New abortion law goes into effect in Arizona

abortion has long been a controversial topic and a new law that went into effect in Arizona January 1st is now adding even more conflict news for Tucson is Kendra Hall joins us in studio to break down the new legislation Kendra Shawn women seeking abortion now have to face questions about their decision many oppose this new law saying it’s too intrusive Senate bill 1394 requires doctors to ask each patient a series of questions among them there will be questions about the reason for wanting an abortion Planned Parenthood Arizona executive director Jody Liggett says these questions can bring up trauma this mostly is an attempt to intimidate patients from seeking abortion care and to make providing abortion care burdensome administrative leave the stated objective of this bill is to gather information look that’s apple pie nobody is having more and better information but as we do in democracies you have to draw a line somewhere around people’s privacy she says there’s a provision that allows women to refuse to answer why they’re seeking an abortion and they plan to let their patients know that up front though Planned Parenthood opposes this law others support it ELISA Medina executive director for the Tucson nonprofit hands of hope says this law will help women let’s say a pregnancy is the result of sexual violence or sexual assault regardless of what that woman chooses for the pregnancy we want to know that information abortion providers should want to know that information so they can provide additional support to her the bill requires doctors to ask patients if they were raped or are victims of domestic abuse if they say yes doctors are required by law to provide resources to seek help as a sexual assault survivor personally I think it would have been wonderful to have you know my medical provider talked to me about the resources that could be available to me so I’m surprised that anyone would be opposed to gathering more information and again women don’t have to answer these questions for more information and to read the bill you can head to our website at the kvo a calm Sean back to you

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  1. There should be no questions at all, when a human is aborted, they never had a chance to voice their oppinion in being aborted, abortion should only be for women who have been raped, all other resons will require sterilization of the women and her male partner for their incompetence and to reduce the chance of further mistakes and slow down overpopulation at the same time.

  2. If you don't want a baby, take birth control – Problem solved
    If you're afraid that isn't enough? Take a plan B within 72 hours of unprotected sex – Problem solved. 
    If you're raped, go to the hospital within 72 hours, they will give you a plan B – Problem solved.
    If you don't want children, then prevent it.
    If I haven't hit on a specific scenario, feel free to shoot it over to me and I'd be happy to provide you with an alternative!
    Pull your heads out of your asses people! 
    What the FUCK is wrong with this world……..Abortion is murder.

  3. No matter how much support is given to a mother buy pro-life advocates, that still won't change the fact that the mom may remain contemptuous of her child. I cannot think of any other worst existence then to live knowing you are unloved by your own parents.

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