23 Replies to “Newborn Baby Squirrel Surviving. Part 1”

  1. I found one .Do you think The mom will come back to feed it, it’s under my shed and has been there for 3 days. I heard you say it wouldn’t survive 24 hours. So I’m thinking the mom maybe comes and feeds it.

  2. You are not being gentle with the baby…. Looks very painful the way you handle it and the way you put a huge "syringe" in deep into his small mouth. You shove it in like there was no tomorrow.

  3. Wow! He is way smaller and more naked then the ones that were brought to me to raise ..lol… Im glad you were able to help him grow up!!! His little hungry mouth all eager and ready for that milk!! Im glad to know both sides are functioning!!! Lol!! Is there a follow up?? I cant find anything about part 2 or more????

  4. Lady, your suppose to lick that toads butthole like the squirrels mother does to stimulate that alien looking thing to poo….Please get a clue.

  5. I was just watching the other video of that lady that raises baby squirrels and she said not to stick the whole long nipple in their mouth….

  6. Our Younger Pup brought in a newborn 3 days ago….I don't have a nipple….finally got a heating pad….mine has been eating about 1ml per feeding so far and has increased his weight to 29 Grams….watching you feed, I think I may have aspirated him a few times….he has only pooped once and never peed…..not that I have seen…. Thank You For Instructions Darlin!!

  7. Thanks for the info. We are currently raising a pair of babies that can’t be more than a week old.

  8. haha ur just awsome can u tell me were can I get data sipping tiny tube -!!coz I have one baby squirrel who looks just like him ♡

  9. What ever happened with your baby squirrel? We just found one yesterday. This video is quite helpful.

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