1. Talking about killing babies is some peado type shit, if you're from the hood you know you don't talk like that. Whats really fucked is that he indirectly killed a baby. This song was made after the Tori Stafford trial. He shouldn't have made this shit. Bad karma for you.

  2. I love necros inclusion of old horror movie clips and beats and the misfits chorus… Absolute horror perfection. The manson family murders will always be looked at with such interest too.

  3. I killed your baby today, why the fuck does this have less than 1300 likes. Wake the fuck America

  4. OMG….yay, no wonder kids are killing each other, your using your platform to pump up the fact that Charlie was a child molester,and had his dumb ass groupies kill A actress Sharon TaT an rip out her unborn child. Finally Charlie got what he deserves a eternal life in the furnace 😈😈😈 so glad he grew so old an crusty in prison and died there kid fucker…..grt role model Necro?

  5. Brilliant necro…Mason never killed anyone ,but got life…the killers were set free…doesn't make sence!!!

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