5 Replies to “New Thin Baby Very Hungry, Good Mother Feed Her Newborn Baby Monkey Charlee”

  1. Her most nutritional meal probably came from Bertha. Note that most babies kidnapped won't feed from kidnapper. That is the first think Carlee did. The research I have done also says that babies are introduced to solid foods at 2 weeks. I have been following this baby from birth. She has gone down steadily and my thoughts were she wasn't getting what she needs from mom. Mom won't let her down long enough for her to eat. MALNUTRITION: Untreated malnutrition can cause physical or mental disability. Developmental: failure to thrive, short stature, or slow growth. Whole body: dizziness, fatigue, or water-electrolyte imbalance. Muscular: loss of muscle or muscle weakness. Also common: weight loss

  2. She’s not a “newborn” she’s 23 days old now. She so far behind in her development because her mother barely produces any milk and every time Charlee tries to eat the food VO’s give her, the mother scoops her up and won’t let her learn to forage

  3. Charlee was kidnapped by Big Bertha, for several hours, I believe. She missed some nursing but seems to be catching up. If Carla can keep her away from kidnappers, she will be ok. She's foraging already.

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