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flipping changes hey guys what's up it's Amanda welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be a morning routine as a new nurse so I get up at 5:30 I have to be to work at 7:00 so first thing I do is go to the bathroom adjust to the lighting then I start to get ready I will put my hair up and then wash my face I use the Tula facial cleanser to do that so I wash my face dry it off and I apply some lotion I've been using the CeraVe moisturizing lotion and has been doing wonders then I brush to my hair and put in some dry shampoo because your girl does not have time to take a shower in the morning and I've been using the batiste dry shampoo which I love it's been amazing so today I decided to straighten my hair but while I am letting that heat up I'll start applying my makeup so I put on my foundation and just dab that into my face with my Beauty Blender if you guys want like a full makeup routine with me talking through everything let me know and I will gladly do that for you but this is kind of just a sped up version of my makeup routine I don't put a ton of effort into it when I'm going to work because it's gonna sweat it off my face anyway so then I put some powder on just to try and look not look SuperDuper greasy next up is my hoola bronzer which I've literally probably had for four years at this point and I put on a little bit of blush do some eye shadow and last but not least you gotta put on the mascara the most important part of my morning routine at least so now I'm finally ready to move on to my hair I section it off into little pieces and go through and straighten that I'll just speed through this because me straightening my hair is not that exciting for you to watch then I put it in just a half up half down situation spray the parts that are still oily and then we gotta brush our teeth because patients don't want us to have it stinky breath and I am done so next I will get dressed and put on my compression stockings which let me tell you is a frickin workout in the morning trying to get those things on I think it took me like three minutes today to do it so here's a nice little video of me putting those on I found that if I put them on how I put compression socks on patients it actually works a lot easier so life hack for you right there so yeah I am already my hospital supplies scrubs to us so I get this lovely all blue outfit now we're onto the most important part of my day which is my coffee so today was a nice coffee day which means that I had already brewed my coffee the day before so I just get some ice in a glass pour over the leftover coffee and have a lovely iced coffee for myself for that day then I get out the creamer obviously because I have not quite gotten accustomed to black coffee yet but I just pour some creamer in there and then I sip on that while I start to pack my lunch so this week I prepped some chicken and veggies to put in a salad so here I am just kind of getting some lettuce ready to go for my salad super interesting next time putting on some baby tomatoes that I had cut up in the previous day as well as some broccoli and last but not least I have some chicken that I had cooked though over the weekend if you guys want like a video about meal prepping for working let me know and I will totally do that as well after I put it all together it looks like this then I start to pack up the rest of my lunch because I can't just eat a salad so we got our salad that we're putting in the lunch box and we got a string cheese a yogurt and a granola bar next up I start my breakfast which the speak I made these little protein balls there's peanut butter honey oats and chocolate chips in them they're super good easy to make I have some strawberries and obviously my iced coffee which I literally cannot live without then I gotta feed my kitten make sure that she stays nice and fat I go over and give her a whirl little head scratch she's like what are you doing to me then I pack up all my stuff and get ready to go so hello that was my morning routine for work and stuff pretty exciting okay so yeah that was my morning routine usually that's what I do in the morning when I work obviously it's only my fourth day of being on the even so I retained my change who knows honestly yes at 6:25 right now ish I work at 7:00 I left decently close to the hospital and there's not a ton of traffic at this time so usually I can make it there with time to spare so my work we rent out rent Oh kind of our scrums for a lot of three pairs and so like when i end of shift i returned my pair from the day before and get a pair for the next day so yeah that is it for now I'm going to usually when I'm driving to work I listen to a podcast or something so I'm going to do that and I will chat with you guys when I'm done with work later

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