Natural (Unmedicated) Labor & Delivery Vlog – Part 1

I'm at the hospital I might be in labor I also might not be but I have snacks all over my belly because just in case I'm in labor I went to Trader Joe's and got a whole bunch of stuff that I'm gonna want before they tell me that I need to stay I've been having contractions all morning I'm having contractions all morning they've been getting more severe so if I'm not in labor I'm not far from labor I was near to the hospital and I decided I should just come here and have them check it because if I am a Libra I should know that right Jess is in labor so we're springing into action and taking care of the most important things I need to shave my neck so I got to go buy some razors can't be showing up at the hospital hair on my neck I think I see Sam in a cool of the Eagle you see the guys at the skate park should we go see him or what very important Hey really I'm having a boy where is he yeah my wife's in labor fantastic that's amazing my hope my wife is taking a bath and I'm gonna get some razors landed already my wife is giving birth to a child here come on now do you think he can land it this time yeah okay yeah that was sick you might be with your wife right now like a thing Lea quit judging me okay I got 1% battery so we'll see you guys a little bit my sister's coming I know when were you before June 20th it's June 18th he's just hey look beautiful well no you what do you want you want what else what does mommy want hello easy you're excited to see your cousin of course you do I feel like we did this last time to time right husband of the year okay when I walk through like but but what are you eating don't you get baby Oh strawberry Monsanto and almond butter and strawberries and quinoa something something something dark chocolate gem just getting the baby out I went to the doctor yesterday and they couldn't believe that I still hadn't had him I haven't progressed more I haven't dilated more and have any faced more as of yesterday's appointment I still have contractions regularly and yeah sometimes they're painful you think you're having the baby now I don't know I'm afraid to say yes I just know that I'm having contractions again and that's a great night what kind of contractions like the kind that happened pretty frequently and Arlo and uncle you haven't jumps in the Hixton contractions braxton-hicks I think they might be real that would be cool but let's not get our hopes a lot going on in our house right now we got Mariana thing wakka moly over there Mariners lounging kids are running wild where'd they go okay learn a lesson so what's the lesson baby yeah how do i okay I better find some flowers all right link I got you some water and ibuprofen you ready water all right open up Oh if you bring the Bible daddy helped a lot all right we're hopping in the car not sure why I brought my skateboard but who brings their skateboard to go give birth to a child can you like hold a baby in is that something that's possible like when you have to hold in your preemie may sometimes I really feel like an angle to try and delay labor hold a min till midnight so he can be born on go skateboarding game oh yeah because then he'll for sure be a skateboard that's this big yellow button for whenever you Lilly or a baby then we push the button and loudly buy things in hospital what I'm looking forward to that thing coming I hope you Tony hit me really far yeah I think you are I think it's coming instantly yeah so we're here at this coffee shop with these guys that we're gonna walk around and hopefully get these contractions going harder and maybe have the baby cub hopefully it's Friday it's now been five days of this happy Go Skateboarding day we still have not given birth to our little tiny baby manchild he doesn't want to be born on Go Skateboarding Day because obviously he wants to play football instead ok I've been cleaning out the camera I'm cleaning the whole house still very pregnant I'm not wearing pinion t-shirts I just wear normal ones and ok I'm rambling the doctor just called and said I could come and get my membranes stripped because I hear I'll turn you around once again because I still have not progressed and labor even though I've had contractions for over a week and my due dates tomorrow and so she just come in now and let's strip them and maybe I'll go into labor ok but let's try I might jump in the shower because I feel really lucky and I was gonna keep my nails it's hard to feel ready ok I'm at the hospital I showered at least I drove myself I don't know if this goes fast like if I'm gonna be going in getting this whatever it's called scrape or stripped or whatever and then I just leave or what but if it goes fast Sean and Meredith will meet me here and they'll drive separately and if not I'll just do it and leave I don't know I'm doing but and clean and I'm excited that maybe this will help work and if it doesn't work then I just need to accept that I might be pregnant forever do you think this is it baby and I just made these tacos alright alright so what's your Hospital prep routine that's a good routine you thinking you'll have the baby in the car or at the hospital Harvey Street that's you cuz I'm hooked on the show suits man-crush son got a mark I think you're gonna have this baby with an epidural or without an epidural we'll see how it plays out what would Harvey do right on my back did you just have the baby yeah pick up the pace baby you gotta have a baby hello we're here to try to give birth to a baby we will put you into triage and

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  1. Your little one is so cute! When my wife went into labor she want to take the dog for a walk and watch a movie and labor at home. I freaked out and forced her to go to the hospital because I thought she was crazy and I did not want an accidental home birth. Well….she let me take her to the hospital and she labored for 28 more hours till our daughter came out. I think on our next one I’ll listen to her….

  2. I just gave birth to my first ever baby boy! 7/20/19 ❤️ I had been having Braxton Hicks since 24 weeks along and having period like cramping for 8 weeks leading up to going into labor. It felt just like the movies! I woke up my plug came out in the toilet, about an hour later my water broke. I had zero pain (thank god) for the next 4 hours then all of a sudden it started. I was 3cm dilated and 100% effaced. Within an hour of the doctor telling me I was 3cm dilated the baby was coming out of me! We were all shocked, I pushed twice and he was here in my arms. Most amazing experience ever. The doctor said it was amazing watching me be animalistic and move my body around to get birth going. I too have never taken a birthing class, I just did what felt right which for me was getting in the squat position and giving birth like that. I feel so lucky to have experienced this without any medication.

  3. 8:37 is hilarious! I almost woke my husband up laughing! Your hubs is so funny and you're so cute just sitting on that hospital bed in butterfly position!

  4. Jess you are a HOOT AND A HALF!! 😂😂😂 Bless your adorable heart – loved every minute of this ❤️

  5. I'm 15 almost 16 weeks, and semi looking forward to birth semi not, I plan on being induced with this one but I didnt use anything except for pitocin so that's mostly drug free right? That prayer was so adorable!!!!

  6. Please watch subscribe and support me and my babies 👶 I will most definitely return the love . Thanks ladies 🥰

  7. Jess, you are incredible! You are the reason I had my 2nd completely natural! Love you and your lil dam so much- thanks for bringing us along! ❤️

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