hello everyone and welcome back or if you're new and you just happen to stumble across this video because you are looking into things to get for your newborn baby and hello welcome my name is tank I've just had my second child Elliot he is two months old now and I thought it was about time I did this video there is no better time to make this video then when your child is two months old we've been through the first of eight nine weeks of life with a newborn and we know exactly what is helping us get through this time the most so I did wonder whether or not the six video into two because there is quite a lot to get through but I'm just going to try not to ramble too much about each thing although I could talk about more day but have split this into categories the first one being the one that you're probably most interested to find out that and that is sleep how do we get our babies to sleep well these other products that have been helping us the most in the last nine weeks the first thing that we love and we're so glad that we've got is the snooze pod this is a co-sleeper it attaches to the bed you can also have it freestanding and then it rocks as well and we have it attached to the bed you can unzip besides so that you can see into your baby you can easily access them if you're breastfeeding them or feeding them in the night and they're right there next to you but they're not in your bed so it adds that level of security that I have their own space away from you but they are right there and I couldn't be happier with that setup you can also get this little pocket that goes on this family you can store your nappies and white and anything that you might need in the middle of the night you just want to reach for quick please I have to go around downstairs for so I would definitely recommend the snooze pod if you're looking into getting a co-sleeper there's so much more I could say about it but as I said I'll be here all day the second thing that I want to achieve that has helped so much that I've really didn't expect a purchase but in the end I did and is this sleepy head luxe it looks like this and it's basically a little cushioned mattress II bed with foam or tubes that go all the way around and your baby sleeps in the middle now this fits perfectly into this news Paju obviously it's not made for that but lots of people put it in there and we found it to work really really well so after a few first rough sleepless nights like you should expect with a newborn I could just tell that he wasn't happy kind of being all spread out in the snooze pod there's a bit more room when they're so tiny I just felt like this would be the perfect thing for him now all babies are different some were loved it some will hate it I've heard amazing things about this and now that we've used it for nine weeks I can't recommend it enough it's quite pricey that's all I would say and I was reluctant definitely reluctant in it before he was born so I would just I think you can tell sort of child your child is when they're born like if they're going to like being snub or if they want to be a bit more stretched out and have a bit more room you'll just be able to tell in the first few days so my advice would maybe be put off buying this until they're here I'm really glad we got it now it's a bit of pain to watch because you have to take all of the tubes out and all of that kind of stuff and the fish eats and like this is a cover you can get different covers and they're quite expensive as well and but I would say for a good night's sleep then if you know is the best investment that you could make is meant to last them until sort of six months I think they could stay in it – they're eight months that our little boy he is already as long as this and we have to prop open these bits which clip and so that his feet can come out and so you do have that option but obviously they start to get a bit wider as well and they get bit you know squashed in there and but it was ask him for a few more months yet and then I think when he graduates to his big we will also invest in the sleepyhead grand so that's all really I really really like it the next thing is a sleeping bag now some people will use these for you we never used a sleeping bag with Archie and I thought I would give it a go with Elliot and I absolutely love it for lots of different reasons but the main one is in the middle of the night when I'm feeding him he doesn't kind of wake up and get cold so I've taken out of his snug little and Bend with his cover on him even though if it is particularly cold we put a blanket on him as well and but he's all cozy in the fifth one is so soft it's very padded and cozy you can get different types for different ways LT can get really really thick crime for the winter thinner ones that more and muslin blanket for the summer and this one is just your average sort of run-of-the-mill room-temperature weather sleeping bag and just slips out sewed in it and he loves it so I definitely would recommend silent night ones if you are new to sleeping bags and you're not very short one to get this is definitely a winner I really love the print of this one as well with the gray background white stars and the mint next up it is Mamas and Papas slumber swing in this forest friends print and I really really like this it's not as expensive as some swings we've got this one on Amazon and I will link everything below if you want to go and check them out and we also got the matching bouncer which I talked about in a minute but this swing post music obviously it swings and he really really likes it and one thing I would say about it is it's not the most padded of swings he really likes it and we find that the swing is a good way to get him to have naps in the day if we don't want to put him upstairs finally from wonderful sleep section is the angel care monitor you can probably see it behind me there and the sensor pad so we had this 40 this is actually our choose one that we just reusing and you can get angel care monitors with video you can get them just with the sound where you can listen when you're downstairs or you're not with them and you can also get the ones with the sensor pad which goes under their mattress and I think it's for example I'm not 100% sure on this but if there's not efficient is no movement for 20 seconds alarm will go off the only thing I would say is I'm pretty sure that with a co-sleeper obviously when you're in bed and you're moving around it's going to sense your movements as well so I don't rely on this as much as I did weight within the Archies crib when he was a baby and it was away from the bed and but it does seem to work when we are not in the room or in the bed and so it gives you a little bit of reassurance but what I would just make sure that you know if you're using a co-sleeper it might not be as reliable as it is when they are away from me any other movement if that makes sense on to feeding now I breastfeed Eliot but I do express occasion Express Express Express occasionally and between the type and using to do that is the medela breast pump so it's all a bit confusing at first and I completely let alone for the first three weeks and didn't even really look at it some have to be intimidated it looks like this is a single breast pump but it's really important to use and very self-explanatory just obviously read the instructions you sterilized all of this this is the machine that suction the milk out and that's what I've been talking about breast pumps online this has been really really helpful I've never had a problem with it so in the first three weeks I didn't use it at all and after that Richie did night feeds for three weeks so I expressed every single night and that kind of got Elliot used to using a bottle and to get a new to the bottle and the breasts if that makes sense so I'm really glad we did it I feel like that was the best point to do it about three weeks and now I'm back to only really using it if I have to go out for any amount of time to work or do something and have to be away from him and bay it just means that he's now used to using a bottle we're taking a bottle as well and can't can't recommend it highly enough it's been absolutely brilliant might do a separate video and breast feeding at some point if you guys would like to see it because I just don't have time to go into detail in this video but really really really recommend it and they do a double one as well so obviously in the medulla breast pump comes with a bottle and the tea interesting it's quite a sophisticated tea because it basically mimics how the baby gets milk from your breasts and it's quite hard for them to and suction on it is quite hard it's difficult to explain so Elliot can be quite lazy and he doesn't actually particularly love the bottle that comes with the medulla set and he prefers the Tommee Tippee bottles which is what my first son used he was bottle-fed and and these are just really really good I mean you can get all sorts of bottoms one that with colic and flow-flow and all things like that but basically these ones have worked really well for us through two children so far so I can't not commend them and also while I'm here I wanna go into a big detail because obviously I mostly didn't this time but I cannot recommend the Tommee Tippee perfect print machine if you are bottle-feeding it was a lifesaver for us the first time around I try and find some footage of it a bit but and I used it in my morning routine video years ago with Artie and loved it so definitely recommend that if you're bottle feeding and obviously if you are expressing at all you will still need a sterilizer so whether you're bottle feeding or expressing I again really like the Tommee Tippee sterilizer but it just does a job it's a really good sterilizer very easy to use it's lots of bottoms in all different kinds of bottoms as well not just Tommee Tippee ones and they're often on like a cell or you get a good deal from Mothercare or boots or as does something like that so I definitely recommend the Tommee Tippee sterilizer as well onto my travel favorites there really is only one and I'm not joking when I say this is probably my favourite thing out of everything if I had to use one thing which would be a bit difficult because everything it has a different use I would pick this now we were very kindly sent nice before Elliot was born but I haven't been paid or asked to talk about in this video this is the Doudna I'll show an example of how to use it but it's basically a car seat and a little pram all in one and the wheels should pop out from the bottom and then you just click it into a nice if explained in your car I think you can also strap in with the seat belt but you don't want to keep doing that because it's not kind of classic that you keep in your car you're also getting in and out all the time because it's a pram as well it's like there is really small and it does take a little bit of getting used to in you know feeling like is is too small because when the handles are down my toddler can push it along and you look so cute you loves to do that as well and love to help but when the handles are up it just looks like a fairly small little travel pram you can get bags that attach to the back and front because there is no storage like you getting a bigger buggy which is I suppose a bit of a downside to it but I honestly haven't found it much of a problem we just put a bag and over handles whereas it's so easy to push the wheels are really chewed I've pushed it around Kumasi country park the shops like anywhere you could go you name it I've used it and and I could talk about it all day I might do a review a fall of you on that as well at some point but I love to do like comes in loads of different colors so easy to cut up and down and it's just a life so that I'll be devastated when he grows out of it because I love it so much but on to bath time so we know that this time we were going to have two children two baths a toddler and a newborn which is no easy business when you want to get into a routine and barking both every night and we found the angel care Basti looks like this we also got it on Amazon and it has been a lifesaver so we just pop Elliott in this next to his brother who obviously just sits in the bar and it all happily sitting here and there's obviously all of these holes in the rubber mesh so that a gem so nice and warm and splash about in the water that he's safely laying down he looks so comfortable in this and so too and it just makes it so easy for me to be able to wash my toddler but also keep an eye on him I know it's not going to go anywhere obviously I would never walk away from them both in the bath but it just gives you that a little bit more security and it means that you don't have to get a separate baby bath and do set profiles and things like that and to be honest even if this is your first baby I find this much easier to pop into the bath so the bath up with all to them having to move around a plastic baby bath and that's just me though but I really really really recommend it and you can also you also get it in pink couple of products that we've been loving as well I'll just quickly mention are the child's farm products and the LA roche-posay product it is the rush pros a baby cream wash it's anti irritation and anti scratching and Elliot had really bad baby acne to the point where it got so bad I took him to the doctors because it affected his whole body and face I don't look like a rash so he just kind of reassured me it was something bad and said I was trying to leave it alone as much as possible because I didn't want to irritate it but he actually said you know wash his face and body more and also moisturizing more so the moisturizer please and this is the bath wash and I'm not joking within two days of using this his skin was clearing up and now it looks really really lovely and so I would 100% recommend this and also child farm is quite new to me this is our second bottle both of these are completely empty we use this on Archie and Elliot and they're really nice and they're for sensitive skin it you can use most of the products I think from this one is newborn and upwards and this is the sweet orange scent which also has one which was for really sensitive skin and newborns which had hardly any scent they do a really big range so I definitely recommend looking at child's farm and this Ridge one is the hair and body wash so two one really simple really good products that I would recommend for babies and toddlers finally foot bath we have a bath thermometer this is the brother max a thermometer and they're not the cheapest ones but they're really really good because you can use them in the bath and you can also just use them as a room thermometer so you just tap them like that and it comes on so for example it tells me straight away that the room temperature is 24 and it also as soon as you pop it into the bath it reads the temperature of the water and it tells you again the top that the ideal temperature and is 37 so we always try and make it a little bit cooler than this like I said just because Elliot's got sensitive skin and but it also flushes a red light if it gets too hot so it's really good really accurate and a really simple way of making sure that the baby's bath isn't too hot or too cold finally onto my last section which is on play I just wanted to briefly mention the mummer's and puffers buzz bouncing cradle which is also in the forest friends prints match the swing this vibrates and it plays music you just like to be in that occasionally it's just one of those things it's nice to have it's also really handy because it's very lightweight and easy to move around I used it upstairs sometimes instead of having to put him in his cot if he's awake doesn't worry in there and or bring up the big heavy swing just having that it's really easy to put them in one just need to quickly get something done like do your makeup or something like that again we've got that on Amazon like quite a lot of these things so I will link it down below if you want to have a look at that or anything else one of the things that I have got specifically Eliot is this which is a little fisher-price mirror kind of looks like a little book and you can do it up and you can obviously already hear that lens it rattles and and squidgy like little twigs parrots there's a little teething ring in there and then this part which they can declare it's kind of salty and feels nice different textures and this side which is my favorite which is the mirror he loves looking at himself is very vain he loves to do tummy time and when he can look in the mirror and you will forget this little squeaky monkey and it's just a really nice little toy I think and most babies would like that as one of their first toys we also have one of the Lamar's toys you may know that I have an obsession with Dinosaurs this is touring the t-rex I think it's called and they just really nice because they're bright colors they also have two black on white so it's really easy for your baby to focus on and one of the first things that I can see is black and white patterns and again teething rings you can hang it from their pram or they're like a little team there's ribbons on the back Center it's just lots of textures colors things going on at that interest a baby so I really really like these they're really lovely toys and then finally is his play map we also got this one on Amazon and I like it because you can just use it as the base and we sometimes just put them on that or like I said we put that base in his swing because it's really soft and cozy and but you can also attach the poles to it to make the play Jim top so that we can attach different twins to it and he can see them the toys that come with these aren't particularly brightly colored I think it's more aesthetically pleasing than the really garish one but as your child gets a little bit older I think that kind of goes out the window and you just want them to have things that are brightly colored to stimulate them so may not be the best one to go for in terms of as they get a little bit older and you need something brightly colored but it's really nice when they're newborns it's very soft and cozy and just really like a lovely little thing for them to die under and just look up at the toys and look you can just attach toys to it anyway which is what we do so that is just about everything there are so many more things I can mention but for this newborn video I had to kind of get it down to account 20 things which is still so many I'm sorry this video was super long but I hope you found it helpful in some way let me know if you use any of these with your newborns or if you did if they're a little bit older or if you're a new mum to be and you are excited about maybe trying some of these products if they're brand new to you've never seen them before I'd love to know any of your comments and feedback so if you enjoyed this I'd really appreciate you giving this video a thumbs up and if you'd like to see more videos like this then please subscribe it's somewhere down here along with the notification bell that will notify you whenever a new video of mine goes up I think that's everything I wanted to say I will speak to you all very soon bye


  1. Sleepyhead isn't recommended for overnight sleeping. Your baby must be supervised at all times when using this.

  2. No hate, just wanting to help new mummies…
    But there’s lots of bad and dangerous information in this video…
    The sleepyhead or anything that surrounds the baby isn’t supposed to be used unattended (when you’re asleep).
    An empty cot/crib is a happy one.
    Sleeping bags are recommended because as previously stated, an empty crib is a happy crib. Blankets are a big no no.
    Anything in the crib massively increases the risk of SIDS and suffocation.
    As for breastfeeding, expressing isn’t recommended until 6 weeks as your supply hasn’t regulated until then and it will increase your risk of mastitis and blocked milk ducts, and nobody wants that. Especially in the early days of breastfeeding.
    Like I previously said, no hate. Just wanted to give new mummies the correct information, because who doesn’t want to do the safest thing for their baby…
    (You can find all this information on the WHO (world health organisation).

  3. I'm almost 6 weeks away from my due date and have the same breast pump as you used I was just wondering how you sterilized all the bits did you do it via the bottle sterilizer?

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  12. Hello! Me and my partner have been looking into the angel monitor, but we’re worried babies would have times where they are just generally still and don’t want the alarm to be going off haha! Are they really sensitive? As in they will be able to sense even breathing? Thanks for any replies! ☺️❤️

  13. Best video and glad i found it after watching dozens of others which were not so great, thank you for this video, defo helped me to make few decisions on what I'm buying in may 2018 for our 2nd child ❤❤❤

  14. Loved your video, you probably are aware but just to let the majority of your subscribers know, a baby cannot be in a car seat for a long period of time .. so the car seat you mentioned it is not an alternative for an actual pram! ♥️

  15. CONGRATULATIONS on your gorgeous boy!! He is absolutely precious! I have an unrelated question… Where did you get your top?! It's lovely! And so are you. xo

  16. Only thing I'd say is the doona isn't recommended as they aren't meant to be in a car seat unless they are in the car as it's not the lie flat position that's good for them it's okay I guess for running into a shop for a couple bits but other than that they are meant to be in a pram suitable from birth

  17. I have 4 more days till i meet my lil boy and I love watching these videos even though this is my 3rd baby but you never know all the new things out there 😃

  18. A cheaper option for sleepyhead is the one from My First Years brand. When i was pregnant i wanted to get the sleepyhead but I thought its super pricey for a few months to use. My baby is almost 2 weeks and co-sleeping and so far am happy with it until I get a crib for the baby. 😊

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