New Abortion Clinic Rules in Kansas

and planning at the ceremony three abortion clinics okay they’re very
very strict on on their abortion policies there and they are planning on
shutting down to three that remain by making these impossible standards to
keep them ok okay so i have no well as i mentioned there
are three and all three above now pastu followed
these very very specific and detailed rules and i’m gonna read those rules to
you guys celebrate some of the new clinic
requirements and abortion facility in kansas must be sexual attack richer between sixty eight an city three
degrees at all times haven’t chapters closet of at least fifty square feet an
operating room of one hundred fifty square feet feature separate dressing
rooms for staff and patients and half thirteen different types of drugs on
hand a patient is not required to stay in the require recovery room which must
have a different temperature of seventy to seventy five degrees for at least two
hours after her procedure even if the procedure requires no anesthesia so one
of the clinics is already failed these requirements and is already close shut
down okay there too many and um… levy the bird failed they’re
gonna get shut down an alley exactly something dot okay if you are one and in
kansas uh… and you want to have an abortion even though
the constitution even those approve court ruling using the right that’ll be and abortion
enough to not have a lot of state right because of these nonsense was the
the best part of the from overs all the best part is that fifty square foot canada plaza that because i mine at uh… michael at uh… if my knee or daughter you could have an abortion i would want to make sure the doctor was
confident i wanna make sure that that you had for
oil supply of because at least fifty square feet and fully stocked and poorly stock that
i want to make sure that you were given the proper drugs to deal with her those are the priorities what her well you talking about and then the the room again where he’s at sixty
eight seven three degrees i didn’t know about the seventy two seventy five
degrees for the recovery room for at least two hours after the procedure
right room with a very well have to add a
hundred you discrete excluding fixed cabinets but they have that as of the cabinet
space for them down missus on constitutional yes this uh… this is against the law and uh… i don’t know how they’re getting away with this all
the thrilled when i get shall in size and they’ll get overturned and certainly
would certainly actually would get overturned when they don’t get overturns frequent
level unless the supreme court decided that this was the case they would use to
take a look at no return grover supported debatable about the votes that they
would have to do that uh… with if they don’t uh… but uh… i don’t know i have very
little faith in the supreme court they’ve been passing lab they’ve been
making rulings that are super questionable citizens united being the
number one thing that comes to mind so i i i don’t know how they would
literal in this case if it did reach separate quebec group and if they’re
going to stop it because it’s just like all faxes and letters of tests for black voters given the right to vote
it’s exactly the same thing the laws passed and then you get around the law by
setting up unreasonable burdens that make the law admitted essentially make
the law inapplicable like you know a black ski boat that’s great uh… ok you
know there’s a poll tax you gotta pay three dollars to vote laughter dot uh… you get them you know um… or they take uh… blacks
who had been essentially poorly educated for years and years and years after they
got the right to vote and made them read complicated parts of the constitution
and the bigger cake evo the supreme court ultimately yet it is and nothing’s changed or still we
think five votes that would keep roe versus wade on the
supreme court if they were to get this case but so even you know uh… other federal
courts with said look this is unreasonable unity to prevent janitorial
closet you know but the states have some right
to restrict abortions and you know parental notification laws of the upto
uh… there are certain things that states can do but they can do this this is unreasonable this is
just untangling the process deliver yeah absolutely and of course the or what i
have what i love about this story is a republican lawmakers across this
legislation and when their question about this
though i know very what we’re not trying to shut down
the abortion clinics we just want to make sure that these
women who are uh… and getting this service please find
each other there’s safe and they’re in a clean environment what
you don’t want them to be a clean environment that we’re asking you state senator jared love i don’t believe study claims to be okay i don’t believe it to be ok for poor
women are believed to be ok for which worked so he should stand up for women i don’t think that it’s have done that
and what is the thing i can understand is that if you could easily get out for
a year he wants to make sure that damaged by that is the right side fully stocked and your that you know nice temperature reading your abortion
kansas department of health and uh… environment uh… spokesman robert moses
position himself is handling the new regulations inconsistent with the work that they can
be a she is already doing to insure kansas have safe reliable health care
facilities all exit health care at all facilities
within that katie inches uh… he age expertise yet except now they can’t safe reliable
that-and except now you can have an abortion which you’re legally allowed to
do so i’m usually she would have the facts
but uh… i can’t imagine thus lost its jed we are wearing ostentatious today it’s
not as obvious as it should be their has been since the matador master
behind one initiative with the flu with comfortable pearson unfortunately
without bc do you feel the softness

100 Replies to “New Abortion Clinic Rules in Kansas”

  1. @shadowmyfeet Okay first off, you are still saying I murdered a "Child." At the time I was a victim of incest, I had not had my first period yet, you have to be able to ovulate before you can get pregnant. There was no ovum for the sperm to fertilize therefore there was no embryo, blastocyte, zygote, fetus, child. I was saying hypothetically if I HAD gotten pregnant, which was impossible, I would have either had obsteric fistula from vaginal birth or……cont'd.

  2. @shadowmyfeet I would have likely been one of the people that do die from a CSection, more women die from CSection then vaginal birth. So if I had gotten pregnant, which I didn't because there was no ovum for a sperm to fertilize because I hadn't had my first period yet. According to you, I would have had a choice of wearing a diaper, smelling bad and going around in a wheel chair from nerve damage or I would have died. Yep, I would have picked the CSection. You're right me being dead…

  3. @Shadowmyfeet …and giving my life as a sacrifice to bring life into the world is just the best thing ever. And all because the military in your case is unfair and lies to recruit people to go into war without telling them they have absolutely no control over their bodies after they sign that dotted line. I've been fighting and talking to congress about soldiers like yourself being given a choice to go to war or not.

    I go back to my statement, I'm glad that I can't conceive.

  4. @shadowmyfeet And please don't say that just because your mother survived 2 CSections, that all women survive them. Statistics are not your friend on that one. Just own up to fact that you really don't care about the risk to the mother, you don't care about the mother dying, all you care about is the mother giving birth even if it means giving up her right to life, because in Paulyb's words, she has responsibilities.

    Do you support your tax dollars going to help the Born Children?

  5. @frank3976 What's the matter? Afraid to admit you're full of shit?

    Wherever it was you claimed to have lived in a communist country that had more freedom than America must have been really fucking great!!

    Wonder why no one has ever heard of it?

    Oh yeah, 'cause you're fucking liar!

  6. @shadowmyfeet Good, I'm glad, you know how rare that is? That's what turns me off about the "Pro-Life" side, that a lot of the Pro-Life people will do anything to get the woman to carry her pregnancy to term, but then a lot of them will say they don't want their tax dollars going to support someone else's child even if the mother dies and the father is nowhere to be found, I'm not for forced child support by the way, I think a father should be able to sign away his rights and that's that.

  7. @GooGobbler113 "For someone defending the Biblical side of things you're pretty saturated with hatred—the abolition of which is the Bibles #1 lesson." Apparently thirtyoneuniform hasn't read 1st John 3:15, which says "Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him. KJV." I find it funny that Christians that call women who have had an abortion a murderer, when the person calling themselves is a biblical murderer.

  8. @gooGobbler113 I'm actually a woman, but you're welcome, I read the bible for 14 years earnestly and still do so I can use their bible against them very well.

  9. @XxSweetDelicious so if a human baby in a womans body a human, at 1 month? 3 months?8 months? 9 months? WHEN does a womens egg become a human to you? and when did you get your PHD and Masters degree to be a Doctor? look i am Pro life we will never see eye to eye. have a great 4th of july weekend.

  10. @thirtyoneuniform " because the difference between faggots like you and humans like me is that i'm fucking WILLING TO AT LEAST TRY TO FULFILL MY OBLIGATIONS TO MY CHILDREN"

    There are way more differences than that. For instance, I educate myself on issues I may not be an expert on, whereas you, just open your trap and let the diarrhea flow. Another is I have empathy for expecting mom's who may be, too young, not healthy enough, raped, etc, to have a child, where you don't.

  11. @thirtyoneuniform Oh, and I also like how humans like you resort to insults instead of talking about the topic. All it takes is a minute of research on who gets abortions, but no, you'd rather sit in your bubble of ignorance and just think everyone else is wrong and you know what's best for everyone. Well sparky, if you have children, I have nothing but empathy for them having a parent as ignorant and self righteous as you.

  12. @frank3976 Epic fail, hunky!

    Hungary hasn't been communist in 22 years and when it was the USSR deported some 600,000 people to Russian labor camps where roughly 200,000 of them died, not to mention the thousands who were executed and another 100,000 people who were imprisoned.

    Gee, I wonder why the party ever stopped?

  13. @MRbossman1982 At the beginning of development, no they don't. And just to be realistic, there are more bad fathers than good. Women will always be primary care takers and it is their lives that are ruined. In single parent households, 84% are women and only 27% don't live in poverty. Then let's get into the fact that women risk their lives just giving birth! There are so many negatives to being a single parent, screwed up kids included. Abortion and adoption are logical decisions.

  14. @Fenix521 What relevance does that have? Should a women give up her freedom for a mistake and suffer? I don't think she should. It's not a cake walk being a parent, and in this day in age there are more single parents which is even harder. You people act like all a kid needs is love. Be realistic, kids are expensive and they require lots of a attention. If a woman doesn't have the money or the time, how is not having an abortion or doing an adoption not logical?

  15. @jpav0923 What are the specific similarities between a baby and a fetus? An embryo? Make your case. Why should we prevent women from terminating their pregnancy?

  16. @Georgiapeach770 SO because men are bad fathers (in your mind) we should kill INNOCENT BABIEs. why not just DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to not get pregnant in the first place. DONT HAVE SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Yay! A Federal Judge issued a Temporary Injunction for the 2 other Kansas Clinics and one was actually licensed, the Planned Parenthood of Mid-Kansas and Missouri and a Federal Judge ruled against South Dakota's 72 mandatory waiting period and Mandatory counseling at a Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Center requirement. Glad to see judges removing these undue burdens.

  18. Guess I'm gona have to punch my girlfriend in the stomach… At least I'm going to save a few hundred bucks

  19. @MRbossman1982 When it's born, of course. But that doesn't mean it can be aborted at any given time. The moment it develops the ability to feel (which is usually around weeks 26-24) abortion would be cruel. It's called "neonatal perception". Still no biology textbook, I see. I am actually about to finish medical school and go for a degree in neurology if you're interested. You should research these things before you make a stance, otherwise you just look foolish. By the way, I'm not American.

  20. @PlannedObsolescence
    Well now you've removed your comment so I cannot remember what led me to believe you were talking about Europe. However I'm not the only poster who thought you were referencing Europe so perhaps you should try and figure it why this is yourself

  21. Who needs government regulations? Tons of COAT HANGERS to give away! Right here! Get them while they last!

  22. @thirtyoneuniform "you almost had me thinking we should be murdering babies"
    And we are on both fronts, here and the wars in the Middle East. And do you always call someone a faggot, without any good reason? All I'm trying to, is wake the sheep up and sometimes it comes with vicious attacks, case in point, your comments. Now go back to school and relearn the difference from a republic & democracy!

  23. @thirtyoneuniform
    faggots on the mind pal? Saying it constantly makes you come across as an arse.
    Secondly, assuming you are a Christian. You're a bad one. Your behaviour is very unChristian in fact. You seem also to only value life when it suits you.
    You're a very hateful person

  24. judge blocked this new bill yesterday- sending clear messge to keep your religion to yourself- go live with the taliban- once again legal and political process trumps religion and amen to that! noone forces people to have abortions- the pro choice crowd isnt pro abortion- they are pro freedom of choice to make their own decisions- most of us would prefer a mother have a child but support her right to not have the child – hey republicans what happened to jobs jobs jobs s your agenda?????

  25. @thirtyoneuniform so air strikes hitting innocent children and women in their homes and is fine and dandy since its legal- well using your own logic then abortion is afterall legal so end of story – ps we men spill potential babies on our girlfriends and wives bodies- in a sock when shes not around – damn addicting internet porn- the new motto of chrsitians will now be- life begins at arousal-

  26. @marlboroman67213 keep spreading your fear mongering and bs- 95% of abortions performed are done when the socalled baby is nothing more than a biological blob- my question to you is where is god stopping it? i would ask myself- why would god let this happen if we are killing ?babies"!!!! what he cant take the time to intervene on behalf of the "innocent" ?????-seems like the chriistian version of god proofs he or she is a lazy uncaring flake who just stands by while "genocide" goes on

  27. @magicmanslim sounds like a civilized realistic place instead of one that buries its head in the dark ages- here in america we just tell kids not to have sex and hope for the best- afterall everyone knows how bad sex feels and that 16 year old boys would never try to get laid and pressure girls- ps studies show that women dont like performing oral with regular condoms due to the plstic taste so the flavoured idea is smart- it has helped reduce stds – its called – realism-!!!

  28. @thirtyoneuniform
    yeah, yet more unChristian behaviour. You're an embarrassment to your unit son. As an army or ex-army you are meant to be an envoy of your country. You are a disrespectful, sorry excuse for a human being and I'm sure it's people like you that are giving the otherwise decent people of America a bad name.

    This is all assuming thirtyoneuniform refers to your unit. If not, you're still an embarrassment as a person

  29. Every sperm is sacred. Every sperm is great. When a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate. Life begins before conception, so take care of those little buggers. Anyone who casts his seed upon the ground should be tried as an abortionist. Oh, one more thing, people in Kansas who supported this law should not be allowed to vote or breed.

  30. @uzimodem "LOL typical libturd logic" Oh, we're using logic now? You haven't before.
    Fine, why is it more moral to force a woman to have a child she either can't have, doesn't want, or would be severely disabled to the point that it's quality of life would be lessened than allowing that to terminate that pregnancy of her own free will?
    At what does does it cease being a zygote and start being a human?
    Would anything that arises from this discussion even change your opinion? If not, why bother?

  31. @frank3976 You mean when the USSR was collapsing, at a loss for funds from their bloated military budget and a lack of fiscal planning?

    So what you're saying is that you loved the anarchy of a collapsing empire and the ensuing black market that quickly replaced it? Sounds great. You can move to Russia if you want to relive that, you know.

  32. @thirtyoneuniform
    except I'm no longer Christian and I'm also not arguing a point from the position of one. haha, lol…
    You're an absolute joke pal and also incredibly intellectually dishonest.

    Let me ask you, out of pure lols based interest; If you want abortion to be made illegal, what would you recommend the jail sentence to be?
    Also, how would you sleep at night knowing that even though abortions are illegal, women die from back alley ones? Prohibition does not reduce usage btw.

  33. @thirtyoneuniform Don't you find it hypocritical to complain about a "complainer"? Ad hominem seems to be the only arguement you have. Which is common in under educated, immature children. If you removed the word fuck from your vocabulary you'd be a mute.

  34. @Fenix521: Actually, women were getting abortions in those days. There just wasn't as many because doctors back then did not have the technology to safely preform the procedure.

  35. @Fenix521: Clothes hangers cannot do the job because the majority of women who tried it in the past have died.

  36. @thirtyoneuniform First and foremost I never argued with you, I don't argue with the mentally impaired, all I did was call attention to the eloquent retort you had to my first comment. Also, you've yet to produce a valid point, all you've down is spout vulgar epithets to me. Though thank you for proving my point on your being uneducated. You may not want to copy and paste from wikipedia anymore.

  37. @XxSweetDelicious Yeah i am a Smart man, i know women should have options and things like that. i just feel like abortion shouldnt be one of them.

  38. @XxSweetDelicious ok thats fine. but if your mother had an abortion you wouldnt be alive today think about that.

  39. @MRbossman1982 But she didn't, so discussing that is pointless, irrelevant and only brings in redundant emotions in a debate where logic and reason should be the first thing to consider, not feelings.

    This discussion is over.

  40. @thirtyoneuniform you seem to be obsessed with "faggots-" come out the closet already – we non christian heteros will not condemn you to hell for your obvious latent homosexuality-! i take responisiblity for my own actions- (last time i checked im guy so i wont be having any abortions)- but i dont enforce my moral values and character on others especially over others peoles bodies- now go back to your "faggot" insults- a clear sign you ahve issues with your own sexuality

  41. @thirtyoneuniform
    ooooo name callin are we?aww damn i thought we could super happy friends!It just shows how stupid you really are.And your using hypocrite in the wront context.But anyway I dont conisder an embryo, a zygote and a fetus a baby a because it isnt. And we do call it something else, you know why? Because it is.Get off your high horse.

  42. @thirtyoneuniform to be fair. you were acting like one. I wasnt acting like a quote faggot end quote. complaining? nahh mate. And extremist? LMFAO know you are the hypocrite haha. And you are using ignorant wrong. Use a dictionary, it'll help (;

  43. I can't tell you how happy this news made me, I have been praying about this evil for years. My wife is about to give birth to a beautiful little girl, and the idea that some people consider tearing her kind to pieces a "right" is nothing short of monstrous.

  44. I loved their comments about how "this is unconstitutional". Just which constitution are they reading? I don't see anything about it in the American one.

  45. @thirtyoneuniform "lawful under the articles of the geneva convention are being fought against grown men capable of defending themselves" I like your style, you've totally convinced me and showed me my errors.
    I can't compete with such an intellectual giant as you, lemme quot ya "no faggot"
    George Well's 1984, in real-time and a product of News-Speak, I've no comeback in my arsenal, counter your prevailing logic! "between truthful reality and naive idealism, faggot" Absolutely AMAZING!

  46. @thirtyoneuniform Seems like you're only comeback is calling someone a hypocritical, stereotypical faggot. I encourage you to, in your language, "get some smarts".

  47. every woman should have the right to abortion in their first trimester i say

  48. @alfkowitz How about Roe Vs. Wade and the fourteenth amendment pertaining to privacy? Remember, the constitution says NOT what you can/not do, but what the government cannot do. (not saying you're GOP) but as many pro-life are, for being anti-gov, sure are interested in the gov controlling other people's lives. except your guns ofc.

  49. @bradnaldinho "hospitals and medical clinics are subject to those same standards. Heck, even tattoo parlors have to adhere to similar standards."

    Not true, go to your search engine and type in "kansas hospital regulations 2001." I dare you. I did a quick find in the PDF document with all the regulations and nowhere does it say anything about exact number of feet for each type of room, nothing about janitor's closets, or specific temperatures. Please look it up.

  50. you just have to love the raw hatred that complete strangers have towards one another on a computer . its like people just become critics when face to face with a computer screen .

  51. not only that. god told them they would die. the snake (satan) tells them thats a lie, and that they wouldnt die. they eat it, and guess what, they didnt die. god lied, satan didnt. so who is the bad guy? nevermind that god tempted them with that tree, knowing full well what would happen

  52. @alfkowitz And this is the problem with the conservative way of thinking. You get your information from children's books.

    The problem is sparky, and thirtyoneuniform, this is for you too. you're talking about putting the rights of a POTENTIAL human ahead of that of a living one. Where do you draw that line? That garbage full of "used" kleenex beside your bed is full of potential children too, but you weren't that concerned about killing those.

    Now, try reading an adult science book.

  53. @SoleyNSilent Are you for birth conrol pill? And what are your views on capital punishment? And what are your views on war?

  54. @SoleyNSilent well first of all, its not sick. Its a difficult choice a person has had to make, your judgement is not helping the matter.( Just a point i thought to make)
    I agree with your birthcontrol and capital punishment view and war.
    just curious thats all.

  55. @CHAOSoriginal No. You're either pro-abortion or anti-abortion. You can support choice and still be against abortion.

  56. @TheTrollTime Lol It's funny because it was always the right wing who funded such historical events as the 3rd Reich, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Iran Contra scandal ect. May I go on?

  57. @TheTrollTime Really? Yes because Reagan and Bush are Left wingers? Yes because Reagan and Bush funded Al Qaeda with Billions of dollars from 1989 to 1992? Because the Bush administration gave 53 million dollars to the Taliban? Lol Your such an idiot xD

  58. @CHAOSoriginal If you support the right to that procedure, you support that procedure, which therefore makes you pro-abortion. It's like if you support sending troops to a war, that means you support that war, which makes you pro-war.

  59. @CHAOSoriginal I'm Pro-Choice too, just not for abortion. I know that sounds weird but I support choice for other noble causes. And I believe that women should have control over their body, but not another one living inside them. You should not have the legal right to choose to kill a living child.

  60. @CHAOSoriginal Those embryos develop into fetuses, which is what they are at the time the abortion is performed. A fetus is a child, an unborn child. Are you saying that a born infant is a child and that same baby inside the womb 2 weeks before birth isn't? And I never said anything about rape victims being forced to have a baby. I personally believe that there should be an exception for abortion for rape victims, but only during the 1st trimester before the fetus has developed viability.

  61. @bradnaldinho Lol, okay, it's the fact that it's not written down, which you said hospitals are subject to those same standards, so I ask you again where is it in the 2001 Kansas Hospital Regulations that the Janitor's Closet has to be 150 feet and fully stocked?

  62. @bradnaldinho And even if the rules were commonsense and not excessive and that's a big IF, in the 2001 Kansas Hospital Regulations, when a hospital applies for a license they have 90 days BEFORE THE INSPECTION. The abortion clinics had about 2 weeks, maybe even less. That is not normal for a new Hospital anywhere. I feel like calling all Kansas Hospitals and asking if their janitors closet is 50 feet and fully stocked.

    The rules are Targeted Regulations for Abortion Clinics or TRAP Laws.

  63. @dfbhcf "Are you saying that a born infant is a child and that same baby inside the womb 2 weeks before birth isn't?"

    You use the late term abortion example as if the majority of abortions happen 2 weeks before the fetus would be born which is as early as 23-25 weeks before a fetus has any chance of surviving, when the fact is the majority of non-hard case abortions are performed at 10 weeks pregnancy;8 weeks gestation. There's a huge amount of difference there.

  64. @dfbhcf And at the time of most abortions, they're not even fetuses yet, they are zygotes until 9 weeks of pregnancy, 7 weeks gestation. At least that's what my Basic Psychology, Human Biology, Human Development and Advanced Human Development book said.

    A vast majority of first term abortions are done with the RU486 pill which can't be given after 9 weeks of pregnancy. Again big difference between a prenatal zygote and a post natal child that's in the newborn stage.

  65. @breemystic Actually I was using the late term example to prove to CHAOSoriginal that an unborn child is still a child, it had nothing to do with abortion. And most abortions are performed in the first trimester, but that still doesn't say much for the thousands of annual abortions legally performed in the 2nd trimester when the fetus is viable and capable of surviving outside of the womb.

  66. @breemystic Wrong. A zygote develops into a fetus within the first few weeks of pregnancy. The fetus has developed arms, legs, elbows, toes, mouth, lips by the 7th week of pregnancy. Also, the teeth buds, hair follicles, nipples, eyelids, tongue and cartilage have started to develop by then.

    So how can a zygote have all these human symptoms? I think you should re-read those books to confirm your inaccurate information on fetal development.

  67. Dear pro-life people of the comments: Q1: How many unwanted babies have you adopted? If the answer is zero, shut up. Q2: Do you bitch about welfare or other "taxpayer money" going to the poor? If the answer is yes, shut up -you are not only putting more strain on poor families who can't afford another child, you are making more poor families for the same reason. You can't have your cake and bitch about it too.

  68. To all anti-choice scumbags. YOU–that'd be you–are living proof of the necessity of abortion–even at 8 months 30 days. You're crazy–PERIOD.

  69. @xLavenderBlossomx What world are you living in? To say that anyone "LIKES" having abortions is an extremely childish and moronic assumption.

  70. In the United States, 9 out of 10 abortions are performed in the first 12 weeks (first trimester) of pregnancy. MOST of these are done within the first 9 weeks of pregnancy. At this stage of gestation, the fetus still has a tail, resembles a medium sized shrimp – and is no more precious than one. Pro-lifers would argue that the soul enters the "body" at conception, but this argument is purely dogmatic and holds no bearing on what is true scientifically.

  71. Aside from their dogmatic influences, I think what motivates most pro-lifers is the belief that abortion is a form of infanticide. And to be honest, I'm a bit torn on the issue since science has yet to define with any concrete proof when, in fact, a fetus becomes a conscious human being. So I'm of the mind that if it's 9 weeks or earlier, abortion is ok. But after 9 weeks, things get a little foggy – and let's face it, no one wants to be a baby killer. So the earlier the better.

  72. @xLavenderBlossomx rofl…funny how you assume I'm female → more proof that you have the intellect of a mindless drone. On the other hand, if you were getting laid, you probably wouldn't be so full of rage. Numerous studies indicate that excessive repression of the sexual instinct leads to an increase in the overall level of aggression in a given society. FACT: Societies forbidding premarital sex are plagued by acts of rage and tend to have higher rates of crime and violence.

  73. MY point of view abortion is not the way , but in some circumstances it is in the best interest of the person to have. No one should judge anyone only god has that right. What i can say though is that there are many people that have had an abortion and have haad to live with the regret.

  74. Look this is america and we have free choice here…everytime a guy wacks off he's "killing babies" everytime a girl gives a guy a blow job she's killing babies…how is it that these self rightious people are able to manipulate law and freedoms to force their rules on others? If your reading this and you think america should be a christian only nation go to the vatacan and buy a home there because this country was founded on religious freedom.

  75. I mean honestly people how is it that a a group of people can try to force others to do something, if you feel a certain way by all means live your life by those standards but to attempt to force someone else to harm themselves is beyond my comprehension, Isn't it true that birthing a kid is an extremely painful expierence? How can you force someone to go through pain?

  76. eh, i've come to feel that it's a womans issue. let the superior sex deal with it, men don't have the right dictate about it.
    we're not, and never have been the life bearers.

  77. @CHAOSoriginal The Pro life are pro choice. we believe that pre-babies have rights too. "The right to liberty life and persuit of happiness." Constitution of the United States. This isn't democracy this is murder.

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