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  1. I love your honesty! I agree with all your points except the Ergo baby. I had both the ergo baby and baby katan. I found the baby katan useful when my son was 0-4months. He gained weight fast so we needed the Ergo baby.

  2. Unexptected (,/'_'.)

  3. This is awesome! I’ve been working on my baby registry and this will be helpful! I’m 26 weeks now and also a youtuber! If you are looking for YouTube buddies hit me up!

  4. Dyinnng….lol! Every one of those items (except the baby carrier) are items my daughter MUST HAVE. It’s so funny how each baby is different. This new little bundle of joy is the complete OPPOSITE on on his likes and dislikes from his brother. 😜

  5. My baby is 3 months old … Yes, too many clothes! Don't buy clothes, you'll get plenty from showers.
    Yes, I hate snap up sleepers! Why do companies still make them? Just use zippers!!
    Yes, mittens were a waste bc they never stayed on.
    I didn't buy a swing bc my husband said we would regret not holding our baby more. Maybe he's right, but my baby loves the swing at my mom's house.
    I received a sample of water wipes, and loved the sample. Huggies wipes are very thick. Almost too thick for the yellow poo stage.
    Now that my baby is three months, he loves the wubbadub/lovey/pacifier animal. Definitely needs to be bigger to like it.
    Also, get different types of pacifiers. My baby didn't like that type of paci at the beginning, he only liked the mam kind. He hates nuk.
    … Every baby is different 🤷‍♀️

  6. I loved the Halo swaddles. The swaddle me brand she shows didn't work for me, there wasn't enough velcro to keep my babies arms contained. I only have one Halo swaddle blanket, but I wish I had more to wash more often.

  7. I remember my sister had to use water wipes when her kids had diaper rashes which was from a type of diaper of a certain brand that didn’t work for them. They can help for that but besides that you really don’t need them. You should at least a small deal of them just in case they do develop a diaper rash in the future.

  8. Water wipes are great because they are basically just water. No harsh chemicals, all natural, only 2 ingredients. Plus they are super soft. I recommend anyone watching to give them a try! Especially if your baby has a rash or even just a little redness!! I have never had to use diaper rash cream since using them!!! Also, read the instructions on the back about leaving them upside down.

  9. Water wipes are for people who don't want to put the chemicals found in regular wipes on their babys butt.

  10. I'm a minimalist so I'm definitely taking a lot of your advice in this video. Thanks for your positive and informative touch 🙂

  11. I agree with everything!! I'd like to add that even if the baby loved the wubnub it's not detachable for other pacifiers if they dislike the pacifier itself it made me sad because my daughter loves the little dino but hated the binky she only liked the classic Avents. So sad. But every item you had and regretted I had as well and also regretted. The ergobaby same issue very clunky vs the cloth wrap. And my husband HATED the button up pJs like you showed for the exact reason! Thank you for your video!!

  12. 100% agree with the wubbanub comments. We have the same one and it’s cute but it’s still in its box (she’s 10 weeks old now) because we tried with those pacifiers and they were just too big for her. Waste of money for us. :/

  13. We always used regular baby wipes on our newborn but now that she is 2 she needs water wipes otherwise she gets a rash. It pays to try regular first

  14. I would like to mention that I decided to buy “swaddle blankets” but you can use them for multiple things like a cover up for breast feeding, cover up for car seats, birth cloths, cover for changing table, etc. Since it’s convenient and it can be used for multiple things I bought 3. Btw I liked your view on all the products. I definitely didn’t want to waste my money especially on bottles since I will be breastfeeding

  15. Water wipes I used to think there was too much hype about it but I found they are much more sensitive on small babies or babies with sensitive skin. In the NICU they use a small soft material (like paper towel) and wet it with water. Water wipes are very similar to that.

  16. I totally agree with most of this. For bottles, swings, and pacifiers I think it’s best to start small. Get one or two different ones to see if/what your baby likes. Snap sleepers, mittens, and outfits it spot on. I have waaaay too many clothes, snaps sucks, and mittens are useless! I have both the k’tan and ergobaby and I definitely think the cloth wrap is for around the house and structured carrier is for outdoors and when baby gets bigger. Great video!

  17. The lesson in this is just, don't buy much at all until your baby is born. In the first few days and weeks they really just need food (which is free if you can breastfeed), a place to sleep, a few babygrows and some nappies. You'll work out what else you need as you go. Borrow things at first if you can, and see what your baby actually likes and what you actually need. Companies LOVE new parents because we love to buy stuff for our kids, and they target us with ads making us feel like we need all the crap they're selling. But babies actually need very little, and if you do find you need something later, then go ahead.

    (And be careful of buying in bulk on special while you're pregnant. I know people who've bought months supplies of nappies only to find their baby was allergic to that brand. You'll save more in the long run if you only buy what you are sure you're definitely going to need and use!)

  18. The difference is compare the ingredients to other brands. What do you want touching your babys most sensitive area of skin? Lol honestly try using a brand of baby wipes for yourself for a day. Talk about uncomfortable. Why wouldn't your baby feel any different?

  19. I agree with all your items.

    Honest diapers. I don’t get it. They leak.

    Ergo carrier. You have to buy the newborn insert. Wth

  20. I agree with everything you said.. I thought this after my first baby… now I'm pregnant with my second baby… 4 more weeks to go.. however the water wipes.. are expensive but in the uk.. it's the only wipes they allow in the hosiptal .. so I buy one pack lol saves cotton wall balls lol and warm water horrid situation.

  21. Can I have one of the swings? I’m due soon but don’t have the funds for one at the moment 🤦🏾‍♀️

  22. Wow. These are all of the items we use from day 1, multiple times a day (Water Wipes, Honest diapers, swaddle blankets, multiple bottles…)

  23. Hi there. Will you do a video update on the fisher price rock n play in light of the recent news about it? I was going to get one based on your recommendation but after some research on safe baby sleeping I decided against it. However after hearing about it on the news recently I’m curious to know if your thoughts have changed on it? Thanks.. ~Rachel

  24. Honestly the best tip for anyone out there is just not to buy too much of everything. I just bought 2 of everything so that way when my baby doesn’t like something, I won’t feel like I wasted money. So just buy one or two, let your baby try it out for a couple of days then decide if it works or not 🙂

  25. I used wash cloths and water. (I also used cloth diapers). For going out I put water and cloths in a wet bag and then an empty wet bag to put them in after use.

  26. I feel the same way about buttons. I told my family don’t buy my daughter things with buttons. Save me a late night nervous breakdown.

  27. I'm not gonna lie my baby LOVED all of these except the carrier. She way prefers the moby wrap. And the water wipes are amazing for rash! Other than that my baby loved loved loved all these stuff. I personally never had a issue with the snap onsies. That's just me tho everyone is different!!(: great video tho!

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