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kyla trying to film here I got to sit right there hey guys this Kandra today I'm doing a newborn essentials video I just filmed a ton of this video and I realized my camera was not so I'm going to blame that on the lack of sleep but I can't believe it oh my god okay so today's video is going to talk about all of my favorites my newborn favorite clothing products geared is everything that we really loved the first few months of our girls being born so for those you guys are new to my channel I have eight legal twin girls so I wanted to do this video now so everything is fresh in my mind so I did just let you know what we really really use all the time so I hope you guys all enjoy this especially if you are pregnant if you are trying to make your baby registry I know I was so overwhelmed when I was registering for their stuff so I'm hoping this will help you out a little bit with that said let's get started the first thing I would recommend you get a ton of are these onesies I prefer the Gerber ones over the Carters I like the bottom it's a little bit as a little bit more gift and I like that they're going to snap it makes it a little bit easier at night when especially you're changing to babies but this is shorts think onesies also we didn't know when they're crossed the top part that means you can slide them up their feet so you don't have to put this over their head I find that very useful because our girls are so sensitive when we're changing them I need to make services recording okay we're gonna turn see how many bees I had we had at least 10 of them maybe over 12 and I you just kind of go through the fast because you're constantly doing laundry and also if they have a blowout sometimes you can get the stain out sometimes it's too messy doing one deal with it and I just throw it in the trash so get yourself a bunch of these because for us we put them under all their pajamas because they're worn in the shower so it's cold so we use them for warmth but it's also nice to have a barrier in between your pajamas in case they get these dirty you're not always getting your pajamas dirty there now I'm 0 3 month clothing but they were in newborn stuff up until about two weeks ago so the other thing I would recommend getting is a lot of sweepers our girls were in pajamas day and night for the first couple months not first : what am I saying I'm asking like they're three months old they're only eight weeks old that was really weird oh yeah they're only able I don't know what in the world I'm talking about first couple weeks we'll say that it's weird time I don't even know what time it's like right now the days go by super slow but times when I add a rapid pace so anyways these are really great because there's if up they're convenient they're easy we got a bunch of the ones from Carter's pretty much all their pajamas were from Carter's and I just started getting other pajamas like other places these ones are from Old Navy I'll show them I just got some in 0 2 3 months which they're in right now these are three at six months my mom got me other set in a bigger size because they love them so much they're on 7 ounce so go get them because they're so cozy like look how cute this one is I love it so much and I love the v-neck I just started getting ones at snaps I don't I thought I would hate them I don't mind them at all I I honestly now I don't really care and or hate to snaps up so that's many of keep in mind if your husband sometimes you know they get frustrated when it smells now personally they're so cute I'll deal with the sense the other ones that we use a lot are the fleece ones just because it was really cold they're born so these were really nice and cozy on like a rainy day but I had so many of these I thought I had so many pajamas and we used all of them multiple times like these already faded because I use them so often it's really sad to look at these right now because oh my god they're so cute I put all their different clothes away and it just I'm already feeling nostalgic with movies ok next up I want to talk about swaddle so we swallow our girls every time they sleep basically we did in beginning we didn't actually right away after the hospital we used as well so they gave to us and then they started not liking it I was like you know what our girl was gone don't like to be swaddled we won't blow it anymore we then watch the movie happiest baby on the block which I'll link down below is amazing and it was saying how your baby will typically fight it when you're swollen but once they are swaddled they'll do a lot better so now we live by swaddling they are so much calmer when we swallow them and put a pacifier in their mouth it's like magic the two that I really like are these ones these flannel ones are from North Shore baby and they come in three packs and just got another set and they were on sale so I'm hoping they're still available I like these because they're really warm from sore flannel but I also like the fit of em they're not super oversized so they just fit really nice and snug the other ones I like are my little unicorn they're a little more pricey but I use them for so many things I think they're they end up being worth it using for you know as a bird Brad use them to keep them warm to cover them in our stroller so this one comes instead of three with two really pretty floral prints and then the other ones that have are by eight and a nine and I like those too but for some reason they feel super big to me so I gravitate towards these ones over the Asian and then islands but I like to use these ones during the day now because it's a little bit more warm so I like them because they're a little more breathable the next thing I would recommend getting is some type of wrap to where your baby on your body I have two of these salty baby wraps and just like a really long piece of fabric it's crazy and it's super confusing when you first get it I was really didn't understand it now it's very very easy I just YouTubed a video of it but I got one for myself and one for Andrew and we would wrap them on her body I'm going to take them on a walk swim in a little just to keep them extra warm and it's nice to a lot of it like our growth are very needy they want to be held all the time so what I'll do is wrap one on me and it'll feel like I'm holding her but I can have my hands-free so if you have just one baby this will just let you do whatever you want with two it's it's a little tricky I don't want to put both of them on that's too much weight I back and just too much I don't like that but usually one baby will be fine and then the other one whose speciality so these are amazing the next thing I'd recommend getting are these clocks furs they're just they look like a white piece of cloth and I use them as burp rags I keep them all around the house you just can't throw em over your shoulder and it's nice because you don't get spit up all over you honestly whenever I don't use these I get a bit of all over me so I keep them in their room I keep them good weeks a lot of them on their cribs well you know we lay the blanket out swap them up there so they spit up we'll just you know have this available to wipe it up I keep one on there change people and keep them everywhere just in case you need it as far as diapers go we're using tamper of Swaddlers and newborn size up until about two weeks ago and now they're in size one and I finally can use these cute ones I got from Terra sole because it wouldn't have size one so now there are these I love them they're really good at birth and I will link these down below for you guys I think they gave me expose on to it a long time ago I don't know if I have it anymore and will try my best to contact them and see if I can get you one but before I could use these we were using the tamper swallowers I did really like those and the nice thing about pampers ones if they have to the yellow line so it turns blue when your diaper is wet so it's super easy to know when we need to change your diaper however when they poop I don't think it changes to blue so you do have to look to make sure okay next I have something that I use on our changing pad and these are for dogs they are like pee pads so I had a bunch of these left over from Kyla like years ago and something told me to use these on your changing pad and it is the most really idea ever because they create a barrier so I lay one of these down on their changing pad and a lot of the times I'm changing their diapers and then both sorts pee and there's they're laying in a pool of P so these are great because at first we were just using this cloth paper to lay down and it was a pain to have to wash them all the time these actually keep the liquid on here and it doesn't seep down into your changing pad cover which I never really have to wash I just watched her for the first time which is crazy because they don't ever get dirty I just always have this on top so definitely recommend getting some of these they're inexpensive to get them in bulk on Amazon that's what I do sterile I favor they're not very attractive in your nursery but they're useful okay and someone talked about a few products I really liked the first is this alcohol-free foaming a hand sanitizer this is about a company a mechanic's I keep one of these by the changing station in the room and I also keep one of these out in our living room it's just a foam pumpkin hand wash and it's very convenient uses every time change diaper and I couldn't live without that the next thing is this California baby shampoo and body wash I use this every time I bathe then I pump a bunch of this into their bath and it foams up really nicely it's the sensitive ones there's no fragrance in here because it really is all about cleaning them and then I use this sponge i hypoallergenic sponge it's really good it's super soft when you get wet and the two of these together work really nicely the bath that I've been using is this one by pooch and it folds like this so it's super convenient I keep it under the sink and you just unfold it and I set it into their sink in our guest bathroom and we just kind of crop them up I lay a towel on top of it and I put a warm wet towel on top of baby and I just keeps them warm so this is a really good size if you guys are using just like a normal size sink they're too small right now for our farmhouse sink because our sink is really large but this is really perfect for just normal sizing this is another favorite it's by earth moment angel baby it's a natural nonsense body wash and shampoo it's a really nice pure product what I've been doing this actually is using this on their face so I will take a little bit just honestly just rub it into their face and then use a washcloth to wash it off because I like to wash my face once a day just just serve face because they get tons of milk on it and it stunk and they were having a violent most it was having a lot of baby acne and I found that using my breast milk didn't help I know that's like a thing to do but washing her face a couple times a day just with this but mild soap and water helps a lot and now their skin really really good so I really like this any other product I love is again from California baby it is over tired and cranky massage oil is scented with roman candle and it's super hydrating so I wasn't really wanting to prevent a lotion on them because it just hurt her to rub in we go sneak into your skin a lot nicer so I would put this on their feet and on their hands baby hands it's so so dry I also use buying their ears find their ears get so cracked so when I'm breastfeeding one of them I'll just like clean rub some of finer ears to keep it nice and hydrated but it smells amazing I don't know if it actually does calm them down but you can use this you know all over the body and she's a really nice effective baby oil my next favorite is this baby monitor the company in summer infant and it this video which is nice I'll show you guys so you just hold up the power button to turn it on we actually have two different cameras right now we're losing one but once they're in their cribs we're going to mount two cameras so we can have them on both of them so you see both nice cuz I'm Tony baby do that but here can they're taking a nap right now so if I'm trying to be a little quiet because there's one little zoom function there is the volume and then there's also a function where you can is it microphone so you talk to them so in our older I'm I'm using that and I also like this it has this sound or this color thing so it lights up red when it's really loud and then it stays has it over here when nothing's going on obviously I have a sound machine always running so it just kind of flushes a little bit but when they cry is deadly spikes the sound machine that I love is by Krakow and it's a little white one I'll insert a picture of it and it has both different music settings they can use and also just some sounds so we typically use the ocean noise because it's the loudest but there is a heartbeat a white noise nature sounds it's a lot of different options and it's really good there's also a nightlight on it we really like it and especially if you have twins I was definitely recommending a sound machine because you want to keep both babies happy if one babies crying you don't want the other one to start crying – honestly it's weird usually one of our babies is crying it kind of soothes the other one and she won't start crying they're not usually crying at the same time it's always one or the other so that's a nice thing my next favorite are these webs they are the advent sube pacifier and then they're attached to a little animal we have honestly over eight of these amuse all of them I have them in their bedroom I have some out in the kitchen in the living room and they're nice because they're weighted so when they're sucking on them they're not going to fall out if they drop it and they can hold onto them now which is super cute and nice for me because they're not always dropping I don't always have to stick them out but usually I do and they love them so these are a life saver because like sometimes the only have calmed down is this I hope that brusse mentioned a baby wipes so we use water wipes up until like a couple weeks ago I just ran out of them and I have so many other wipes right now we're using ones from the company called bloom and I just try to use very natural pure White's I use 10 by 7 generation and they irritate their skin so I'm not sure if it was a life or just a flip thing but right now using one size bloom I like those and also the water is they're probably my favourite cuz they're all water and just like 1% fruit extract and I respite an insult in a huge box on Amazon those are great next up are the rock and plays by fisher-price we have two pink ones I'll put the exact ones that we have in the info section but they are amazing they're lifesaver we have them right the base of their cribs that's where they sleep at night and also that's when they take their naps during the day now I will do a whole video on sleep coming up soon also on breastfeeding but we first had them in the Pottery Barn bassinet together and they just didn't sleep very well in it so we would keep the bassinet in the living room and night put in the raca place and they slept so much there and I they have a library option which is always turn on I can just love that feeling and they kind of Nestle them so they I think they just feel a little bit more snug in there and secure and they do rock but you have to rock them I thought it was just like a button you push and it was brought but no you have to manually rocket but we love them and they are just a lifesaver the next thing that I love are the swims that we have they are again by fisher-price they're called like soothing three-in-one soothing motion something like that or wait was it called SmartConnect soothing motion I think I'll link it down below was identified by baby he originally had one of those in one swing on a normal swing but their head always fell in that so we got two of these ones and they bounce up and down and they also rock side to side they vibrate they have music they have sound effects and like a little mobile on top we love them they they were really doing them up until recently now they want to be held a lot more and they need a lot more attention but they're a great thing to just have so you can put them there and go get stuff done so I can't just set them on the couch you don't know if they're going to fall these are nice because you can just you know count them out to be good in there so they're amazing they are kind of like the bomber reel but a lot more inexpensive so I highly recommend you guys get one or pulling on it registry they're really good next up is our stroller so I have the boxer bears LSB the company is baby jogger and the one we have is the city select stroller with a silver frame so it's a front back stroller so if we added the double seat so we have attachments on there for our car seat you have to go to their website and see what if your courses are first of all compatible with it and then find the attachment for your car seat the stroller is so easy to maneuver I want to get a little cup holder attachment for it but it's very easy to maneuver it folds up really compact and we absolutely love it somebody's doing Gerber others very very loud the car seats we have are by maxi Cosi they're the what are they called micro max 30 I believe they're the infant car seats in the black color and I do really like them the only thing is I feel like now they're I feel like they're going to grow out of them really fast and they kind of slept in them I don't know we need to adjust the head thing a little bit but I'd like them they're not they don't well me but I'll let you guys know honestly there there okay and my last favor are these babies Lee hits Pikeville and branch so we have two of these ones they're the cable knit link it and then we also have two of the light pink or zombie style ones they're a little bit thicker almost like a whole kind of material and those we have on their rocket place so we swung them up and we put a little blanket kind of by your feet tuck them in a little bit so their swaddle stays more secure and then these ones I just keep out in the living room to wrap them up in to put on their swing and you're so soft I registered for assigned to blankets from Nordstrom Network thing and they're all kind of a fuzzy material I'm really glad we don't have now because these are so easy to wash which I never thought it up they are a little bit more on the pricey side but I think they're worth at the organic cotton they're so comfortable and again they're very easy to wash because now I don't worry about using these as you know to wipe their face off or whatever and we use them for honestly everything like Ivan I never realized I get so much you said that if you're ever going somewhere we wrap them in their car seats with these and they're just amazing I love them beautiful and we always get compliments when we have them so those are all my favorites for newborns I hope you guys found this helpful and also if you have any favorites that you really like to just for everyone else to see leave minions in the info section in the comment section down below and I think that's it so thank you guys so much for watching make sure to subscribe to my channel for all my new uploads gives video thumbs up if you enjoyed and I will see you very soon bye

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