Natural (Unmedicated) Labor & Delivery Vlog Part 2

well welcome to our YouTube channel of how to have baby number two without an epidural starting Jessica over the so Jessica what does the contraction feel like without an epidural it's kind of feels like I'm gonna throw up it's a lot of pressure on like my lower stomach in lower back there's whistling help help stop reading humming breathing whistle and then it passes so like when it's starting I really think about the fact that it's gonna be over soon and so then I'm just kind of powering through it but it's not fun well you look great they're about to break our water you you you wait what now he's not born yet but he's gonna be born soon in alleys that's gonna be her baby brother boy why because it is and he's gonna be your cousin huh your baby brother's being born yeah well he's at the hospital did you know that all right let's go tell Mariana what day the best day of your life because you have Mariana and Becca and their coffee for meet our brother you know just any other day Loic um comments line you got it are we going to get flowers in the baby he's just a little guy guy we're gonna skin to hair he looks a little on you but he felt big to be yeah he's as cute as a tractor that's for sure he's cute as a tractor so you think it's a boy yeah what do you think you're a good big sister are you ready to hold your baby really for the first time ever excited you're for now baby Barrett's hold it upright look at you did you give him a kiss it's okay little baby here you put it back you're strong guy and this is your cousin Louie how's your painting offset it all baby loves the toy line I've been awake the whole night and the whole day and now it's a new night and I'm gonna go sleep but here's the little thing he's having a dream right now that's a little stinker you haven't been having the dream it's love it he's awake

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  1. I bawled at this entire video😭😭😭 what a blessing! And you just gave me the idea to listen to worship music in the delivery room. What an amazing idea to glorify god in your most painful moments!! Love you guys ♥️♥️

  2. Congratulations on the beautiful baby boy! I'm due with my first in 5 weeks, August 28th. I too am hoping to do an unmedicated birth, we shall see.
    By the way, the brewery hoodie your sister is wearing is from my town, I recognized the logo right away 🙂

  3. I'm due in 4 weeks with a boy and hopefully can go unmediated but have it as a back up. You are super in spring 💙

  4. I'm due in 5 days and cried through every second of this. So beautiful! I can't wait to meet my baby girl 😍😭

  5. So so sooooo precious Jess!!! I felt like I was there -sort of!!!! Can’t wait to see you sooo soon!!! I want to come and laugh and play and have girls and baby boy week!!!💖🙌💖🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🥰🥰🥰🥰‼️

  6. I live how the category of the video says Comedy 😆 it's not funny at all, I did unmedicated for my first and expecting #2 early September (hoping for unmedicated again). Thank you for sharing this!! Congratulations!!

  7. I remember watching Eloise's birth vlogs all those years ago and this one is just as special! Congratulations Hover family!

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