NEW BUILD EMPTY HOUSE TOUR | Moving into our first home!

hey guys welcome back to my channel today is what is it Thursday February 28th and we are officially moving into the new house on Saturday so we have a ton of packing to do but I wanted to just take you guys along and show you the empty house tour before all of our furniture and everything gets over to the house and then I'll do an updated video once everything's in but just wanted to show you a little bump update I am 30 weeks pregnant right now and feeling very large so I don't know if anything any of you out there have actually moved while you're pregnant but I'm probably not gonna be too much help in terms of lifting big stuff but our current house right now is just a disaster and we've got this like little tiny TV that we're using and set up here because we took the other big one off the wall and we are just in the midst of packing we did the kitchen last night so that was a huge a very long process just getting all the dishes and glasses and pots and pans and we cleaned out most of our pantry this is just some of the stuff that we're gonna bring over now and that we'll need for the next couple days but we're starting to make some progress we also did two of the guest rooms sorry it's like really dark I realized I never gave you guys an actual tour of this house that we're living in so stripped everything in here and then here's just our other guest room and just a few big things that are left over yeah so let me just grab Pete and we're gonna head over to the new house and we'll show you the tour all right guys we're at the house right now it is so cold out here it's like 44 degrees in Houston today it was 80 yesterday but anyways there's Pete so here's the front of the house I think the last time you guys had seen it those like little triangle things were not painted and we obviously didn't have any of the grass or the little shrubs in the trees so not to the front of the house hi Pete doing a great job okay so this is when you first walk in and this room right here is gonna be the nursery you guys have seen it before but now it's all painted and carpeted and here's the closet pretty pretty basic room but I think it's gonna be perfect for a little chase so that's his nursery and coming right out of the nursery we have our first bathroom it's a full bath hi guys and just got a sink and then over here we have a closet and that's it this door right here goes to goes to our garage nothing really to see in there [Applause] and then we just have a little closet here for coat it's actually really tiny I don't know if they do that because it's so hot in Houston but there's that and this right here is our office so in the vlog before this one about the house those doors that I just showed you actually didn't have the glass in them so I was wondering if they were going to and they do so it looks really nice so here's the office pretty basic there's not much to see in here it's just an office and I think our desk we're gonna put a desk over here and then probably like a bookshelf or something on that wall and there the stairs upstairs and oh here's our floors I know there I was talking so much about the floors and how I changed them at the last minute but they looked so good love them so anyways here's our kitchen we have this like little I think we're gonna use this as like a coffee bar right here and then we just have some drawers and some storage underneath not sure what we're gonna put there yet this is the kitchen we have this huge open concept like you guys have seen in previous videos but now our island is in and it is just beautiful and huge like we loved it because we're gonna be able to have so many people over and enough seating and everything this is really sweet our sales guy give this to us from queja vein Ian just a little homeowner welcome which is really sweet so yeah here's the sink or dishwasher not much to see other than that and then we've got you know the microwave and oven and everything we ordered a new refrigerator so that's gonna go there it's getting delivered on Saturday and we don't actually have a ton of cabinets but I think that's gonna be a good thing because then we won't accumulate a bunch of stuff that we don't need so off of the kitchen we have our laundry room and it's just very basic what was really nice is that our floors they ran them into the laundry room and here is our pantry and we had them run the floor the same flooring in the pantry too so this is nice got a really pretty spacious pantry so that'll that'll make up for some of the lack of cabinets that we have but yeah oh no we're not keeping up there so here right here as you can see this is the dining room area so our dining room table is gonna go right here and then this is obviously the living room we've got our TV up on the wall which looks awesome and then this is the first house that they built that actually had a fireplace so I think it turned out really nicely if you guys didn't know so this tile right here was actually supposed to go on the floor but at the last minute I was able we were able to go to the design center pick something else out and I think that these new words look so so good I'm so happy that we changed them in the end but yeah so that's the living room and we just have these humongous ceilings it just makes it look so big so this just is outside but here's a view of the house from the end of the living room looking over into the kitchen I'm sorry if I'm out of breath pregnant people problems so this goes out into the backyard and then right now walking into the master so this is just basic master bedroom I think it's it might actually be a little bit smaller than the master bedroom in our current house that were renting but that's okay not by much and here's our bathroom so we we had them run the same marble countertop as the Big Island into the master bathroom and it turned out so good and so we've got obviously the double vanity and then I'm gonna put a little chair right here to do my makeup which is really nice and then here's our shower pretty standard and then we've got a window and then the tub right here and then this is just the toilet and right here is you know just the linen closet more we can put towels and stuff bedding and whatever else and then through here is our walk-in closet so it's got good amount of room just looking in here I still have not gone him I still haven't packed up anything in our bedroom so I think what I'm gonna do when we get home tonight is get everything packed like all my clothes and everything and try to just like you know con Mari everything like I just binge watched the Netflix series and I'm just gonna try to get rid I have so many clothes that I don't wear and so many shoes and jackets and stuff like that so I'm gonna really try to get rid of a bunch of stuff and donate it so that we're kind of going into this new house light and without things that we don't need okay so that's the bedroom and the master bathroom here's outside I don't know if we've shown you this we definitely come out here but they they redid all of this cement over here and touched up some of this back area but I don't know if I showed you guys the backyard with the fence yet so it looks so different now that there's a fence in like it really shows you how much space we actually have and we also have this whole area down on this side so we are planning on building out you know this little overhang thing and so that we have more of an entertaining space but I think eventually down the road we are gonna want to put a pool so like right back out there where I just showed you there's tons of room for a pool and then over here and down along that side will be plenty of room for the kids and kids right now kids plural eventually hopefully to play and still have a grassy yard there is down there along like that side it curves around so we do have a little bit of yard over there but it's pretty tiny I don't know if anybody will actually be you know hanging out of it alright moving over huh how you doing Pete okay good we're going upstairs now so take you up so here's the top of our landing and it just overlooks the whole downstairs here's a different view of our island and the kitchen and living room and dining room we've got some windows up here this is just a closet nothing special another closet and this door goes to our attic or something yeah I think it's just like attic space and then up there is obviously how to get to the attic oh here's a view of the kind of loft area over here and I think for now I know where the lights are in this house I think for now up here and the loft space we're just gonna put another kind of workstation we have a desk that we've been using in the house and we're gonna get a new desk for the office but we'll put the old desk up here we also have an old couch that's in our media room that we're going to put probably along one of these two walls and this will be just like a play area for our little baby when he gets old enough and not sure I guess it'll be a multifunctional space so here's right off of the loft space this is media room so we've already got our TV up here which is nice here sconces we just ordered three it's like a three reclining like leather chairs they're all connected and so that's gonna go there and I think we're gonna order a couple of those Big Love sacks to put maybe in the corner or possibly over on this side but so happy that our TV is already up it looks really awesome and then that door is just more attic space and here's here's a view of the other side of upstairs and then down down below and then we just have two bedrooms up here which you've seen before if you watched our previous videos very basic bedroom and that's our front door down there know where that light is and then we have a second bedroom upstairs so we have the master in the nursery downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs which will be guest rooms for when people visit for now until we have more kids so here's the upstairs bathroom we've got double sinks which look really really nice it's pretty big space I think there's a linen closet in here and then inside the second little room is just the toilet and the bathtub so this will be great for kids whenever we have guests come over they'll kind of have their own back the room and like space upstairs so nobody is like running into us or having to use you know the downstairs bathroom if there's a bunch of people over so yeah one last last look at the bathroom um that's really it where I hope that you guys are as excited seeing this as we are it's just it's just so amazing we're so so happy that we're gonna be moving in and just feel like this is the perfect first home for us and our growing family and it was just like such a an easy process right well they may not for Pete Pete did all the work it was easy for me there's not easy you did a great job you did a great job a lot to do yeah we do have a lot to do but yeah I don't think there's anything else we're gonna continue to bring stuff over and then the movers will be here on Saturday and they'll bring over all the big furniture so I'm gonna try to vlog our move a little bit but having this guy and just like a lot going on I don't know how much footage I'll actually be able to capture but I hope you guys enjoyed this video we'll do an updated one once all of our furnitures in and we still have to do the nursery we only have a crib right now so still a ton to do anything else to say Pete just building stuff in the future I see I can't Cap'n it yeah cribs hanging this back so yeah I bet hopefully it looks great when it's done oh I think it's gonna look awesome but I'm so excited I feel like you guys have only seen a couple of places where I would make videos like my bed and our dining room and stuff so now we'll have like a cool new area that's nice and light and bright and we're so excited so thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did please give it a like and I'll talk to you guys in the next one bye

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  1. I am not a fan of the baby being by the front door and across from the garage. I am also not a fan of first floor master bedrooms because it separates adults from children which raises the security of the home for fire, and break ins. It looks beautiful. The baby will most likely not sleep in the nursery anyway.

  2. Not sure you’ll see this given it’s been over a month since this post, but will that be the room the baby stays in after they become a toddler or even get to Kid years when they can walk, or would they move to another bedroom?

  3. Beautiful home! Is Lennar your builder? I’m up in Fort Worth, TX and Lennar is our builder and we have soooooo many similarities in our floor plan

  4. Im from The Netherlands and I find that alot of houses build in TX have the bedrooms on the main floor.. is this for a special reason? Here in Europe most bedrooms are upstairs. Anyways, love the house! Good to know that you have a very good security system, since the nursery is directly near the frontdoor

  5. Building my dream home from the ground up has always been a goal of mine and I can’t wait to achieve it. Congratulations to you and your family ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Congratulations on your first home. I have always wanted to build a home. You are super blessed.

  7. I had to subscribe! I’m a H-Town momma too! Yalls home is beyond gorgeous, and congratulations. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  8. Can You plz try not to move your camera too much .. 🙌🏻it makes some people dizzyno offense.. and many congratulations on your new house 🏡🎉🎉

  9. Hey!! Omygosh we just got a new K Hovnanian home in Houston!! We should do a collab with our channels sometime 🤗

  10. Yay for the new house!!! Can't wait to see what it all looks like once you're moved in, but for now… it looks amazing! Looooove that kitchen, so spacious! And WOW, what a huge backyard! Your second floor feels so high up!

  11. Love it! Congrats!!!! Love your channel so much and can’t wait for that little munchkin to come so we can see him!😍😍😍

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