Newborn Gorilla Gets Bottle Fed After Mom Dies from C-Section Complications

a gorilla has died after giving birth to her baby three weeks early through an emergency c-section Mia moja passed away from complications at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky right now the baby is in critical condition and being closely monitored and bottle-fed every two hours she weighed three pounds nine ounces and was 14 inches long at birth just about the average size of a full-term baby gorilla the zoo's director says it was a difficult day welcoming a new bundle of joy is exciting but losing Mia was heartbreaking the newborn is part of a breeding program to improve the gorilla population she's the third born at the zoo since it began their exhibit back in 2002 a necropsy will be performed to determine an exact cause of mia Mojo's death be sure to watch Inside Edition

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  1. Poor baby awwwww hopefully the baby is in good CARE <3<3<3 THX FOR TAKING CARE OF THAT POOR BABY 😍😙😙😙😙

  2. Omg my dog when we got her she was abandoned and my dog had to have a little bottle and got diagnosed with arthritis and is taking pills and she beat all the ods and now is healthy

  3. im from louosville and i have seen this baby gorilla in person once she was like 3 months old when i saw her.. she is not tht much older then my son. lol. but i went to the zoo recently and she was no where to be seen idk what happend to her and i king of eant to know where she is.

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