hello guys look today's a really hot off that meet me at the TV today it's a really special day baby Cody mama is getting their first bag see I told you if you guys follow us on Twitter start the cameras off whatever but if you guys follow us on Twitter I tweeted out that she smells like milk and people are like oh and always maybe still like that and my cookie smells like Chuckie Cheese hi she's brushing her teeth so she can look good on camera huh okay so we gonna have to add a little more cold water because I think it's still too hot but early yeah we got her bath ready we have a little cup thing right there some body wash some shampoo and this little thing is still saying that about that's too hot so I'm gonna put a little bit of cold water I might let a little bit of the water out I don't know how she's gonna look or fit in here let's see what it says can you stop saying hot please I look like oh that's going away now put it out of the thing yeah good let's see if it was your back there will be a tea in front of that age thought there's no way this is still hot how much listen of this rubber duckie is right let me run it under cold water okay so it's off now but no hot let me see of course not what the heck that is not too hard filling there there's not a half of hair stuff in my head okay hold on guys I gotta get the bathroom oh whoa okay so the temperature feels good I need my phone because I'm gonna need lots of pictures and I guess we need a baby look I have this little area set up for her right here so we'll brush her hair put some lotion on there a little aqua for on her try skiing we just do like a very very little bit of everything some baby wipes and diapers okay mama you're ready for your face back you ready say hi get to say hi then I'll make it under here huh come get her hey you want this patty say uh no she looks like she look so cute with her little shoulder that it looks like she's gonna to try she smiled you like that you wearing a tube top mm-hmm tell happening come I get it you aim it to you cut off this thing I did I'm bringing this in case she has a freakout in there we said sheesh mom I'm trying this thing is still rocking look I got a little towel ready for when she gets out look at the little head goes there we shake something I belonging all her bad stuff is up here all her washcloths are folded it neatly snapped a couple rows of these little Hana then we have all of our towels in here and she has some toys and stuff but she's still too little for toys it's like what are you doing to me this is hard to do for over here you still have that stuff on her hands dress dry skin yeah but it's like it gets all the way here baby so she started freaking out she wasn't having it but cuz that a burpee just gave me Hey look at me man I got my mini kit terrible policy hi okay you're about to go confess let me don't start getting her love shinden stuff till you come yeah but took a bit of diaper on okay God he's being really independent and she's holding your own bottle she has really um pili scheme so because she was soaking for nine months yeah she has really peeling skin so we weren't able to get it all off actually the bath mater have more but um it's okay the more it pills now the sooner it won't be peeling anymore I need to turn on the air but she just got out the bath i'm studing yeah so she is now done with her freak out because she's eating so that's good we're gonna need some meal motion here were you just doing my hands or did you have me any who's the bitch mommy me that's why I got her a shirt that says happy me happy mommy huh you like your massage honey he nice Oh milk she did cos she was straight trippin huh that was triple dipping triple again I think I'm gonna do one of those moms I have to get it again he's like as soon as she came out I started saying corny things up and my mommy is pointing in I love it it's just funny because usually I'm the corny when I guess I'm still corny but you wanna take a break if she's not screaming here take our milk milk to clean them up I get your belly he's like what that what the heck ma wanted a kiss want to show your friends on YouTube your face how good of a baby her face is all right there is my big girl there's my big girl that was being a fussy baby from my bottle you're being fussy for your bottle well let me get that back coffee look how high up are diapers that's the swag mom get your swag let me teach you to love something huh meet each other something that's weird hi Cody hi my little coconut i coconut of course mommy's taking pictures hey all my family wants to know how my first bath went huh I hate putting shirts over her me too hey don't call her head liar Oh even the doctor says I wasn't even bad that's got sick of mommy stretch it out nice and good I think this is gonna be a little bit loose like a baggie yeah say pedesta swag huh everything I do I do a swag just a shaggy baby I wear my clothes too big a schwag you so flying so swaggy honey I hate doing that I hate doing the arms more than the head cuz the arms Bend like chicken wings and then you have to like unbend it but you don't know if it hurts you got a booger you know your own eye boogers okay look at her shoulders hanging out oh it's funny guys because she's still like even though she's bigger now she's small doing in her newborn clothes oh wow you got hair like Amber Rose you look like Amber Rose with that haircut girl I got me a pixie cut Whittle it in it oh you ready to get that burp on and for finish your food you ready look at me man I'm singing how come when babies cry they don't have shoes have you noticed that voice appears not that I want the tears I just want to know if you're faking it looking say okay I'm all done say bye y'all so file just to finish eating okay say bye everybody thanks for joining us for bath time you know what to tell them right they've hid in the wall yes you guys first subscribe if you aren't my mouth is all crusty again first of all guys subscribe to our channel if you aren't subscribed already and if you are subscribed click the notification bell so you don't miss any videos especially videos of cute little baby Cody what else oh go check out our patreon the link is in the in the description box below we have some SuperDuper cool perks and shout out to all our current patrons I wish I had it opened boy I wish I had the page open I wish I had the page open so I could shout you guys out but anyway doh follow us on our baby follow up follow us on our social media and do everything else I said comment down below what other type of videos you want to see us do with baby Cody I don't know if that's like a morning routine or a nighttime routine just comment down below give us some ideas alright sorry I had to come back well cook look how cute she looks on her little puppy honey yeah I'm a big guy now this my papi I could do what I want dude nice pic in there oh and she threw up something oh yeah can you take a picture for myself she's getting everything she wanted she is all pink everything being super dramatic about all these blankets and stuff just because I don't want her to me or anything that's not as clean as her so she had to get in car but check out my pink burp cloth my pink onesie my pink sweater blinky pinky pink bottle pink skin pink everything was your favorite color shower bottles even pain now let me see look at us bye wanna go say bye Cody you


  1. Take her out in public in a stroller but in her price baby car seat that’s a really good idea I want to see her one day she looks so cute like my neighbors baby that’s named Alexander p.m. to Marty🚶🏼‍♀️

  2. Baby Cody is such a doll baby! N I seriously don’t know how they deal with everyone’s negative opinion about how they are bathing the baby. You guys are new parents n the people commenting act like they are parenting experts. I commend you ladies for dealing with the negative comments I could not. Great job mamas she looks well taken care of.

  3. Umm, forgive me for asking, but where is the Dad? A baby needs a Mum, and a Dad in their life, even if the Mum, and Dad are living separately, Dad should still be there. Unless, in this case, Dad is a deadbeat, and took off. What was up with her belly looking all bloated like that? Gas? Needing to be burped? It sure didn't look normal.

  4. DONT be lazy mom and get a pillow to feed t he baby ! Holding close and bonding , looking into babies eyes and talking to her she will learn your face and moos likely you Mom will get th efirst sm

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