NEW DYING FETUS Guitar Cover – Seething With Disdain – Wrong One to Fuck With – 4K

hey – thanks for checking on my coverage seething with this day from dine fittest from the latest album yellowish cutlets I don't know if you can see but the strings are really messed up on that guitar and it's actually pretty cool guitar but I bought it from the friend but it was actually pretty hard playing on that song because it's as the strings are so old that is as if they were ripping my fingers oh no vice versa but if you can see they're very yes pretty challenging to play thankfully so in this guitar even though the axe is really a cool Jackson the time in your life Jackson anyways thanks for again for checking on my cover a way to see the in figures live in Paris in November I think anyway so if you haven't listened to their latest album check it out it's definitely worth finishing I also forgot to mention that they will be another dine fearless cover from the same album hopefully I really said pretty soon has taking a little bit longer to prepare because they satisfy only I know you're plus also have the covers plant at the cover of collaborations so much recently is because I've started a new job as a tattoo shop manager it's been two years now but it's quite a little awkward for me I don't tattoo about this to take care of the shop it's quite a bit shocked as a tattoo artist in there also spending of time good work yeah with my invents so I'll put a link in the description you should check them out not much yet but still preparing a lot of stuff for albums for tourists to play at so yeah thank you very much for supporting me and I hope you enjoy I hope you enjoy discover and hope you enjoy all the other VDCs and preparing see you guys

21 Replies to “NEW DYING FETUS Guitar Cover – Seething With Disdain – Wrong One to Fuck With – 4K”

  1. Embrace of a Brazilian fan, Dying fetus is the best band in the world and has the best musicians in the world for me.

  2. Fucking amazing. Dying Fetus needs to get over the power trio shit and get another guitar player, at least for live gigs. You'd be a great fit.

  3. lol ok you learned it by ear buuuuuuttt was there also some smokage of the weedage or possibly… PSYCHEDELICS INVOLVED????!!!!!



    cuz that’s how I be figuring this shit out without tabs hahahaha

  4. Nice guit.-work & it really shows Galleghers Skills. He have vocal to think of. Plus sitting is a bit easier to play, than standing.. (IMO). Gallagher makes it look so easy. But your concentration & work on the guit. shows the complexity the trax have.

  5. When i go on my nightly walks blasting this in my headphones no wonder i get weird stares from people. Then i give em a big good evening and they are even more horrified,lol good shit dude.

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