Newborn Baby does the IMPOSSIBLE…

hey you guys Oh welcome back to our Channel today is a very special day because we're here with our whole family no more photo shoot let's go one photo shoot gonna be the cutest thing ever which is perfect if that's usually how they like it I love the way they pose little babies all cute I'm like the little benches and stuff look at this have like a little bench a setup yeah your baby you like break it and they haven't gone these little outfits set up we do cute we're doing family photos of course – so I have Tatum and Oakley dressing is really pretty dresses since first photo shoot are you looking good it was the day that I've been waiting for I love photo shoots any way that I can do a photo shoot I am there telling you girls what are you doing out here huh got champion okay [Applause] you want trampoline to fine have fun girls are you you already if you already found the cookies huh where's my kiss go inside we're gonna take some photos okay take some photos with your baby sister we got the master right here Patti look at that Patti say what's up thanks for taking photos today the girls all of our fun family adventures always lead to photo shoots but you know it's my favorite good job mom this is so cute are you gonna wrap our baby up like that Wow hey you trying to get some pizza right now look how cute this gem and I saw the sign said welcome Hostin she got his food laid out pizza for me because she knew I'm you know into that kind of stuff you guys need newborn photoshoots this is the place and not just because there's food because look at these photos are you kidding me Wow ready for this big girl paddy gets the fire going because you know California it's pretty cold later it's like 60 degrees your mom's getting the girls ready oh yeah it's gotta know [Applause] get down [Applause] [Laughter] beautiful I don't know how you get her to pose like this because like just do this for me are you making a mr. Potato Head oh my goodness you are doing so good that's his butt you want to put it back on for you you're so good at vlogging master alright guys this is just a little taste we want to waste you can see the pictures a little bit later so we are going to go but if any of you are having babies and you were in the Los Angeles area do we have a photographer for you you let us know in the comments what you guys think about this newborn photoshoot so fun so cool hanging out Patti today Patti you're the master for real where she's nice and comfortable and then you got to have a sugar a baby Shusher my heart is going to burst you guys thank you this thing I've ever seen I never did this at a man okay so this is like my first time girls what are you doing find a juice cheers my enter babies out there they're being a little crazy so I set them out here to play juice how is that real are you kidding me Oh watch her dad check this out yes look at those sweet cheeks man oh we came to the right person that's a good choices good choices yeah usually what's in my diaper [Applause] my sisters Oh doesn't mean sister oh you're scared you're nice now be nice now now being now be mean no one helping me now be nice oh oh she's scared of you so now we're doing the last thing which is our family photos and so the girls are ready putting this in his hair all-right my my baby pretty pretty stunning this girl okay so we finished our family photo shoot and it was good the girls are a little bit crazy but we figured it out now we're doing a last-second before we leave photo shoot of halston in this little bucket you have to see how cute this is hey bird doing we're gonna do one more picture how there's like all stressed out look he's trying to get out of here and we're taking advantage of the last few seconds that we have I'm all about photos did you like your photo shoot what do you know now baby I'm just kidding I know you're doing hey thanks so much for this photo shoot I appreciate it everybody go follow her Instagram right now to see all these cute babies she shoots what a fun time coming out here and shooting these photos today pennyways we've had some fun today the girls are having fun luckily we have a trampoline in the front yard to keep you guys occupied running around like crazy I need to catch them my Tatum I got the best life I'm telling you I got the best life with these little girls cannot wait till this other one grows up very so much fun we just got home we did a photo shoot today we went down to Grandma's house I got a pair of new skis I've actually had Utah right now to go skiing

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  1. ماشاء الله كيوووووووووووووووت😍

    اذا في مسلمين هنا اثبتو وجودكم بصلاة على النبي صل الله عليه وسلم … ❤

  2. жесть.. кошмар какойто.. так издеватся над собственным ребёнком.. ужас..

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