I can't even believe that you walked yourself into the hospital but like I said sitting down for me during labor is the worst thing ever I need to be moving so I remember when those doors open up the labor and delivery unit I just saw my doctor and it was like seeing of Angel appear because I was just so relieved that he was there that I was going to deliver he was waiting for me because of that text so he kept telling the nurses that's my patient that's my patient there was still no rooms available when I got there so he put me into like a back room to check me for dilation and so he checked me and he told my husband that's it we're having a baby right now get ready cuz my husband he helps with the deliveries so he's like get on the gloves like we're going to deliver right now and he looks at me and he said mama you didn't give me any time what happened I said I don't know it's on me the baby just wants to come like I don't know I was fully dilated fully fully effaced and the baby's head was already crowning the thing was that there was still no room so we waited for about five minutes they cleaned out a room really quickly and then they transferred me from one bed to another bed the rolling beds so they rolled me into a the actual delivery room and I remember like I put my my legs up and I was ready to push and so he tells me oh your water's still intact ok we're gonna deliver an attack I have delivered intact before with Anneliese pregnancy so I know that feeling of delivering intact so pretty much what that means for you guys who don't really know is that my water was not broken so the baby was still in the omni otic sac so when i was pushing the first thing that was bulging out was the water so my husband says that he would just see like the water like a crystal ball is what he described at us so when the head was bulging with the water in the amniotic sac I was pushing so I pushed once like one big push and then I heard the pop and then I like kind of felt the engagement fully of like the head coming down so what was stopping the head from coming out was actually the water because the water was out first and then the head so once that happened I was in a lot of pain this time around like I said if you watch my birth with Callie I'm very relaxed and I kind of only make one loud pretty much like push one really loud push and that was this time it took like a lot of work I was I pushed three times but it was very intense and very painful I was like I heard so much uh and I think all my pain was due to being strapped into the car and not being able to move around when it came time to pushing everything happened so fast so intense that I was actually in pain because with birth having like a very calm and atmosphere it really helps with your pain management so I think this time around it just happened so fast and it was nobody's fault it was just the baby was really trying to come we had waited and labored at home as much as we could and that made it so much more intense being an active labor in the car so it was nobody's fault at the end it was so incredibly special because we had waited a long nine months to find out if we were going to have a son or a daughter and so we had a huge feeling that it would be another girl even before we saw any ultrasounds even before we did any of the old wives tale like right when we found out that we were pregnant at the end of that video you hear me say I know it's another girl and and we just had like our mindset for it to be another girl that we just are like so incredibly shocked to have actually been right all that time it was so special to not find out the gender of the baby as well if I would do this ever again I would not find out again and I kind of the whole time wished I had not done that with any of my pregnancies because it was just so so special I was so emotional and I have never cried at any of my births the way I cried at Elsie's birth because it was just so special and it was just felt so rewarding after nine months after pushing her that she was safe and that she was healthy and that she was mine and so I remember my husband he was also very emotional he had been emotional and every other birth but this time he was just beyond emotional because he actually got the chance to fully fully deliver Elsie the doctor pretty much told him here you go put his hands when I was crowning and he was able to take Elsie out on him by himself he had like a towel he said he was very emotional and the tears were coming that he was so scared that she was gonna slip out of his arm his hands so that's why he he was taking it easy and I think that also was so special that time when I looked at him doing that it was just amazing it was so amazing so rewarding to have my husband deliver my babies and he's such an expert at this point that I know he could have done it himself if he had to but I was we were lucky enough that we didn't have to so she was born and she was placed right on my chest before that happened I reached down to touch her head and then Henry handed her to me and I was so special it was just such a special moment and I felt so emotional this time I cried looking at her I couldn't believe it it happened so fast I'll wrap it so intense and I think that's what triggered all of these emotions inside of me and then Henry it was we had stated in the birth plan that as soon as I delivered that no one would see with the baby the baby's gender was until head room had looked and said of himself I didn't want some time just to have that special moment with us without finding out and trying to guess but I guess the nurses were also really excited and the doctor really excited to know that I was like not yet not yet like let's calm down but Henry was also really excited and really emotional so he's like he started crying even more and is just it was just such an incredible moment and I'm gonna cherish it forever each and every one of my births have been so amazing and have this image in my head of every single time I've done this and every time it's been different and every time it's been so rewarding and having a child it's just so special in my eyes and who it was great he cut the umbilical cord and then a few minutes after I delivered the placenta and everything was smooth sailing from there I felt great I had been feeling great the whole pregnancy so after that I felt great as well the baby was on me with skin-to-skin for about an hour and a half which was great no one came in no one bothered us no one weighed the baby Callie needed oxygen right when she was born so she was actually taken away from us cat else he didn't need any of that and I remember we still didn't have a name so Elsie we named her like that because Henry's mom's name is Elsa and when she was born I kept calling her Elsie or the other name so I would call her two names the other name that we didn't end up using which was Eloise so I kept calling her both those names but every time Mike said Elsie out loud it just made it just made so much sense so I did start calling her Elsie right away but if we had not set any names like set on stone until about the day like when we were gonna leave the and so yeah that was our labor and delivery story it was very special very meaningful very intense and I can't believe I almost delivered in the car so that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it and I know you guys still can't comment on my videos so please head on over to Instagram and send me any questions or comments you guys would like and I'll see you guys

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