Newborn Foal Care + Broodmare Complication // Versatile Horsemanship

in today's video I'm going to show you
some of the things that we did with our brand new foal in the first few hours
after he was born we had a few complications so I want to share all
those things with you if you're new here my name is brandi and this channel is
all about horses and my journey with horsemanship so if you want to learn
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and turn on notifications so you don't miss anything I want to start this video
out by apologizing for the terrible audio I don't know what happened it just
cut in and out a few times throughout the video so I really apologize there's
nothing I can do about it I tried and that's actually why it took me so long
to get this video out to you is because I was really hoping to find a way to
make it so the audio would would work but oh well you'll just have to fill in
the blanks and kind of turn your volume all the way up and hopefully you'll be
able to hear everything that said have our local vet to check her out
or at least get in contact with a local vet I gotta yeah yeah not I'm not a person
it's so wonderful with squishy things but I'm just gonna tie this the best I
can she said the said that added weight okay we're gonna let that sit for a
little now that baby has arrived there's a
couple of things that I need to do so my vet recommended how I'm gonna do that is
I'm going to use a large syringe and I'm just gonna use a teeny tiny bit of soap
I'm using dr. Bronner's castle soap definitely talk to you just what my vet
happened to Rick I'm just gonna use a little touch of soap in here and then
I've got some warm water jug I'm gonna make a mess and I'm gonna do 20 cc's okay take my soapy water I'm guessing this is probably the
easiest way to do it it's when they're laying down wholly out so he has had
quite a few really good poops he pooped minutes after he was born and it all
looked really good that everything comes out really well so we'll see how this
who is I'm going to do iodine on his umbilical cord I'm going to take the
block Bank with a little bit of warm water in it and he or the I like my seat okay so he's laying down rather than be standing to do this so I
can kind of be hard to get to otherwise I think it'll be easier be sandy where's pool Becker's enema getting
softer and softer as it comes out the first stuff kind of like your pool okay
so now I'm going to take I'm going to take my iodine I'm trying to get this up
in here while he's busy eating try to squish it up there one more time okay think I got that stub it's been about a half an hour shit must be startling her a little bit
yeah our water bottle is now touching the
ground just about so that's good it started at her hocks yep it's coming now that you've seen all that you can tell
that there is some complications involved with the delivery of the
placenta so our mayor did have what's considered to retain placenta and it did
require a vet to come and assist with the delivery of that so but I got all of
that on video and just so you know that is gonna be the next video coming so
stay tuned because you won't want to miss that one it's really interesting we
were able to dissect the entire placenta and it was a pretty cool experience so
I'm excited to share that with you so thank you so much for watching I hope
you really enjoy – see you in the next one bye

25 Replies to “Newborn Foal Care + Broodmare Complication // Versatile Horsemanship”

  1. Brandi, Audio happens! Thank you for sharing. He is a beauty. He really is. Your vids have been a learning opportunity.

  2. I absolutely love watching all of your videos! I do not own any horses, but have always loved & admired them. You are such a good Mother and truly love your animals . I get such a kick out of watching Stella she’s so adorable. I have learned so much about the daily care and upkeep of horses. Thank you so much for sharing all of your experiences & showing your daily life with your family & horses. Such a pleasure to watch your videos.

  3. Wow! That was good to see and you did give us a step by step. My son also watched this. He’s says, “now if I can just watch a baby being born!” In person he added! Can’t wait to see the next one. I love detailed stuff like this. Very interesting to me.

  4. I can’t wait for the next one! I hope you find the culprit of your audio issues. The video is great. 💕☮️🙏

  5. Hey! Nothing like excitement! Complications are sposed to happen to other people! Not guys who only have one mare and one foal! What are the odds? Hope everybody is doing well now!

  6. Brandi, No biggie with the audio! It wasn't too bad. Very interesting to watch and I learned something! Thanks 😊

  7. Foaling is a hard job! One year we had 8 foals within 3 months. I didn't sleep! Luckily all went well! 6 were maiden mares ,all straight Egytian arabians. Oh those were the days! I loved it! But I don't miss the sleepless nights.

  8. Rare witnessing such a thing, you did well, not obvious to do. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure Mom understood you were trying to help

  9. Glad all went well in the end, always scary, I’m guessing the placenta has come away now, I was thinking maybe foal sucking might make her contract making it easier for the placenta to come away, I could be wrong, cracking family though x

  10. I am so glad your vet came for the retained placenta. Not something to fool around with, hemorrhage can start quickly from pulled- on amniotic sack/placenta. Hope your little guy nurses a lot, that causes uterine contractions, too. Mama and your little guy are so beautiful and I'm happy for you, all is well !! Yes !!

  11. Loved this video. I kept thinking why is Brandi carrying around her water bottle.😂 With the sound cutting out, I didn't know what it was actually for. Thinking, I hope she isn't going to drink from that after handling Mika's placenta. Stupid me. Lol. Thanks Brandi. Also excited about your upcoming video about the dissecting. ❤🐎🐎🙏

  12. Please study up if you have mare foaling. They need ample room and privacy either in large foaling stall or green grass paddock. Many years ago I was helping novice owners with an old mare. Unfortunately before I arrived she delivered under a fence into the next paddock. Horse next door kicked the newborn collapsing his lung. Then he was colicky from no bowel movement. He had rough start in life but turned out amazing. He lived to be 30 years old. Thanks for teaching online.

  13. That must have been a long, long night for you!
    Thanks for sharing the whole process, it’s very interesting.

  14. If she's an older mare, or if delivery was difficult/prolonged, a retained placenta is more likely. It's more apt to happen the next time she foals regardless of age. Just one of those things…..

  15. Hope mom and baby are doing fine. Mom might be thinking she doesn't want to repeat any of that any time soon. That is exactly what I thought after I gave birth to my daughter. I was true to my thoughts. I have one daughter.

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