Newborn Infant Chiropractic Adjustment, Examination and Treatment

just the area a lot of times for that we work on infants for constipation issues when you have a really smooth delivery like you did you know you know that it's not a really big issue with him but we'll go through it necessity anyway just make sure things are good so with infants like I was saying it's not like a big manual adjustment like a little release like an adult would get there's no cracking that goes on at all but it's more of really just like a vibratory massage so you just feel where the restrictions are at and just remove them so I'm really pretty good through there a little bit in that area yeah it's like clockwork yeah we just had some action there okay so we'll just get them see what does we'll flip them over and put them on the blanket it's a really pretty good little bit of a restriction on this left side so what I'll have mom do is I'll have you come over this way and just help me out if you just want to get him over here usually usually when here you come over yeah turn their head you can pretty much just push it into place and that's it that's all it takes really good to go

26 Replies to “Newborn Infant Chiropractic Adjustment, Examination and Treatment”

  1. People have no idea what they're talking about. This baby wasn't in any danger. It needed treatment so it got treatment. These people are professionals. If my baby needed a chiropractic adjustment I'd trust it fully.

  2. I don't see anything bad about this vid. This baby needs to stop working so many double shifts at the coal mine. That's obviously where the kinks come from.

  3. all I seen was a massage, gently done. I seen nothing to "cringe" for and it was not hurting the lil guy so…..

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