Hi guys in this video I’m going to share
with you my newborn favorite so I am so excited to share this video with you
guys if you’re new here welcome my name is Tasia and I’m a mother of two I have
a two-year-old daughter named Julia and one way I am 36 weeks today and
I just thought I would share all the things that I love currently for the new
baby as well as a few items that I enjoyed during my first pregnancy so my
first favorite on the list are Carter’s onesies I love getting clothing from
Carter’s because of the amazing quality they are so soft and just made really
really well they don’t fade or crack over time and they seem to always have
great cells all of the onesies you see here a recent pick up and I got a total
of 30 for $30 I would encourage any mom to get a noise machine it definitely has
played a huge role in our night time and nap time routine this one is from my
baby and it really helps block out the noise when your baby is sleeping it
plays a variety of lullabies that any newborn baby would love and I still use
one for my two-year-old and plan to use this one for the new baby this one is
made by EVENFLO and I fell in love with it for so many reasons it can
occupy two children up to 90 pounds the car seat comes with a base for easy
transition from car to stroller and did I mention the different positions the
stroller really has the ability to accommodate so many different moms and I
just really really love it so much my next favorite is the Graco forever car
seat this is my second time purchasing this car seat because I love how it
converts as your child grows this car seat can be used for a newborn winged 4
pounds all the way up to a 10 year old holding a max weight of 120 pounds I’ve
been using one for my daughter for over two years now we decided it had another
one for a growing family this glider from Fisher Price vibrates has two gliding motions and six speeds it plays 19 calming songs and can
be removed from the base and use just as a rocker my favorite thing about it is
how quiet and it moves which really helps when you’re
trying to suit a fussy baby I like having the option of watching the
monitor while my baby sleeps this monitor is a favorite because it has
great night vision temperature monitoring and allows me to talk to my
baby using the two-way system I currently use one for my two-year-old
daughter and I purchased another for baby number two. Dreft stain remover and laundry detergent is a must-have especially in the newborn stages I used
both products during my first pregnancy and it really helps save a lot of my
daughter’s clothing it smells really really good and never caused any
irritation to her super sensitive skin so that’s it guys of everything that I
love I hope you enjoyed it if you did and you found this video helpful please
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already also if you have any of the products that I mentioned or if you have
any tips you’d like to share please leave them down in the comments I would love to hear your feedback thanks again for watching and I’ll see you in my next
video BYE


  1. New subbie! Saw you over on AlishaWilliams video today! Good luck with your new channel. Your baby girl is just as beautiful as you are!

  2. Congratulations!! Loved the items you picked out for your little one. I have never heard of the noise reducer. Thanks for sharing your baby favorites.

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