Newborn Essentials | Newborn Must Haves 2019

hey guys it's Danielle with Danielle gets it done and these are my newborn must-haves I'm a morning dog singing a song baby Norma is three months old so the newborn stage is fresh in our minds and in my opinion this is everything you need if you are a breastfeeding mama and you want your baby to have a bottle every so often and you hate pumping check check check then you need a haka I did not have one with my first and let me tell you it is a game changer it's a simple like a silicone bottle with kind of a funnel on top and as you're feeding your baby you suction it on the other side and the pressure and your baby feeding on the other side helps you collect milk into the silicone bottle and it's basically like free milk it's amazing I use it for two or three feedings a day and I get about four ounces which is the quantity that I fill her bottles so I basically get a bottle a day in storage and it's amazing I'm gonna link everything I can below so like I said she does take a bottle every once in a while and we use the Tommee Tippee at this time around I honestly got it randomly at Target with James I used some hippy glass bottles with a silicone layer on top and I couldn't find them in the storage so I went to Target and got the Tommee Tippee and she seems to like it bottles are really personal so you kind of might have to get a couple different brands and figure out what your baby likes best along with that nuts we call them nuts pacifiers are very personal as well babies will only like certain ones she likes the brand called bibs bi bs and it's an all-natural rubber and then we have one other brand that she likes which I will link below and I'm such a fan of pacifiers both my kids took them and they're hard to get rid of I think it's worth it if your kids will take it it just suits her so easily along with nooks is a nut holder these are a must haves we have not lost a nook yet and I think it's due to these so one end clips to her a little outfit the other end clips to the Nook handle and I love this one my friend Kristin actually makes these and she's getting ready to sell them on Amazon so I'll link her instagram below I'd love it if you would support her the great thing about these is these beads are soft and so when she starts teething she will be able to chew on these I love things I have two purposes so it keeps the duckie in reach and she'll be able to teeth on them I'm a big fan of swaddling I will link below my favorite I love the kinds that you just velcro or zipper up just because they're easy but I also like a good old Eden ananias Muslim blanket and to swaddle her in that and those blankets you can use for tons of things you can use them as a blanket you can use them as a breastfeeding cover you can use them I've changed her on them when we're in public or use them to wipe out the miss you and need a baby carrier I don't get how people live without them I use my baby carrier every single day multiple times a day I didn't even have a newborn stroller just because I didn't see the need for one because that's how much I love my baby carrier I have an Ergo I like the soft backpack kinds of baby carriers I just feel like they're easier I also have a movie and I just never got the hang of that it took me a while to get it just right and then as she's in it or my son was in it it kind of would the baby would change positions a little bit so I just like the Ergo style backpack because you get it to your configuration that you want you just snap the baby in and you're good to go it's just so freeing to soothe your baby and be carrying your baby but you also have your hands-free I also love my baby swing when I was pregnant with James my firstborn we registered for a swing but I was so snotty about it raise your hand if you were the best mom before you even were a mom I was like okay we'll get the swing but I will not use it very often I will just hold my baby girl that baby lived in that swing they are so nice and so soothing and I will link which one were using right now this next thing is very expensive so I wouldn't call it an essential but I have zero regrets and that is the snoo I've talked a lot about the snoo on my channel it's where she sleeps it's wobbles her in it provides white noise and it kind of rocks her all night long and she sleeps amazingly she is three months and she averages eight hours before she wakes up to meet a nurse you definitely need a sort of white noise machine this one I love because it's portable my sister-in-law told me about this so when we go to the cabin or when we travel we can take this and babies love white noise spit up rags so basic I recommend just getting a cheap cloth diaper from like Target that's what this is and then if you're fancy or you know someone fancy you can sew on a little decorative fabric my sister and mom made a bunch of these for me and I love them obviously you need clothes you really don't need a lot because you will just be doing laundry all the time I recommend a lot of onesies the gown when Z's but kind of like dresses are easy for a late night changes or any changes to be honest and I love onesies with zippers those buttons can be a Payne for midnight changes not an essential but I get a lot of comments about her turban head wear so I will link them below she both has this style which is like a full hat and a headband style and she just loves him she's my little yogi baby lastly and maybe most importantly you need to find stuff that fills you up and that you can do every day for self-care because it is a trying season so me personally I love to meditate and do yoga I love my essential oils and I love to watch Real Housewives and anything on Bravo it definitely is a must for me so I hope you enjoyed let me know if you would add anything to my list I hope you have a wonderful day and whatever your plans are I hope you get them done bye guys can you say bye

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  1. Hahahahaha! I was totally the best Mom too before I had kids! I’ve never heard of the free milk catcher (can’t remember the name) but that’s cool. Your friend’s paci holders are cool! As I was watching you swaddle Norma, I realized that she has the most perfectly round head; since my last baby had such an odd head, I’m hyper aware of babies with perfectly round heads 😍 Ugh, I’m behind on real housewives 😫 Great suggestions for new moms!

  2. Loved this!! So funny that you love the dress onesie I don’t get them or what they’re for 😂 and totally agree on the Ergo!!!

  3. I could not agree more about the haakaa! I just started using mine last week and it is so crazy to get that free milk! I also love the Aden and Anais Muslin burp cloths. They are a little pricy but they are huge, a great shape to go over your shoulder, and have snaps to turn it into a bib 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Loved this video and seeing what you and Norma have been using!

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