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hello everyone welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be my newborn essentials and must-haves I asked you guys here on youtube if you would like to see my newborn essentials or a day as one month update first and you guys chose this video so it is one month update will be going up a few days after this video does if you have not make sure you are subscribed to my channel I will be doing a giveaway when I hit 3000 subscribers and I am so so close guys so if you haven't please subscribe so I'm going to be doing this video in sections I'm going to share everything that I use for sleeping eating lounging bath time miscellaneous things and I also will have everything linked in the description if I can find it online I will have it wouldn't for you guys so without further ado let's just get started and we're going to talk about sleeping first the first thing I want to mention are swaddle blankets and my two favorite swaddle blankets are from copper pearl and posh peanut and the reason that I love these small blankets so much is because they are so soft and so stretchy so it's really easy to get this waddle super tight and I also just like to drape them over a dad to keep her warm I think that these are so perfect for summer she does not like swaddling she liked it for about the first week and a half of her life but she likes to be free she likes to be kicking her arms and legs she hates to be confined but she still loves these it so much just to drape them over her and if you are looking for really good blankets to swaddle your baby these are the best and the softest and they're just be easiest I have no idea how this waddle a baby because I had never had two and these were just so easy to learn how to swaddle so Posh PA and copper pearl are definitely my favorite the next month's have our sleepers so because my baby doesn't like to be swaddled she likes to wear sleepers that will allow her hands and arms to be free so the first one I want to talk about is this cute cloud island sleeper it can't a pack it to a target and these actually have the feet out when she was first born I had a lot of onesies with the feet in but she is so tall she grows longer every day she has the longest legs and she likes to really stretch her legs out so I found that these were just more to Coolidge and if her legs grow really fast I won't have to worry about getting more sleepers she can wear these for a while so I really love these and she has also been wearing these gowns now I love these gowns because as you can see the bottom actually just is completely open they're so easy in the mold at night when you have to change their diaper you just slide this up change your diaper and pull it back down and again they can kick around and Heather legs freeze the next thing I'm going to put in this category is her pacifier she loves the pacifiers by the brand bibs they are her favorite she has six of them and a ton of color said they match your outfits and they're super cute even though they're cute they're also super practical nipple actually mimics the moms boom so it's really soothing to them these are not too big and overbearing I just love these to death a next thing in the sleep category is the allit monitor now I'm sure you guys have heard about this what the Ellen monitor is is a sock that you put on your baby at night when they're sleeping and it monitors their heart rate and their oxygen levels this gives me such a peace of mind at night just knowing that if her heart rate were to drop or her oxygen levels were to drop then it would alert me on my phone and alert me on the home base and I think this is such a good investment I think it is $200 or a little bit more but I use this the first day I got home from the hospital and I will not stop using it they actually come with a size one which is this another sock that decides to and another that's a size three so it can grow with your baby you can use this for a very long time this is seriously one of my favorite things I just think it is so great to be able to put your baby to sleep at night and know if anything is wrong you're going to be notified the last thing in this category is this docket on now I love this docket ah this is seriously one of the best items I'm going to mention in today's video I think it definitely is a must-have she loves this so much it's so comfortable of course you should supervise your baby when sleeping and anything like this but she just loves it to death it is just so so soft and comfy moving on to these category I want to first talk about these coma Tomo bottles I love these to death these are great they actually are super squishy so they're easy to squeeze the milk out of they're really really soft right here by the nipple and they also mimic the breast so they're perfect for your baby as a out loves these so much I've tried other bottles I tried to Tommy TP and she just did not like them these are the only bottles that she loves the next thing I wanna mention are cloth diapers so I actually use regular diapers when I use these for our burp cloths these are just really great burp costs because they're super super absorbent they're just easy to throw over your shoulder burp them over your shoulder or if you're you know sitting them up and burping them just to wipe their mouths if they have any spit up I always have a cloth diaper around just in case I take it everywhere with me I just have a tunneling around my house and I just get so much use out of them like you can get a ten pack on Amazon and I'll link it below and seriously these are one of the things that I use the most the next thing I'm going to suggest is this tree drying rack I think that's what it's called you can get this at Target but it kind of looks like grass and at first I actually didn't get this because I thought that I wouldn't need it but then I ended up needing it because bottles would just take forever to dry land on a paper towel or a towel and the last thing that I want to mention is this dapple pure and clean bottles and dishes this is for washing your bottles and it says it eliminates milk Philmont odor and it's in the lavender scent I love this so much it's actually almost done and I'm gonna have to pick up a new one because I use this all the time to wash her bottles her pacifiers or anything like you could even use this to wash your own dishes it's just really great and I think it cleans your bottles really really well so I definitely suggest this I want to mention some items that I think are great for soothing your baby and keeping them happy the first one that I want to mention that I absolutely love is the Bobbie lounger I actually wasn't going to get this I got this pretty last minute I didn't realize how essential it is so if you're thinking about putting this on your industry or getting it please dude you're not going to regret it she's bit Dennis thing all the time this is perfect for when your baby is awake I just lay a day and this and she just loves to look around and just sit in here and listen to music we have our dance parties in here so if she's awake ninety-nine percent of the time she's gonna be in here she also loves to kick her arms and legs in this this is just so so great for them to be able to sit up and see what's going on the next thing is a Boppy pillow and this is actually not the Bobbie pillow brand this is from Amazon and I'll link it below but I like to use this for is if you know people who've never like held a newborn or if your arms get tired when holding a baby you can just put this around you hold the baby and it gives you some extra support so I think it is great to have around the house just in case you have visitors or if your arm gets tired because you hold your baby a lot and it's cheaper than the Boppy pillow so I'll definitely remember to link that below for you guys and then a few things that I want to mention but that kids fit in the frame is her swing she has the fisher-price swing I'll pop it up here on the screen I love this it's not a super expensive swing you never know how babies are gonna like certain swings and everything so I just decided to get this one and she loves it it rocks back and forth it plays different music it has a little lights that she can look at and she loves this I like to put her in it when she's awake or if she's a little bit fussy I just put her in that and it just seems to calm her down again she can see everything she can look around and she just really really likes it and it can also put her to sleep really easily so I think it's definitely a great purchase and I also want to mention her stroller she loves her stroller we have UPPAbaby Vista stroller and it comes with a bassinet attachment and I'm telling you newborn babies love the bassinet attachment it allows them to lay flat it's super super comfortable seriously feels like a cloud and she just falls asleep so easily in it and when she's awake she is just super calm in it so she loves going on walks in the stroller I take it everywhere with I never leave her in the car see I just put her in the stroller and take her into restaurants or just walk around and things like that so that's definitely good investments also want to mention the activity gym that I have for her I'll pop it up here on the screen as well have a little piano down at the bottom where she can kick your feet and it plays music and it also has little dangly toys that she can reach up and touch and look at and it's just really great to keep them entertained when they're wide awake and you can do tummy time on it and everything so I think that's a great little activity gym and play nap or then moving on to changing your baby I have a product that I love so so much and I cannot recommend this enough this is the California baby cream I love this so much it's organic it's dairy free gluten free vegan it is just so so great it is an all-purpose cream um if a daya has a little scratch from her scratch in her face if she has some big acne I literally put this on it and within 30 minutes the scratch disappears it no longer exists this is great for dry skin if you see you know cradle cap coming on you can put this on she's never had cradle cap and I think it's because of this because anytime I've seen any dry skin on her whatsoever I put this on and it hills it almost instantly so this stuff is great and you can use it for so much seriously this is another favorite product of mine that can also use this for a diaper rash that's why I wanted to mention it you can use it you know just anywhere I thing I want to mention is this buck paste I actually do not know how to pronounce this I'm not even going to try but this stuff is great I think a day was about a week and a half old when I noticed her butt was getting a little bit raw and I put this stuff on it and it held it almost instantly as well just puts a really protective barrier on the butt and also just use this to prevent diaper rash was definitely my go-to if she starts to get diaper rash or anything we haven't had to use it in a very long time but I know that when we did back when she was like a week and a half it worked so good I use two different types of wipes I used camper spirit in the water right love in both but I probably like the water rights just a little bit more um the water it's our 99.9 percent water and then the Pampers pure of ninety-nine percent water they're both really great whites and the water wipes are also really good all-purpose wipes if she has a little odd boogie from crying or something or she has milk on her face or anything these are good just to wipe down your whole face I want to mention hospital blankets you're gonna see a lot of these at the hospital and I'm telling you to take as many as you can I did have to stay in the hospital for a while so I ended up being able to bring home like 10 every time I saw a hospital blanket I would just throw it in a bag and take them all home because I heard that they are so awesome to use now I definitely don't like them for swallowing I feel like they're little you know rough they're not stretchy but what I will tell you is that they're so absorbent though I use these to lay down every time I change her so whether I'm changing her on the couch I'm changing on her changing pad one of these always goes on first she had p1 changing her she has pooped this absorbs it great and it does not go through on the changing pad or the couch so this is definitely great to have and again you're just gonna have to try to take as many as you can home from the hospital yeah last thing I want to mention that is related to changing your baby is the windy now this is actually not the windy brand although I have used the windy brand this is apron and from Amazon and it literally works the same if not better and I think it's cheaper than the windy so what you do is pick this up there but if they are super colicky or they're gassy and their tummy's hurting or they have it pooped in a while you stick this up and it can release gas sometimes you hear them farting and within like I would say probably an hour they should be pooping and it is just so nice because I knew this when I use this on a day as she feels so much better just to release that gas and if she's fussy sometimes I know that it's a gas and we use this and it's really really great okay now I'm going to move on to all of my must-haves for bath time so at first I'm going to start off with these soap that I use for her it is the baby ganic squeeze bum shampoo and body wash and I like to use a little wash cup like this that's super super soft it is a shampoo and body wash so it's an all-in-one so you don't have to worry about using separate products and it's by baby Ganic and it's really really good in organic and everything like that so I really really love this and she Drive her off I love to use these baby hooded towels now you can get these at TJ Maxx Marshalls and you can get them in a pack of like free I think they're great to have because this goes over their little head not too thick or anything like that in after the bath after I dragged her off I love to put her in one of these little robes I've heard a lot of people saying all the robes aren't worth it and maybe for some people they're not but for me they definitely are she loves us so much he likes to lounge in this for about 20 minutes before I change her and the last thing that she uses during the bath time is this freed up baby brush it is different than a regular brush it's really great to brush wet hair I'm pretty sure that this is supposed to prevent cradle cap I'm not too sure but like I said she hasn't got it yet it feels really squishy and it's great to brush wet hair and I use it every single time she gets out of the bath okay real quick I'm going to mention some miscellaneous things cause the first thing are these little mittens I got these at Lulu & Company and they are just so so precious it's so hard to find you more mittens that are gonna fit your newborn because your newborns hands are so so tiny I never realized how tiny their hands were gonna be probably like these because they go around your wrist and they stay on she doesn't wear these much anymore because she is growing and she likes to you know fill her fingers and things like that but this is great on when they're sleeping and you don't want them to scratch their face in the mold at night and like I said these are like the perfect size and you definitely need some thick cozy socks so baby's feet can get cold or if they're wearing a sleeper that doesn't have any feet these are perfect to put on them and of course just to lounge around all day I'm not sure exactly where I got these but you can get them at like Target or Amazon or something I'll try to link them below but definitely as to have mittens and socks and then I want to mention this little nasal aspirator a little sucker thing I'm sure if you've given birth to your baby you see that the nursery nurse is there immediately to suck the amniotic fluid out of your baby to make them cry if they have it cries so they use this you know immediately after I gave birth on a day and I actually ended up taking one home from the hospital and this one actually broke but I just got a new one in from Amazon and I think this is so great if your baby is prone to spitting up has acid reflux has not swallowed all the milk or they get a little chalky this is great just to stick in their mouth suck out the milk and they're good to go or if they have boogers in their nose this is what it's actually for you can just suck the boogers right out so I think that this is great and if you can't get one from the hospital they're on and Amazon for about four dollars being next thing I mentioned that kind of goes along with the mittens is this nail filer so baby's nails grow super fast sometimes they're actually really long even when you give birth like they're long from the very beginning and they construct their face super super easily I always heard stories of moms clipping their baby's nails and accidentally clipping their skin so I've got this off Amazon for about ten dollars I think all and get below as well it's just a baby filer so it's perfect for babies it's not gonna cut your baby a day I actually love this this puts her to sleep my sister actually gives her a little pedicure and just rubs her feet and does this on her nails and toenails and she loves it like it puts her right to sleep that was the next thing I want to talk about is this thermometer I actually got this at the hospital but I have another one that goes like across the head and in the ear this one is just the one that they put underneath their arm it's so easy just to stick under their arm and take their temperature I don't use it much I did at the beginning just because I was like always worried and stuff when they did that at the hospital so I wanted to make sure her temperature was good at home and it always has been and everything but I think it's great to have so if you can take this from the hospital you definitely showed lastly I just want to mention this brush set so like I was telling you guys I love to use the free to baby when her hair is wet but when her hair is dry and I need to fix it up before I put a bow or something on her I like to use this I got this off of Amazon this is like three or four dollars and it comes with a little comb and a little brush and I think this is great to have if you want to style your baby's hair I know a day his hair can get so wild in a heat and humidity or just when she wakes up so it's nice to have something to tame her hair some Duberman grass I'll just mention really really quickly these are just things that I thought that I was going to use but I don't end up grabbing the first thing are big I just end up using the cloth diapers you know to burp her or if she spits up I'm always watching her after feedings so I don't use these I think they're super cute and maybe I'll use them when she's older but I just kind of feel like they're so big on her neck anyway at this point so I do not use these I also bought a bunch of fancy burp cloths and although these are super cute and I think that they are great if you're like burping your baby over her shoulder but I never use these again I'm always just using those little cloth diapers these are cute I guess if you just want to take them out you know if you're out and about and you want to use these sometimes I will grab these if my cloth diapers are all dirty or something but I don't think that these are necessary at all and then the last thing that did not work for me and I know it works for some people are these little sleep sacks like the ones with the velcro to put their arms down and to kind of just like keep them confined again she hates swaddling sheets being combined she loves to kick her arms and legs so these just did not work for me also they would just bunch up right here by her neck and like go over her mouth and that's super super unsafe when she's sleeping so I would I put this on for like five minutes and I like watched her and I was done with this I was like I cannot sleep at night knowing this could go over her mouth like it was just so big and bunchy and I just don't like it so she just stays in sleepers please comment below your newborn must-haves and essentials I would love to know and try anything out that you guys have guessed so thank you guys so much for watching and be on the lookout for a day as one month update

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