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  1. When I was pregnant I used to play this song and he used to respond.😍😘😘..now he is 2 months old and when I play this music now, he sleeps peacefully… what a spirit filled song…

  2. Jesus I am praying for my new born baby please bless him he is under infections please bless him by clearing all his infections and bring to my laps safely lord praise the lord Amen .thank you

  3. this is so beautiful. thank it really touched me. u actually had me thinking about my children when they were infants and how i still till this day think of them now they are growing up. Absolutely Breathtaking🌹

  4. I love to play this song for my two angel..my wife and baby bless zamar zephanie..I always ask for there health and safety… gogogo baby bless…keep on kicking on your nanay's belly…tatay loves u so much…

  5. I wish my first baby is healthy in my belly. I'm happy I'm gonna be a mother soon. Though I feel my boyfriend didn't give me supports..

  6. wow such a beautiful song you shared!! thank you we had a new arrival this week my fourth granddaughter Ava LeeAnn Rose Thomas-Gladue

  7. #armywifehere – really beautiful. I was looking for words to describe my sentiments to my first granddaughter, and – this touched my heart. May G-d continue to Bless you and your family.

  8. I am Β΄praying for my sweet first grandson Jacob Liam and my daughter Cristina. For a safe delivery this Monday or before. Please join me in prayer. Heavenly Father we lift this little one up to you for protection. We ask for a heavenly covering over our grand boy Jacob Liam and his mother Cristina so that all good come to them. We also pray for a safe delivery and birth in Jesus name I pray amen.

  9. I love This song, thank you to who ever wrote it , it is so beautiful , every time I play it my little miracle I am carrying starts to move around, I can't wait to play it for my child was he or she is born

  10. I used to play this for my babyboy while he was in my womb. He is now 6 weeks and I play it for him Still. Just sharer it with him a momebt ago too and he fell straight to sleep and I cry everytime. Its so precious. We both love it. As I listen to it I think of both my boys, my most favorite gifts from God πŸ’š.

  11. it is not good to wish rejection and pain to never reach you because it is part of life.
    rather, guide your children how to face life and be a wonderful human being.

  12. I'm 17 years old and about 21 weeks pregnant. I'm scared yet excited to be a mom. Hearing this song makes me cry but at the same time it makes me strong for my baby. I'm thankful to my family and my boyfriend's family for accepting the both of us. Nothing is much more beautiful in this world than to see your baby cry for the first time and I can't wait to see him/her on that very day. Thank you Lord for this.

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