39 Replies to “Ned Nwoko Rushed Pregnant Actress Regina Daniels TO The…”

  1. See Mr man y are so jobless evertime Regina Daniel plsss if you don't have wrk pls cum and wash my cloth nonsense

  2. Who told u she is new in pregnancy? Do u kno her private life b4 marriage? Leave this girl alone cos she be mumu girl

  3. U is they tie u with regina store. So na here u dey take increase your own like or do ur own business anyway i dey support ur small business by commenting. Expired story

  4. But seriously this guy I don't know what to call you I have told you several times to delete yourself from blogger look at how you speak just like somebody who's suck Gary in his mouth she went to pick her mother from airport now she is in hospital what has that got to do with us we are thinking off how to solve this fulanis and Ruger in Nigeria right you are here saying Gina is hospitalized what has that got to do with us and what do you think who killed by sward we always die by sword don't you have any good news please Bros fear God and fear the Bible I knew you are a personal blogger to Regina Daniel and her mother ok how much are they paying you repent Bros the end time is near

  5. All of you insulting the blogger that he should look for job, but the guy has a job and brings jobless people like you guys to watch what you call trash, while you are busying insulting the guy he is busy smiling to the bank.

  6. If she is pregnant she has to  be careful she does not lose the baby as  I see her skating,jumping off the top of a car,if those videos are true.I wish her the best.

  7. Is regina going to be pregnant of d second Jesus christ dat we wont hear somthing all time .sick people post

  8. Bro please look for something new all the times I click on your videos is always about topics that are not interesting at all

  9. I wish there a way for me to send u a voice note u won't like wat I tell u jobless man shut up and look for reasonable work to do mtcheeew

  10. Oga mind ur business is not anyone's business if she pregnant beside she is married pls let her be

  11. This guy , did you have work seif? Every time coming here on YouTube to talk trash, go Nd look for something reasonable to do for life, not to come here Nd blow one big lie, let me come Nd be🚶🏻‍♀️before 🔫💣⚔️🔪

  12. If she's pregnant, I'm happy for her and that showed she is committed to her marriage and she's not pretending

  13. Regina daniels here and there, how is that someone business, please you guys should look for something better to put on Facebook we are tired about regina daniels issues, we need new update please

  14. I wonder why do artists most especially Nigeria artist like posting everything on line Instagram when hever they having problem who cares it's only God that can resolve your problem so keep your problem to yourself because everybody has problem too, Regina Daniel remain heal dear, but post don't post anything concerning ur life in social media is not good, there are some teams that are posting on social media you understand your problem can be resolved is a little problem you cannot use your problem to compare to this our no actor that have been sick over years nah , name Henry

  15. So we should start dancing because she's pregnant or what 🙄plz say something reasonable and stop wasting my data

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