New Mum Nicola talks about the National Early Miscarriage Centre Announcement | UHCW NHS Trust

I’m Nicola, I had three miscarriages in
eighteen months. My husband and I thought it was never going to happen for us but here we are three years down the road and we’ve got a beautiful little girl. We lost our first baby in March 2013, we lost another one at 12 weeks in November the same year, and we lost another one the following year in the summer. With the first miscarriage you sort of think, well it’s quite common you know a lot of people go through it but
once we started having, after the second one we started to worry that things
weren’t going to happen for us and everybody around us was pregnant and it
was heartbreaking to watch everybody else having healthy babies and we were
struggling so much and then with the third one, it just seemed to get worse
each time because the doubt of whether you’d actually do it got more
and more but then we were offered the chance to join the trial When we were sent in to Coventry, we saw Professor Quenby and she was absolutely brilliant. She talked us through everything every test that we were going to have, and then we went up to the midwives in the research team and they were amazing. We got pregnant quite quickly to have
Isabella and we went sort of, the following day of finding out we were pregnant. We were back at the hospital in Coventry to start our daily injections
they went on until 12 weeks and then after that we were seen regularly by the
midwives and Professor Quenby, just to monitor and to keep an eye on everything and check everything was doing well. We never thought we’d have a baby so when she was born it was
amazing and she was our miracle baby and everybody was was over the moon for us.
She, even when she wakes you up at silly o’clock in the morning she only has to
smile and it just melts your heart and she’s just, she’s our world. It’s fantastic that Professor Quenby is going to lead the Tommy’s Miscarriage Research Centre in Coventry, it’ll be brilliant for
people around here and people from across the country to have the help to have the
babies that they desperately want.

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