49 Replies to “Newborn Baby Monkey morning routine! 4K HD”

  1. Pets they jave Monkeys we get dogs cats hamsters snakes turtles, if it not to big to fit in the house different strokes for different people. And culture.

  2. He’s an awesome daddy. He takes such good care of him. I wish all people treated their pets that way. What a loving and caring person.

  3. I'm waiting for the people whose going to say this is animal cruelty and that it should be free !!!!!!!!👀😂

  4. This is just to cute. And I wish I could have a baby monkey❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. why didnt this man just adopt a human baby, thats what it seems like he wants. if this were some out of shape, unattractive, middle aged white man would the support for this be as strong??

  6. this is cute and all but these babies are taken away from their mothers in a horrible way. they are supposed to stay with the mothers for at LEAST the first year. in the wild they stay with the mother for several years. ripping them from their mother creates emotional/mental trauma for the mother and the baby. the only point in doing this is for the baby to bond and attach to the human. it first must heal from the trauma of being torn from its mother. in the meantime the mother has lost her baby and is suffering tremendously, all bc a human wants a "pet". these monkeys, apes, chimps, etc. are not like dogs. they are more like humans than anything. would it be considered fine to steal a newborn baby from the mother bc another person wanted it?? If the mother has died or this is a rescue of some sort its understandable, but most cases its simply bc a human wants a pet. these monkeys, apes, chimps should never just be kept as pets. in 99% of cases they dont get the type of stimulation and environment they need. most people don't have a few acres of enclosed forest to allow their adult monkeys to thrive in. and living in a standard home isnt thriving

  7. This is ridiculous. This guy is all about his body image – working out, tats etc. Why is that monkey even with this overgrown lard.

  8. What a strange man…that monkeys mother is pining for it thanks to your selfishness and pretending its human why have you got it? Do you have a low sperm count and cant have a real child of ur own?

  9. Why have a wife when you can have a monkey 😂. My daughter said "Momma when I grow up I don't want kids I want a monkey"… I said OK Ladybug ❤️😊… great video 😎 monkey and muscles…oh my!

  10. Hey hun he look jus like u wif hes hair wet lol. He look like he had a bald head. Like father like son😁. Gbless.

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