I remember I was on my way to up one morning and I felt it I felt it in my gut you just know when something is wrong with any what exactly but I knew something was wrong abortion is the denial of the human right to exist in Islam it is completely Haram was it the bushin in Uganda is illegal what the restrictions have done mostly is to promote unsafe abortion then a mullah almost violence I'm still bleeding abortions are happening in this country and they're very various providers of abortion in 2016 the Ugandan government was forced to withdrew a key abortion legislation the pressure was mounted mostly by religious leaders and at the umbrella body the inter-religious Council people came up and raised the red flag and leaders institution for a pyramid and those guidelines were withdrawn but this is a discussion that he still ongoing we hope that we should be able to also conclude this because we are seeing incest now on the increase that decision that was hoped to increase the amount of information that girls and women get on sex and pregnancy set back many girls in life in that year this girl will call her Rachel was raped by relative to Pierce you so what he did he slept with me like had sex with me Rachel was only 14 and had alia dropped out of school this was the second time she was being ripped and yet again by a relative stranded and not in a position to report her rapist fearing the repercussion it would bring and particularly the quote unquote shame that their family would suffer the brother opted to pay a deposit on her abortion procedure this sent Rachel up an alleyway of unlicensed abortion practitioners course in a chocolate as it Lamba Rachel's abortion is just one of hundreds of abortions that happen in Uganda daily one statistic regularly quoted by health officials is that there are 800 abortions that happen daily in the country Uganda still criminalizes abortions abortion in Uganda is illegal but it's only acceptable when the life of the mother is actually in danger so that is when abortions are permissible and this should be done at our health facilities in the absence of trained medical personnel to help girls like Rachel they turn to unsafe abortion places some – even the use of traditional medicines but one child on my couch I am an animagus okay Nicole or Jim Messina chocolate is about remember the walk at the John Coffey seen a job Baraka no no bunny worrying he made the grade music for because it says nu mu gamma signature Cola a man he'd gone on the day that we met Rachel our investigations team also found this girl we'll call her Jane Jen was only 13 when she was defiled by a guardian that offered to pay her school fees in three months following high defilement she discovered she was pregnant and sought the help of a local herbalist historic shows she was willing to go the mile to get the fetus out of her body luckily unpick gan de gallo wake up a banger Mooji I think I saw like a middle child you know to understand the politics of abortion you have to understand the cycle of a pregnancy fast a normal pregnancy undergoes at least three trimesters or 40 weeks each trimester is divided into 12 weeks but the most crucial state the one where many young girls seek the abortion from is the first trimester this is characterized mostly by nausea vomiting changing breast size mood swings weight gain and in some extreme cases bleeding but pregnancy is a result a result of an action and protected sex a subject that in a supposed moral society like Uganda is sacred it's very unfortunate that today we are tackling the effects when you take off an effect it's like flushing grass you slash it on tomorrow it curls back so it is about lack of information it's not only information for young people it is information for our doubts now for us we say that it is sex with whatever surrounds in the city six do not come near that is the language the Quran says Quran does not say don't have don't play sex don't have sex intercourse now it says don't come around fornication it means that there are certain things that you have to you don't have to engage in because if you engage in it it takes you to this exchange to put our moral beliefs and values ahead of women we me and you know very well that in this country religion takes precedence Helen a mu Tahiry has been advocating for information to young people on sexual and reproductive health for years she works at Rita hand Uganda a key advocacy group in giving age-appropriate information to teenagers at a young age she always you know fest with make constantly making decision and if you're not equipped with the information and the skill to negotiate that kind of decision-making then it is going to lead you into trouble we're going to have very many young people messing up and it could be something that simple drug abuse it could be something as simple and safe sex you know or even a fight something as simple as you know someone else talk to me and I don't know how its respond to that well my body's changing and I don't know what to do where my block or my hips bigger than others where am i breasts here alley so to give them a basis to make informed choices they have been advocating for increasing information and awareness amongst teens on their sexuality and mostly amongst schools as long as it is appropriate because there is an information package for every age group that is you know set for them for their needs and for the challenges that they face at those different age groups but that call is strongly resisted by religious leaders religious leaders agree that they have lost the attention of many young people you can't wait for them in the mosques you can't wait for them in the churches you've got to wait for everybody in the church because after all in them in the mosque young men young children the young men don't never don't attend this thing says so much young men you find them in any bars you find them in a disco holes they leader the person who teaches them could be the serums and have their ways of even their songs the songs of this Arabs today all is geared towards sex and nothing more Uganda is a secular state but 84% of the population belongs to at least three of the globally dominant religions Catholics Anglicans and Muslims these numbers run heavy on the minds of political players when big decisions like a legislation on abortion is being passed we see they kind of like contradict with family planning are to the extent line but in the Catholic Church for example it's actually move like a table you choose from the planning I have something that is about to form in me that I don't want it has happened it should to continue the restrictions are not even clear and the unlined sis ones actually meaning on the cold and dark streets of Kampala we set out to investigate which was indeed true that many health centers offer abortions something that the government considers illegal our actor will pose as a young student at a university that recently discovered that they are pregnant and are now seeking an abortion due to the sensitivity of this matter we will never disclose the hospital's the doctors and our actor involved in the story we start at an obscure hospital ranked amongst the best caregivers in the country here our source meets a doctor and a conversation ensues he's pressed and cannot carry it out at the facility but offers us a referral to a clinic which is nestled in the suburbs of Kampala the next day we set out of the clinic with a referral we had been given deep in the buried homes were young corporate and budding entrepreneurs reside tops at the clinic that we'd been referred to we meet a staff member of the clinic who in conversation tells us the person we'd been sent to see was not around but is equally not willing to give us their number maybe she's just in town definitely very busy on our own he takes down our actors contact and says that he will call us that you know can I get up [Applause] we laser land through sources but the person we had been referred to see is a reputable medical practitioner working in the national referral hospital after days of waiting we went back to the clinic this time in the evening our actor under pretend boyfriend I led into the consultation room it's and muscle the danger I have someone who wears the knowledge but usually tears when a with the doctor that we'd come to see was yet again not around tells us away from the clinic we can that is your price so he leaves the room to consult when he comes back he tells us that their doctor can carry out the procedure but he's away and willing to wait he will he negotiates for us the prices second so that is the 300 which is relevant at this Wendy's that's 40 miles of ocean many clinics that carry out abortions are weary of government crackdown and so they take their time to study their patients before they can't carry out the procedure where he sends us to zone but doctor is willing on first glance he simply asks us to get a scan and he'll perform the procedure how much is it a finding in the Preakness is because the Machine cognitive about refer to the frequency that just now I don't want you to go a man you start with the instability get quiet lady you're not talking then your purpose to throughout the course of my investigation we have discovered at least three facts there abortions safe or unsafe are happening that they are mostly negotiated by young girls desperate to get rid of an unintended pregnancy and done by health workers looking to make a buck we've also discovered that religion and societal pressures account for most of the expectations that lead to unsafe abortions but none of the religions is willing to openly discuss sex now to make itself yet young people are having it this girl will call a charity has had a safe abortion before she's accessed information on sexuality and took a decision she says was informed on terminating a pregnancy in its first trimester I was very unhappy with health facilities and the choices they offer because I'm in my very early twenties I have something that is about to form in me that I don't want when once the it has happened it issued to continue the child should come out I'm a believer I'm a Christian and I don't think it was a sin because there was not yet life in that tissue you are boating a child which is already with a seed which is already developing in Islam it is completely Haram except on certain circumstances we're not basing on facts we are using and Bible and all these things but even then even if us to have the baby I'll still be scolded for having sex outside marriage when it is alone there is no choice with the law you just have to follow the law we we and with the law we don't negotiate i I didn't feel like I was breaking a law I actually felt that that government had failed me not give me access to the health services that I needed there has been a call from different civil society organizations trying to tell us asking government asking the Ministry of Health to allow certain scenarios in addition to the mother the mother's life being in danger we should add in cases of defilement cases of rape and this has been an ongoing discussion that has not been concluded ramanujan e NBS investigates

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  1. 1st-trimester abortion involves:

    Starving a baby with a beating heart to death with abortion pills or

    Tearing a baby into pieces & sucking her out of her mother's womb through a suction machine.

    Abortion kills an innocent person at every stage.

  2. this so called "sex education" will be used to teach people about homosexuality its being pushed by donors

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