hi guys welcome to my channel my name is Tamara for those who don't know me I'm going to show you guys the things that I thought were essential for my baby which is not two months most of them I still use so make sure you guys the things that are very sensual for newborns so here's the first item that I thought was very useful that I bought I didn't get it right away but it is like a head headrest for them in the car seat so when you do leave I would get it like first theme because like when you put their head it helps them support their head so their head is not going like side to side and then here's the second item I thought was very useful it is a little bit dirty I don't use it anymore I just used it when they were first born because when you put it in the sink it does help give like a lot of support so it goes in the scene kind of like this and then they do sit up in it now I don't use it just because he likes to push himself off and now I have more space so if you have a small sink that I would not use this but if you have like a good sized sink that is pretty high up I would use this I would highly recommend it it's just more mobility and it helps you a lot when you have to lift the baby up just because you have to help give them a lot of support and then here's item number three so I made a little get-together basket that I thought was very helpful so you have the diapers and then you have the rash cream which I think you would personally need it just because since their butts are pretty sensitive you know and your white being and all that stuff so it does get a little irritated then you have the wipes and then I have like a little receiving blanket just like a put down on the bed so and then here's the next items it's just a burping cloth what you're gonna need because they do spit up whether you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding they will spit up and then here's like a little swaddling blanket my dad got me at Target so you just put them in there and it's pretty easy it is very helpful you just like this you know you tuck their arms in on the sides and then you wrap them around in this and it does help it makes them feel very comfortable because you are going to need to swaddle them and the first beginning weeks just because they feel secure so here's the next few items this here is the Nosefrida it does help a lot just because those bulb things that they give you at the hospital or that you could purchase don't really help it does suction very easily and then I also have this grip water I don't know if I'm mispronouncing it but this helps you if they have like gassy tummies if your baby is colic Kolak I don't have pants on word either and if they're fussy and hiccups it does help a lot and then you're gonna need nail clippers regardless you will need these just because your baby's nails are very long and when they do get out of the womb they do grow and they will tend to scratch themselves in their faces and then here is the next item it is the pacifier you know not every mom chooses to use them but I do I use it this one specifically just because since it has an animal attached to it and it's not that very long the nipple so it is very comforting to him and does help him I give it to him when he sleeps during the day when he just wanted to suck on something it is very useful and then here's the other item guys it is a papi it does help a lot when you feed them just because of how fragile they are and how small they are you just put it around your waist you can set in chairs on your bed and it does help a lot and here's my baby you guys he is two months old this is the last item that he is sitting on that I wanted to show you guys um it is a bouncer it does come with toys on top we just have it off right now because he doesn't really like them they bother him right now but eventually when he does get older I will put them back on it does help it also has a vibrating on the bottom so and it just comforts and helps him a lot and I like to put him on it during the day well thank you for watching the video these are the things that I preferred that I thought helped me a lot everyone else does have more items or other items you know so but thank you for watching my video give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see more videos


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