New member in our family #itsagirl #newbabies

hi guys welcome back to my new family episode guys up in Nancy I'm gonna be doin or another either chillin with this tomato someone about a family liquid to the member who do where I'm going and then the buying right like Seidman later little banana porno the court actually means the hospital inshallah in the mythology I do a raid on Appa out of the welcome Cheon Allah they are planning a girl L now a room guys stay tuned for the update about number two Padilla as vset to the room indeed welcome to unity and in the room Aboriginal law hospital room unmeasured item guys in a decoration or chew by Luna going it ended earlier sambong Allah is actually your decoration and I along delayed on the original guru monitor I dunno decorated [Applause] okay how do I get it back but we did you [Applause] how about my own again and the shop mouth we make a u-turn Briana we like it any I'm gonna get you okay come on man the Commissioner didn't begin on the layover to be able to prove it too yeah

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