hey guys I just wanted to jump in here and explain kind of why this video start so abruptly I actually wasn't planning on being at the hospital this day I had just gone into the doctor's office for a blood pressure check and ended up getting sent straight to the hospital at 5 centimeters with preeclampsia to deliver the babies so my sister met us up at the hospital and brought us our camera but at this point I'm about 5 or 6 centimetres dilated and my contractions were about two to three minutes apart and I was in a lot of pain in case you can't tell from the look of the face I will have a sit down video kind of a birth story style video coming up that will explain kind of how we got to this place and ended up lowering this day and then just kind of fill you guys in on all the details and little things that you may miss along the way in this video but now I'm getting my epidural and let's get into the birth vlog so Angie just had her epidural she's feeling real mass um you are last time we checked I think she was six centimeters dilated so before all of that that whole that whole contraction that's sure you're probably past that now amelia is breech so Angie's going to go for a badge until birth and we're going to attempt to hopefully either turn her upon coming out or if not well we're going to nice yeah we're going to go we're going to go breech delivery so we got awesome awesome Opie's tonight Angie loves the doctors we have the Baby Whisperer here to coach her along as well so we're in good shape – whatever that random beeping soundless but as a dancer we'll be keeping you guys updated Rachel she says you're smoked all the food it made me numb but here down I feel very calm really psychic online – very tired of stressful couple of hours what you got going on there Christopher's conversion I'm like he's an air scrubber oh man how you feeling sister okay it is 8:35 Schanke and anxious yeah dr. Peretz just came in yes she's going to they're going to wait to check me because my Group B Strep tests haven't come back yet because I just had it done yesterday they they want me to get in two bags instead of filling before I deliver and she's afraid if she checks me breaks out water this babies are basically going to come right then they'll fly up there they're leaving me alone right now until after we get in all the penicillin and then then we can let things roll we're just trying to kind of hold them in right now what I missed anything mother I don't know what did he mess they just rotated me a little bit cuz my back is hurting but were still just waiting they did to liver the other baby so now we're just waiting okay the doctor to come in here and handle then explain afterwards if he's okay she's my mom yep everything looks good now she's on her side with oxygen um the doctor broke her water it was most fluid I've ever seen in my entire life I'm out of a person baby had a lot of water and IVs heart rate dropped down into the 80s I would say for about one minute of course when they're trying to kind of flip her back and forth and get her to get her heart rate back up it seems like a lot longer but it really wasn't long I'm just kind of the shock of losing all that fluid I think kind of a little cooler got a little angry but the doctor said when she checked Angie's cervix she's at about a seven now but honestly since her waters been broken she checked her five minutes ago I'd bet she's an eight because it just is moving faster anyway when she checked her IV had her little fingers up by her head so the doctor kind of encouraged her some words as well as hands back right she's trying to Superman her way but both girls heart rates are great they're fine I be recovered really quickly Angie soon good our blood pressure is on the high side of normal school right but high so she's just going to rest and have little oxygens just to make sure the girls are still you know being oxygenated well and almost good time it is 11:25 the nurse just checked her she's 9 centimeters 90% of faced baby is at 0 station their heart rates are perfect right now her contractions are coming pretty consistently she's going for pressure baby soon you ready pops yeah look that base okay never been more ready in my life never better messed up it's about time to stop work or work work for me the skinny it's five til midnight they just came in and I would she feel like eight to nine there's still a lip of cervix around but they changed positions try to put more pressure but her head is right there so this is once that little lip of cervix is gone so we go done more random noises and the girls didn't mind the position change her grades are doing very well 12:53 they just checked her again she's still at about a nine with an anterior cervical lip so just like the front of her cervix still has some circuit left so they flipped her over to her left side that seems to have increased the pressure that's it [Applause] or maybe pull it down over your chin Domingo let's hear the baby hey I can tell them apart but like right now I can't Ivy's colors a little bit more pink hello he doesn't have a name we are going to go get some blood sugar test done they're a little low we're going to get them back up to stable all right so we've been down at the nursery for a couple hours now and glucose levels came back over the benchmark where they needed to be so they are going to get the girls ready to go and we're going to come back down to see a very anxious mom so it is they made it back I got a happy mom all right I mean I don't know when we should wrap up this outing Noah Davis so we'll end the delivery vlog here maybe it's so awake she has like had her eyes open is starting to can you get a picture of her awake over here I can't really mm-hmm hello okay so she's a sleep with one eye open Ruthie no spits we clearly both need some sleep all right sign us out daddy

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