12 Replies to “‘Near Miss’ Mothers: The Risk of Childbirth in America | NPR”

  1. Education is the key!!! We take so much for granted trusting our doctors for guidance. We can play a major role in our medical care by research. In all three of my pregnancies I declined the c-section. All babies born healthy and alert. pain medication declined as well. Relaxation and stretching were key for me. Know your body and what feels right and what doesn’t.

  2. Part of the problem is the high cesarean section rates in America which is mainly due to the over use of electronic fetal monitors (EFM). These monitors should only be used in high risk pregnancies. People don't know about the research around EFM use and the history around EFM use. If you look at it , most of these deaths are among women who have cesarean section. If it is an emergency, then I can understand. But many women in America don't know they can have a vaginal delivery after a cesarean section. Why? Because their doctors never tell them. Go back to the basics to save lives and stop treating pregnancy as a medical illness. When the rate of cesarean sections is down the rate of deaths will be down!!!

  3. This hits home. I gave birth in 2009, and had the exact same complications as the woman in the video (retained product, uterine infection). On checking in with my doctor, I was referred to a specialist, given immediate medical treatment, and ultimately spent five days in the hospital making a full recovery. I live in California–boy, do I feel lucky for that right now.

  4. Could NPR PLEASE hire some male announcers who actually sound like men? This shit is getting sickening!

  5. And yet people want to make women have babies they don't want instead of an abortion. They don't know or want to know women still die.

  6. Here is a very good example of what can happen in that postnatal period. Just 13 days after childbirth. A Sory of Love, loss and hope. Jessica suffered hypoxic brain injury after cardiac arrest. #childbirth #maternalhealth #reallife


  7. So what now? This is not new. It has always been a part of child birth. Maybe American women are not suitable for child bearing?

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