Newborn Baby Hospital Bag Essentials / Necessities.

hi guys I just wanted to pop on here and show you what I'm planning on taking to the hospital with me for baby number three I was supposed to record this video while this guy was napping but he decided to only sleep for 15-20 minutes so I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that I can still get this done for you but obviously if you hear any toddler noises in the background that is why but like I said this is baby number three so I feel like by the stage I'm pretty aware of what's essential and what you don't really need to take so I figured I'd pop on here in case some of you guys could do with the info especially if you're a first-time mama or even a second time mama I found that with my first I overpaid with my second I had so much anxiety from my first experience that I still overpacked and then with my third I'm just way more chill and I know like what I actually need so I'm going to show you guys will spend the camera around and hopefully it's helpful so this here is what I'm using to take baby stuff to the hospital and I highly recommend this even if you're taking more stuff and you have the extras and a backpack because it's so much easier to organize your baby's stuff and get your baby's stuff out of a diaper caddy than it is to dig blindly into a never-ending bag so first step of this video is consider taking a diaper caddy this one here is only $15 and that was from Kmart not only can you use it obviously for the hospital but is great at home as well like in the middle of the night or even during the day I prefer to use this kind of as my changing station this is going to the nursery and using a changing table every single time the baby needs a change so if we start with the boring stuff first on the side we have newborn nappies I'm planning on putting baby wipes down the side here and then I have a a Senat simple changing pad I highly recommend taking a changing pad with you to the hospital because this may be TMI but a lot of times when you're changing the baby's bum when you lift their legs up they'll start going to the toilet again so unless you want dirty Hospital sheets this is very handy especially because you will be changing baby a lot on the beat and then on this side I have some hand sanitizer and then in this pocket I just have a pacifier some people don't take pacifies to the hospital because the skin of nipple confusion babies pretty smart they know the difference between an apple and a pacifier pacifiers help encourage babies to breathe and babies also have a super super strong sucking reflex so unless you want your baby to be on your breast 24/7 these come in handy I don't know why they have a bad name for them but yeah so hand sanitizer pacifier and then on the other side is baby's clothes so I've got three gross suits one sleeping bag two bodysuits beanie and a hat but I'll pull this out and show you so this here is all of baby's clothing items as you can see here are the three gross it's true body suits the sleeping bag and the beanie and mittens and then underneath all those clothes was this blanket so I've just got this wrapped up inside this is just a nice cotton like knitted style blanket it's super soft and that's what I'll be using to pop over baby your swaddle baby and it's got like a nice stretch to it so there is literally everything that goes and here and guys this is such a short video but a lot of these videos overrated like this is all you need

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  1. Id say your forgetting an imortant utem every newborn baby needs diaper rash cream my sister has 3 kids and wjen she went into hospital each time she forgot tgat cream and she regretted it each time she was lucky i actually remembered to buy it and I brought her some and gave it to her in the hospital each time lol

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