can you say hi and welcome back to mommy's Channel welcome back to mommy's Channel hey I am about to go ahead and order my home chef for next week and look at these yummy options oh my gosh I'm so excited coffee-rubbed steak with brown butter mashed potatoes and roasted carrots alex is really gonna love this one and anything coffee you guys know I am down and then shrimp Fra Diavolo I think that's how you pronounce it but this is actually one of my favorite pastas ever like I used to get this at this Italian restaurant that actually closed down but this was like my favorite meal so I'm super stoked about this one all of the meals for next week looks so good the one cheap pretzel crusted chicken and these I keep going back to you I don't know if I'm going to switch out one of the dinners for this because you guys know I love my jalapenos but this looks amazing they literally have everything you guys and then they have oven ready options which are super easy and simple you throw it in the oven and it's ready just like it says I just wanted to share the menu for next week in case you guys wanted to kind of get a feel for like what the website looks like how you order so these are the two options I'm getting next week each is four servings so you can either get two dinners four servings each which we love to have leftovers the next day which is why I get four servings or you can get three dinners at two servings each and it's going to come to this total but that is without my coupon so if you guys want a discount you can always use my coupon right now they're running an amazing deal and it's gonna be $80 off your first four home chef orders so that's $20 off each order so instead of it being almost 80 you'll get it for like 60 which is awesome but I am about to actually get ready to cook dinner tonight and I am using one of my meals because my home chef just got delivered okay so for dinner tonight I'm gonna make the summer salmon tostadas but instead of salmon I'm actually going to be using chicken and the cool thing is that home chef now offers customizable orders so you can do pretty much any protein you want whether that be salmon beef chicken and alex is a huge chicken guy he loves chicken I decided to opt out salmon and replace it with some chicken but it comes in these little convenient bags and you get all of the ingredients that you need all measured out perfectly to a tee so that you literally don't even need to get out your measuring spoons like everything is right there the only things that you may need are some olive oil or you know salt and pepper just easy things that you're already gonna have in your kitchen y'all I can't even tell you how amazing this dinner was it was so good I think it was probably my favorite home chef meal I've ever made it was just like beyond amazing it tasted like it was from a restaurant so if you guys do want to check out home chef's for yourself and save some money go ahead and check out the link in my description down below and use my code lies at eighty four eighty dollars off your first four meals thank you home chef for sponsoring today's vlog okay please ignore the room it's an absolute mess but we are off to Fair we're about to leave to go to the Loudoun County Fair and rhodium so excited I've never been to a rodeo before but I absolutely love fares ever since I was a little girl and we're meeting up with some other youtube families Rachael and Harold Earl and then their baby Wyatt who is just a few days I think younger then Quentin actually and then they have a toddler named Leo and then also meeting up with my girl Lauren you guys have seen her before in my vlogs and her husband Sean and her kiddos so I'm so excited to get going this is my little outfit just my raising boys tea with my black ripped jeans and then my little cute snakeskin booties what that is that a goat Oh looking friend coming up behind you he said – dick – oh yeah [Applause] did you see that Leghorn seed head ready man hold on are you excited I know now what is it can say hi to Leo he just won't stop jumping good tires before you climb the hillside you like everything's gone everything that we could so we're at the park it is Sunday morning I didn't finish the vlog yesterday just because it was crazy trying to get home from the fair so much traffic there was a huge accident we sat a bumper-to-bumper traffic for a while quinton was screaming hands I wanted to get out the car it was just like a hot mess I'm sure you guys can relate but yeah so it's Sunday morning we took the boys over the park and it's so hot out this guy over here decided to start mowing his lawn so rude like did he not know that I was trying to vlog but I am giving Quinton a bottle right now I just pumped before we left so I decided to bring a bottle of milk for him but the fare last night was so so much fun I love fares and carnival I don't know if you guys knew that but it's seriously like such a guilty pleasure of mine know if it's a guilty pleasure but I mean I'm 31 almost 32 so the fact that I still love them I don't know ever since I was a little girl though I've loved any kind of amusement park fare anything like that so I was super stoked to go and meet up with Lauren who has been in my vlogs before she's one of my girlfriends she's a blogger and she started a YouTube channel as well and we met up with the earl's family I've been talking to Rachel for a little bit now on like social media and stuff because our boys are full our babies are only like a few days apart so we have that in common and then she also has Leo who is almost 2 I believe so she's a boy mom just like me I'm sure you guys already follow her but if you don't you should check out both Lauren and Rachel's channels they're so super sweet and I think we're all gonna get together again soon and I'm really excited that they both live around this area just so we can like get together and get the kids together and stuff like that but it was a blast it was funny though because at the end of the night we were all about to leave and Rachel and I were gonna go on like the Tower of Terror or whatever that ride is where it's like all the way up and then it like trough I really wanted to go on at least like one adult ride because we had been going on toddler Hyde's the entire time and so rachel was gonna go on it with me and we finally talked Morin into going on it cuz she was like super freaked out and she was finally gonna do it with us we went up to the gate to give the guy her tickets and they were like oh no the Wrights broken like it's closed it's not working and of course Lauren was so happy about that but I was so bummed because I was really excited to go on it really want to try to go to an amusement park though before summer ends but we'll see what are you doing you're in a monster truck yeah it like plays in the monster machine yeah I think we should get down now not yet oh wait don't actually leave it actually I don't even know if it has a horn I have my little mom outfit on Quentin is in the stroller hi sweetheart he Davey smile that's not a smile can I have a smile there we go here you are my little sweetie so I have this like little UV thing but this fan that like I've been loving ran out of batteries and then I realized that it comes with rechargeable batteries which are inside so I'm thinking the packaging probably came with like some little plug or something to recharge the batteries and I don't know where I put it so I'm gonna have to like I don't know go through my entire house and try to find it so I can recharge the battery so that the fan will work that wasn't smart of mama huh oops I've gotten a lot of questions about this up a baby stroller and if I like the price color which is this like all white and if it gets dirty and honestly it has not gotten dirty like at all like I mean it's pretty white and we've been on like dirt before I've literally walked all over the place with this stroller and even his car seat too and it's just like brand new so I think it's fine and I even think that if you do get a little dirt on it it's really easy to clean off I know the car seat is because he did have a little blowout in the car seat at one point and there was like a little stain of poop hello and I literally just took a paper towel and I wet it and then I just like I got it off in two seconds it came right off so I think this is pretty easy to clean and I don't regret getting the white I think it's so pretty and bring it with every meal or as a snack Northwest okay so I just opened in Amazon package I want to show you guys what I order it the other day I finally went ahead and ordered the hatch baby I've been wanting this for so long it's literally been in my Amazon cart for forever but I just haven't bought it so I finally went ahead and bought it just because I don't have a sound machine yet for Quinton and he usually just sleeps with like no sounds in our room but I don't know I figured we need a sound machine for him and a nightlight too so I've heard amazing things about this so I went ahead and picked this up so I'm excited to try it and I'll let you guys know if I like it but the reviews are so so amazing on this and then I picked him up another Webb enough just because he only has a little like bunny or maybe it's a lamb I don't know what it is but he only has that little white one and so I wanted to get him another one because sometimes that's just dirty and I don't have time to go wash it before giving it to him so I thought this one was so adorable just like a little army green camo bear and then I ordered this little case I saw Britney and baby with this the other day on Instagram and I ordered it because I don't have a case for my air pods so I thought this would be perfect and it's really cute it's like white and glittery and it has little keychain on it too so you can attach it to your keys or your purse or whatever it was only like 7 or 8 bucks so yeah but I'm pretty stoked about this so we just got home from my in-laws house we went over there because my brother-in-law is actually leaving this week to head to another state to live and work so we had to go say bye to him we had a little barbecue over there and we just got home it's pretty late it's literally almost 10 p.m. and Camden needs to go to bed so alex is doing his bedtime routine which he usually does his naptime and bedtime routine with him they have like these little games that they play before bed too crazy for mommy so I am just over here playing with little cue see hi guys no I am soon going to transition him out of swaddle so I bought a few things to help the transition out of the swaddle and I actually tried the love to dream swaddle the other night I tried it on him when he was just like a week old and he hated it so I never tried it again until the other night I swaddled him in his velcro swaddle and he would not stop fussing like he wanted to get out of it so bad so I figured okay maybe he's over the velcro swaddle so I took it off and I put the love to dream swaddle which is the swaddle with their hands up like this that you just zip up and he seemed to like it so much more he did wake up a few times throughout the night like kind of fussing a little bit and I would just put the pacifier back in his mouth and usually he doesn't wake up during the night like he sleeps through the night but the love to dream is for his weight it's like up to I think 12 or 13 pounds and he's only like 10 pounds five ounces so it supposedly still fits but I just feel like his arms are like not like this they're just kind of like up here and I just feel like it looks so uncomfortable let me know if that's like normal looks love to dream I know some of you suggested getting like the transitional love to dream where you can like take the arms off once they're ready but I just have like the regular version and I just feel like it like kind of like keeps his arms like forward I don't know but I am going to transition him soon anyway so I'm not gonna be able to use that but he seems to really love this little play mat right now he's so into it I am going to end the vlog here I hope you guys enjoyed it thanks so much for watching please subscribe give it a thumbs up and I will see you guys in my next vlog good tires before


  1. Youre 31? What you dont even look like it. I never knew how old you were. Ive been watching you for a while now and never knew that. You’re gorgeous though!

  2. Meeting new friends is the best and when they get what you do its even better! Cant wait to see you all together more.
    Alana – Chris&Alana

  3. easy and yummy recepies 👍. so happy to see cam and Quin enjoying.outdoor vlogs are the best right 🤗.cam met leo 💓.

  4. Nice vlog Liza! baby is getting bigger and very aware of his surrounding, very cute. Big brother is adorable..Family time at the Fair was fun!

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