Newborn Baby Comes Home!!

I'm excited to go home to a home it feels good by room we're going to guard our houses okay dad I just cut myself the bed maybe in the room work so hard on it's in the sky gazing far into the night I raise my hand to the side but it's no use cuz you can't stop it from shining through all right you ready go home that I do huh how do you get snack back pudding in here huh what is this but the trick you are not eating pudding you don't want mom anymore I caught you dude hey that you got me I am headed back home praying praying praying that everything is okay with our house certainly branches and stuff everywhere there's trees down everywhere dang pull around the corner my heart's literally racing right now no trees on our house or some branches down in front of our house and on it like in our yard but nothing on our house praise God thank you so much alright so I sealed our garage door and our doors and it looks like they held up that no water got in so now I just have to cut them open dang it I just cut myself shoot dang that's crazy just go back to the hospital I got the car seat out I got the stroller out I'm about to push it up to take a little leo home Leo leo guess what he got for you this is how you go home dude and this thing mama to give him he's right oh honey you look beautiful today wow you look amazing you know try it was you look amazing you look even prettier Leo snow it up next to you Danny dude keep eating your beauty sleep man you're growing big already so I cut my finger trying to open the door no there's some blood coming out but we got in the house that's the important thing and house is great to you the house is totally good so there's trees down all on the way I was like oh my gosh yeah yeah yeah we okay all right you guys after several days in the hospital we're finally ready to go home little man Leo has his little going home outfit on I'll show you in a second but everybody put him in this car seat I'm excited to go home good meet your home your nursery Momsen preparing it for you because we're gonna grow up dad and play nerf guns together all righty all right put him in the March mm-hmm got his car seat we took most of the bags to the car ready we got some down here first time in the car see his little outfit says adventure awaits lots of low mountains and adventure Stef uh-huh you did yeah yeah okay I didn't practice a real baby though so this is where the challenging part happens it's like I don't know about this okay oh good job good job definitely not tighten the strap that guy you're doing great daddy thanks mama he's not even crying yet squeeze down on your nuts there a little bit dude sorry I live at them preparing for this moment find out we have to get it checked off we're gonna like tighten these down oh yeah see that don't you miss me right his chest yeah we're going home but that crushed nice Tommy be their home under seven seconds no oh my gosh this is exciting by room you were good to us see you never well yeah probably never yeah maybe next year oh my gosh you got a ball oh not really about time may not a big bump you guys I gotta say it feels really crazy I've been coming up you know to the fourth floor and having all babies like checkups and everything being pregnant for so long and now we're taking our baby home like this is so cool baby's first elevator ride but going down Betty this is the lowest out there he's ever been and he's only at the fourth floor that is true he's gone yes mama wanted a turn to push the stroller this is so awesome money this is awesome look at how to do the legs wait a special moment all right we're leaving the hospital sunny nature Sun is so bright man oh my goodness outside kind of guy oh right deadlocked part alrighty dude you ready all right dads are practicing for this – all right he's so peaceful there we go double click ok Mama's gonna go sit on the other side next to you and tell me the whole okay all right buddy here I come next to you ok don't close it too loud cuz he got scared when I'm Chloe doesn't dry super safe like four miles an hour of the hallway ok don't go to too loud oh that was good do you think it no it scared him when I closed my door though everybody's safety checks in the car you guys see ball honey that's good to go check both ways all right now I'm gonna vlog during this one it's crazy like looking around and looking at the trees on the ground and everything and to think that we like basically hardly got hit you know like so many people went through so much more but you were born on hurricane Irma this is such a proud moment this is so exciting we're going home but I definitely realized like being at the hospital I realized we need to buy probably like five more sheets for our like halo sleeper that he sleeps in because we ended up just at the hospital having to change the whole thing that he slept on like a ton you know say p.m. stuff we only have two and so that is gonna be one of the first things that I do whenever we go somewhere whenever I leave the house again I don't know when that is or I'll just order them that's a good idea I don't know why I'm telling you guys this but yep we're home sorry we made the first rookie mistake and forgot to put socks on you so I just held your feet to keep them warm but that's okay it's very hot here it's really hot but what do better next time promise this is giving me flashbacks to when we brought the puppies to this home for the first time and like bringing them in the house and then freaking out and everything but the puppies aren't here right now I don't think we've even told you guys they went to go stay with my parents in North Carolina during the storm obviously because we were at the hospital but yeah they'll be coming back in a few days so that would be really fun for Leo to meet the puppies but anyways let's go home all right let's bring him home mama mama doing a wheelie to get him in I'm not gonna lie though it does feel a little bit empty not having the dog you see her like I was like this is like you know I have you sit in like sound like a like that here you gotta meet your buddy so this right here this is your pack and play man is your pack like dude you're gonna sleep in there all right all right go check this out subscribers in this you see it I can't really play with that till you like right here I'll work on the reactions provider though that's okay so fun oh my gosh joy mob wants to go for a jog you know me and this guy this guy whoa mama's got to recover there's maybe your most favorite thing right here this is the for moms edition oh look hmm I'm talking to you kind of like you're a dog dog yeah I'll get used to human this is when your toddler check this thing out not when he's a toddler just when he's not in this you're bigger than you are now go in it right now it's just when we don't use the car seat look at those new toes those – you're sure there's yeah let's park this sucker yeah hey you're gonna see your room mostly gonna be your own are you gonna cry when you see your room probably for a different reason but we'll see we can't get you to cry this is your room oh honey mama bring him into his room dude look at your room that's your bed she always bad look at that you're kind of like in a jungle cuz your name's Leo the Lion we took a newborn pic of you that's awesome this looks so cool with your money you work so hard in this room and I are you dancing with our baby in here I love you so much you know I love you guys it's dangling me crawling on this floor I know you have no idea what saying right now one day you will one day you have like toys up here let's show my stuffed animal that's what he's gonna care about see if he has a favorite yeah oh and maybe his favorite guys awesome nice elephant whoa look at all these toys you got man you can snuggle he's already a snuggler so he's gonna have one of these woman I can't wait until he's like 1 years old just like dragging one of these behind them you know walking around the houses dragging his favorite hippo or monkey around we got the lion in your bag the toilet hey let's show when we're changing it showing up here yeah we'll help out bunny here I gotta help you off okay we had the grandmas come and drop some more stuff off in your nursery so looks like we gotta clean some stuff up in here stick your soil a bit you see this is your changing pad like this Jeni Pepsi wanna we have to I think you probably got more goodies – well I think we'll get some like what's this thing horse you're not roll oh I want to get like some disposable ones that we can just oh yeah yeah so you'll go away and look there's mommy and daddy that's when we found out we were having you as a boy bo I'm here to look at when we're changing yeah so you can see himself yeah this right here is what you can sleep in right next to mama oh man we can put him in there right now and see how he does he's already sleeping okay well we got this rocky play down here dang dude you're already taken care of okay all right I think you like the king-sized bed the most honey yeah we're dead spider on your shirt Leo – you know what spiders gonna spider oh you guys we are just posted up in bed right now little guys just sleeping right now and it feels crazy like just laying in bed having him right next to me like my son is sleeping next to me he's not my belly anymore it's amazing no yeah he's not like we're not gonna like go sleep like this we have the sleeper over there so you know he's gonna be safe and everything like he can sleep here when I'm awake but like I'm never gonna sleep with him like next to me like this because you know just want to be extra safe and everything so I'll stamp check out this but Jen we got going on this thing is fresh he also just super cute keep his lip and that's what Rachel and I have as well we both have a chin thing like I know next up he has a nose no the Rachel and I have one of those I'm really glad we got this outfit ready to come home at one time it stain no look honey all his clothes are gonna be they wash out oh goodness set you had a big stinker huh Wow okay daddy's gonna change in the mold feed you dad's got food yeah but it's better at home totally died we've been home long enough for to wait to feedings or just one one feeding two sleeps so far and he slept like so well you act out next to mom I think there's any I love you I think it's because we get to cuddle better here moms working on the vlog and he sleeping away leo you already have 7,000 followers on Instagram it's pretty good for your age man he's like I knew this issue my sleep hey you just being so calm all right you guys it is I think 10:30 yet we got Leo swaddled over here in this little nipper swaddle wait six months or six yeah second time we've tried it normally we just swaddled him in blankets and then I tried that one time when he got out of the swaddle he didn't like it very much but I didn't know if it was that or he was just upset so who's super act out so it's like let's try it again so far he's still oh yeah he's still racked out I thought for a second he was looking at me I was like what like mom ha I did I was like what so we're gonna take full advantage of this and get some cuddle time in so love God I love people make a difference and be thankful and thank you guys so much for being on this journey with us we love our little son so much all right love you guys

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