35 Replies to “Newborn Monkey TOTO drinks afternoon milk then plays out side but sometimes scare of noise”

  1. The poor baby is frightened every time she hears that sound she is clutching and pounding the towel on the mat if you are s busy man why did you get the baby to foster she should not just be for filming she needs love and when feeding please carry her in your arms not lying down with the bottle she is such a cute baby monkey

  2. what will you do with Toto when she is no longer a cute little baby and is too big and feisty for you to control? dump her, kill her or put her in a cage in a "sanctuary" bet you don't respond to this.

  3. Please make sure she gets to keep her blanket/towel ❤️ it is sweet that she finds comfort in holding it. (the pink one suits her imo)

  4. You are not a good person to Toto. Monkies don't lay down to feed. Toto will choke. That's why she stop sucking,she feel herself starting to choke. Foolish man,you don't show Toto affection. You only got this baby for video purpose. You surely don't care about what its,going through. You are cruel,and not sympathetic to her at all. That machines scares her. You are going to be reported. This baby is going through like ,Santa. A neurotic,traumatized mess.

  5. You really need to send me this POOR BABY…
    You do nothing but torched this baby monkey, you must be MENTALLY ILL

  6. The way the baby clings to that blanket is the way she should cling to you, it should be you she runs to when scared, not fucking blanket.

  7. Someone commented on her gaining weight-I do agree, she looks a little healthier. THAT DAMN MACHINE, nervewrecking!😒😒

  8. So you didn't see him grab his blanket and start rocking..sorry about your loss of vision..100
    PITIES for you…

  9. My God! Help poor Toto baby monkey!
    You go on doing WRONG with this poor baby monkey.
    The only thing that improved is the type of MILK that you are giving to poor orphan baby Toto.
    But it is not enough.
    She is still suffering a lot. She seems to be neurotic. I told you to take her to the vet because only the doctor can say what is her problem. But you didn't.
    It is clear that she doesn't like to DRINK MILK sitting on her back. But you insist. You should take her in your arms and give her the baby bottle with milk.
    This horrible noise is making the poor one even more neurotic. You must stop this noise. Toto has probably suffered a trauma before coming to your house, so now she needs a calm, quiet, clean and healthy life. And, most of all, she NEEDS to be cuddled, groomed, LOVED very well. And your family DON'T LOVE her and don't care for her. ONLY YOU show affection for her, so you can save her and make her become a happy baby monkey.
    PLEASE, PUT IMMEDIATELY DIAPERS ON HER. She has to stop PEEING AND POOING everywhere. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS, because URINE AND FECES smell very bad and give diseases. I was watching the video some minutes ago and thinking about that TOWEL , that red towel that is probably smelling URINE!!
    The towels MUST be used to DRY her AFTER the bath, they MUST be CLEAN and DRY. Don't use them to cover or wrap the baby, use clothes on her (a simple and cute t-shirt) with the DIAPERS and she is totally protected, ready to have fun playing in the house. And even if you take her to the garden or the yard outside the house, she will be comfortable like this to run a little and play !
    And please, improve the quality and comfort of her cage, which MUST be, in fact, her BED!
    Put a soft mattress or cushions inside the cage, in beautiful coloração.
    Put soft toys, specially a Teddy Bear, for her to hold and hug when she goes to sleep. When the baby monkeys adopted holds a Teddy Bear, they feel like holding their monkey mothers, because that is what they do in the jungle, they hold their mothers to sleep.
    Please, don't let any NOISE in the house specially in the evening, and during the night, so that this poor baby monkey can SLEEP well.
    During the day you can put a long leash on her waist, on the DIAPER, NEVER on her neck, this causes horrible trauma in the monkeys!
    But a leash on her waist is important because your family can't stay with her all day long, so she can walk in the house but she won't scape!!!
    These are some ideas, you can do them and even have more ideas!! The most important thing is to save this poor orphan baby monkey and MAKE HER FEEL HAPPY!

  10. This is heart breaking. Everytime she wants to get down you cut the film and she is back with her blanket. Her rocking is killing me

  11. You should be holding her in your arms when feeding her you are depriving her of love and affection that rocking is not a good sign you are going to destroy this little cute baby girl

  12. That machine scares her. why do you have her next to cutting machine. If she jumped up there, she is so fast she would be dead in a second. We don't need or want t see you cutting, polishing..whatever. We want to see TOTO and that machine scares her and makes her rock again. THIS IS SO MEAN, CRUEL.

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