NEW Luvabella Newborn OPENING and Details 2019

I'm sorry a tiara only hey guys welcome back to our Channel so today we have a very special package here it's the new lovable a newborn doll and this is the new one that they just came out with I'm super excited to see it because it looks really cool yeah it just came dropped off to us by Amazon and I was surprised that it didn't come in a different box it just came just like this with the label on it we can look a little bit on the box and it says her tummy moves truly lifelike oh here love a Bella newborn so real she will amaze you it's a little girl feeding her and they got the blonde one yeah and it says big baby like expression sounds and reactions it says Souter when she gets fussy burp her and lastly feed her when she's hungry so yeah this is a little box that it comes in so we're gonna go ahead and open it up and check her out all right so here we have four accessories okay so we have four really cute pinky it's got super cute it's clear right here in the middle it's got pink and it says love Abela that's a really cute thing and then we have her cute little headband yes peakins got light peep-bo on it which is super cute there last but not least we have her little bottle and it doesn't open and she can't actually drink out of it but it's super cute it has a little place where the ounces are and it's right there and it's like a really light baby pink down here and it's got a darker pink and yellow that's cute so now let's get her out all right let's take a look at her details so first we're gonna look at her face it's really rubbery and here her lips ticking and she actually has color on her lips this time yeah and then here her eyes oh it's kind of got rubber down here too there we go and she's blonde super cute yeah and then her legs can move come like this not really no no well but her arms can't move very very except but you know what's cool is she's like full arms she's not like cloth arms you're like I wanted to show you what her body looks like under her clothes so she's got a cloth body it looks like it is sewn up around her neck so she's got full arms old legs she didn't come with a diaper or anything but we can get one for her so yeah and it's really soft so we're gonna get some batteries to put in her and try her out or super excited to try right so on her back she has just a little velcro piece right here unsnap and it doesn't and do it right so you gonna have to pull it a little bit and this is where her battery compartment is this is going so we can put some batteries in here okay so it looks like it takes four double A batteries okay so we got the batteries in so there are three different modes there's off there is where it's quieter in the middle hmm and then there is loud mode this is a cute little onesy it's bright pink and it's got little hearts on it she's making little noises here and then it's got little pink hearts here and a little cute are you hungry let's see if she'll take her bottle she actually sings like a bee what is so cute that is super cute cute little headband on and it just velcro right there on the side so it's real easy to put on off hmm let's see how she does with her little pacifier it's pretty heavy so her body is very soft and then she's got some little buttons here this like she doesn't sit up or anything you can't wait to sit up because her legs don't move that's one thing that I wish was a little bit different but yeah she's kind of like the rails can beat dolls I know but she's a little bit smaller yeah she does have love expression she's really cute you guys I didn't know how I would feel about her but she is pretty cute yeah so they have different versions the only other version I saw of her is the little darker skin with brown hair which she's super cute too all right guys it looks like she's trying to go to sleep she's really cute she's supposed to breathe like yeah we're gonna have a lot of fun making some videos with her anyways let us know what you think of her if you think she's super cute give her a big thumbs up and also we're gonna need some name suggestions because so many ways thanks for watching guys don't forget to click like and subscribe and we'll see you guys next time thanks for watching bye Oh

21 Replies to “NEW Luvabella Newborn OPENING and Details 2019”

  1. I have her and she def is not better than the bigger one in my opinion. The noise is my main setback with original luvabella and weight

  2. I don't know about this one yet because it's new, I'm not sparked like I was with original luvabella dolls, I don't know what it does or will do that I might not expect, all I can say is that its cute, but that's about it for now.

  3. Wow she’s very cute. I was thinking about getting her to but I want to know if her limbs are squishy. Are they please let me know about that thank you 😊.

  4. She's so adorable! I didn't expect her to be out this soon. Thanks for such an awesome review! XOXO

  5. Yay!! I know we can always count on you letting us know when new dolls are available!!! 😃 She is so cute! We just bought one – thanks to you all letting us know she’s finally out. 🤗

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