25 Replies to “Newborn Giraffe Takes Awkward First Steps | Nat Geo Wild”

  1. Newly born wildlife like this giraffe calf must learn to walk quickly to avoid falling victim to predators. To learn more, you can read on here: https://on.natgeo.com/2MW0qJa

  2. As pernas e o pescoço muito longos não ajudam muito para que se ponham de pé com mais facilidade e rapidez?? A família dos girafideos, giram e parece que estão a dançar uma música do põe-te em pé, ou a imitar um bêbedo…mas conseguiu…até existe uma constelação boreal com o nome de Girafa??

  3. Beautiful! Also amazing how the newborn instinctively knows where the food source is located and doesn't need to be shown — the long neck being a benefit from the very beginning.

  4. There’s no chance for a giraffe calf to be spoilt by its mother at all; learn to stand and walk are the key factors to survival as soon as it was born.

  5. Don't giraffe carry them in their wombs for almost a year?
    Must be heart breaking to see them eaten soon after giving birth 😢

  6. Better be quick though! Hope this one survives and make it to adulthood. The predators too must have it bad as well since their numbers are on the rise. Thanks for sharing National Geographic.

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