New Faces New Places: Newborn Feathers jewellery brings local touch

I started the company on Matt leave actually I just wanted to contribute to my family's grocery bills and I didn't feel like I was doing a lot but it started very small just in my basements you can see everything in person and if we don't have it made you can come upstairs and you can have it made in front of you if you'd like you don't need to spend and break the bank on a piece of jewelry you can have something that means a lot to you and it is it's very pretty and flashy and you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on something like that so one of the really fun things that we're planning on doing with this space is having personal parties here so we can have a nice girls night out bring all your friends see the jewelry in person you get a discount off of all of the jewelry when you have something like that we can have appetizers you can make a night of it it is a nice environment to just kind of have a party and not have to worry about anything as well

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