– All right, friends. I am feeling really nervous
because I’m about ready to take a pregnancy test. (kids laughing) – Do it again. – Do it again. – Well, we’re saying
goodbye to Jeff and Emily. It’s been awesome having them here, but they have to go on
to their next location. (kids laughing) – [Jeff] I just love you. – I love you. – I love you, too. – You like my hair? – I do like your hair, it’s gorgeous. – [All] Bye, love you, bye. Bye Emily, bye Jeff. Bye, we love you. (William Tell overture) – Well we’re missing Kendra. She’s gone today again at
the Home School Convention. Where are we heading? – To Blake’s game. – [Jeremy] Yup, our cousin
Blake has a soccer game and Isaac had the idea of making signs, and so all the kids wanted to do it. – [Isaac] Then and E, then a T. (child chanting “Go Blake”) (lively instrumental music) – You okay? All right, it is time to mow the lawn. Here, you gonna help me? (fast-paced instrumental music) Well, I love the feel and
the smell and the look of freshly cut grass. Kendra and I are heading
out on a date night. Now we’re coming to Target to pick up milk and just some of those
last minute things we need. – And dessert, because
that sounds delicious. I’ve been telling him
everything about the conference that I went to. I was so wonderful and
enriching and I’m trying to digest all the thoughts and figure out how I’m going to internalize
them and make changes in my life and my home and my homeschool. All right, friends. I am feeling really nervous
because I’m about ready to take a pregnancy test. Uh, yeah, I don’t know what
else to say besides that. You know, like a pregnancy is a baby, it’s a life-changing thing and it’s crazy that you take a test and it says positive. Then boom, your life
changes in front of you. I feel like I’m gonna feel
a little bit overwhelmed if it is positive just because
that’s such a big thing. But also if it’s negative I
think I’m gonna be disappointed. So I’m just a fluster of emotions. Our oldest is seven and
then we have a six-year old, a four-year old, and a two-year old. And when our two-year
old daughter was born we kind of wondered if we were done. We were like, four is a big family. I think we might be done. We were feeling overwhelmed
and really busy. But as time has gone on it’s
been about the last six months that I’ve been saying to Jeremy I think we’re gonna have another one. He at first was not
really sure about that. But in January when Laura
turned two I remember on her birthday he came to me and he said, you know, it would be
really precious to have a baby again. We both love children and love siblings and the joy of siblings. I’m a directions reader,
I read the directions. All right, well I’m waiting three minutes for the results. My period’s actually been a week late and I’ve been starting to feel nauseous, which usually happens
to me really early on in my pregnancies. So I kind of feel like I’m pregnant. But then I also wonder
if it’s just in my head because I think I am pregnant,
then do I feel that way? Let’s see how many minutes. We’ve got like 40 more seconds. Oh, I’m excited and nervous. I can read the results now. Well, that said I’m not pregnant. That’s kind of sad. – These are so hard to tell. – [Kendra] Come on,
you’re a pretty smart kid. – It’s not pregnant. – Yeah, we’re not pregnant. Well, I have mixed emotions. I get really sick when I’m pregnant and with four kids I’ve been overwhelmed like how was I going to manage that. This was a little bit on the earlier side of what we were planned for
when to have the next baby. So it doesn’t mean we
can’t have another baby some time soon. It gives us a little bit
more time to get our house and our lives in order with that. Focus on some other things. – Yeah, for sure. – That’s probably good. But also it’s been a
whole week of me wondering what was going on. So I feel like even in
just that week I got a little attached to the
idea of it, you know? You get excited, you’re
like oh this is gonna be a big change and how beautiful. Like I thought about how
much the kids would love it and how it would help each of them. Then I thought about how
wonderful as a whole little baby. So I think I feel a little bit relieved because who likes to be
sick for months at a time? I also feel really sad. I really hope that you
guys don’t feel like this is click bait. We thought a lot about
whether or not to share this with everybody. But it’s something that
really happened in our life. This last week it’s been
a big part of my life, you know, wondering and thinking. Essentially, I’m just an emotional mess, and that’s it for today. But we’re gonna move forward tomorrow and it’s gonna be a great week. J House out. There it is, that’s your hand. – Happy birthday (unclear).

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