29 Replies to “Necrophagist – 3 Finger Stillborn (with Solo)”

  1. fake video, little finger has been edited using products from adobe.

    nice playing brotha. m/

  2. Fuckn hero !!! A living proof that everything is in your MIND !!! Total fuckn respect dude !!!

  3. I have a problem in my little finger and I can´t use it, I want to learn play guitarr and I tough I´ll never can with 3 fingers, you make my day friend.

  4. I can the struggling when the solo kicks in. I can't imagine how frustrating it was when the first time you hold a guitar after you lose the pinky. Salute to you man.

  5. a lot of people have the habit of not using the pinky. watch Michael Keene play. he is the real pinkyless

  6. your face is disproportionate to the rest of your body, your like a pinhead small head normal body

  7. Awesome man! Keep the great content coming! Love the 3 finger Michael Keene style hahaha if you don't know what i mean check out The Faceless

  8. This is the only good cover of this song on youtube that I've come across. With every other cover the audio is blown out, the video is super choppy, or it's full of mistakes. You nailed it. Job very well done.

  9. awesome, not being able to use your pinky must have been like learning to play from scratch, cheers man!
    also, love the Xiphos, it's a beast guitar

  10. Ohh I see – you chopped off the Pinky to get more clear access to the fretboard. Seems to be working for ya, nice cover brotha!

  11. holy shit dude, awesome cover! you deserve the best, this takes tons of effort and time and the recording quality is so good. 10/10

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