Newborn Baby Found In Plastic Bag In Georgia

to a stunning video making national headlines this morning a newborn baby found alive inside of a plastic bag what we're about to show you may be disturbing to some viewers this is incredible the dramatic moment was captured on a Georgia sheriff's body camera jan carabeo joints down the studio with more on this amazing story Jim and Janelle good morning let's start with the good news here this child is safe healthy and thriving today but earlier this month that newborn baby with her umbilical cord still attached was found abandoned in the woods in Georgia inside that bag and if it weren't for the attentive neighbors in that area and fast acting first responders we'd be talking about a very different outcome a shocking moment caught on body camera Forsyth County deputy sheriff Terry Roper opens a plastic bag and finds a newborn baby inside and alive neighbors in Cumming Georgia first heard the infant crying in the woods Allen reg ATS and his children called 911 for GATS is also seen here in the video as EMTs arrived deputy Roper continues to comfort the child now named India it doesn't surprise me to see EF siro poor acting this way foresight Sheriff Ron Freeman says deputy Roper has two kids of his own and knew how to comfort the hours old baby still it was instinct that really kicked in he's a dad and he is a good deputy and a good man more importantly and so you know he went into dad mode authorities released this video to encourage anyone with information about baby India to come forward investigators are looking for her mother and depending on the circumstances she could be charged with abandonment and cruelty to children in the meantime Sheriff Freeman is recognizing the people who turned this story from tragedy to triumph real heroes of the story are citizens who found this baby just as much so our deputy sheriff's and our first responders who immediately got there and care for this baby now staff at a local hospital named her India instead of baby Jane Doe India is now in foster care again the search for her mother continues this morning so hopefully someone knows something and we'll say something fortunately those neighbors heard something right yeah because you can imagine any longer in a plastic bag takes no time at all thank you happy thanks Jen

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  1. The baby will be a millionaire and the mother will come out of hiding to collect

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