Newborn Baby Care: Language Development through Baby Talk

[MUSIC PLAYING] Babies might not be able to see
very far when they're first born, but their hearing is very
good right from the start. Now, within a couple of
months, all of our children responded to the sound of my voice. Throughout the day, I would
sing lullabys, nursery rhymes, or even made-up songs. Babies prefer high-pitched
voices, and it helps them with language development. So don't be afraid of baby talk
in your singing or storytelling. I always say that it is never too
soon to start reading to your baby. We just made it a part
of our daily routine. It was just something we
both looked forward to. One fun way we found to read was
to get a picture book without words and just point out different
things in the pictures. We'd make animal sounds
and tell them stories. And babies love repetitions, so
we read these over and over again. We kept doing this as they get older. And eventually, we would have entire
conversations about the pictures. My kids would ask me
all kinds of questions. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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