we're gonna use this we do have a bathtub but we want to use this cuz we kind of want to be in the tub with him sometimes you never been to our bathroom boy what's up little baby I'm gonna take my first bath today and it's gonna be so much fun I'm so hungry and I'm ready to eat again you so pretty you see why are you so gorgeous you never wanted a girl daddy looks better than a girl huh you're more than that like right nice why you know I'd buy me like cup or anything like did we diggity I thought because like yeah that's won't be lit that the deluxe baby back there so we don't have one sorry to be using that's and now that's gonna be made for that use and the secret get in Dicky that shows the levels how low it goes and then this fall's sort of for guessing don't just lay there these are all his stuff so he's gonna need another towel yeah see if you like it cry no cry you like it what's the point of water on his head yeah going towards the back and the point is do you like it still getting used to it we're gonna reel them well scrub in you watching the clock you don't like when I think touches his body like hard and knew the crowd was going to come mellow I was saying y'all like it in the water for me use one hand to stop it from coming to his face and push back here like it that's just howdy taking forever I'm doing man ok nobody stop now I'm a it thing is overrated say we don't need no bags alright so thank you for taking a bath with me today did you guys see my reaction and I liked it and then I kind of didn't like it I think you don't have anyone like afterwards yeah yes he didn't do that bad we fed him I think it would have went better if we fed him first but he's going to sleep now my little babies peace out

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