Never Go Back: The Threat to Leaglized Abortion

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5 Replies to “Never Go Back: The Threat to Leaglized Abortion”

  1. What you are doing is not helping women. It's helping the sexual predators who got them pregnant avoid paying women twenty years of child support, arrest for sex crimes against women, and adulterous spouses cover up unsafe sex risking death by AIDS which has killed more women so far than the Vietnam War and 911 put together. You are also killing 6 million future taxpayers and voters every four year Presidential term creating the Social Security and Medicare crisis for your own reptilian greed,

  2. Abortion is a basic right of an individual. I don't think of it as a feminist issue. It is a human issue. It is a danger to tell women they cannot have an abortion. Rape, physical health, mental health and the effects of over populations and unwanted unloved children affects everyone. It affects us all. Nobody can tell me what I do with my body, no matter if YOU think a fetus has individual rights. It does not. It is part of me and I have a right to abort or give birth.

  3. Are women children, or are they adults who must take responsibility for their actions? Because if they are like children, then their right to vote should be revoked, along with other adult privileges. If they are adults, then they must take responsibility for their actions, just like men have. Stupid fucking cunt.

  4. These salty guys lol. They better be virginal little flowers who only have sex for procreation to cast the first stone. I guess they'll always have to suppress something.
    .maybe that 2inch boner next time you see an umderage girls bra strap at school?

  5. God bless President Trump for standing by his belief, and the belief of the majority of U.S. citizens and decent people, by promising to nominate another conservative Supreme Court judge. Soon, perhaps murder will once again be called murder, not abortion.

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