Newborn Monkey TOTO has a bath but TOTO is still scare of water – Don't cry baby TOTO

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22 Replies to “Newborn Monkey TOTO has a bath but TOTO is still scare of water – Don't cry baby TOTO”

  1. Les aseguro que esta persona no se baña como el monito, q tanto lo baña, esi le hace daño a la piel se le reseca

  2. My God, how much longer are you going to rub and scrub that baby, you are an IDIOT and abusing this poor baby monkey, best thing you can do for this baby is… RETURN IT TO IT'S MOTHER IN THE WILD… WHERE IT BELONGS, BASTARDS, shame on you, remember …. KARMA IS a BITCH, and you'll get yours!!!

  3. Please don’t keep the baby in the cage. She is suffering. She needs to be attached to a caregiver all the time at this age. She is showing severe signs of distress with rocking on her blanket. It’s so sad. It would be better and more humane to admit you can’t take care of her the way she needs and find a sanctuary. You’re so rough with her.

  4. Bathed her too long and too much. She’s not filthy dirty. And you rub her too hard she probably feels like she’s been beat up! and her soap in her eyes hurt. She’s just a tiny monkey, nor an elephant!

  5. Studies show that these things feel safe and secure when immersed in liquid as it mimics being in the womb. Try holding it entirely under water for a short time about 15 minutes or so then let it come up for air. Should be therapeutic

  6. The top of this little monkey head should really be sore. His whole body. They bathe him all the time. To much bathing.

  7. X fin lo va a enjuagar y sacar Dl agua pobre monita no le gusta el baño..aunque se q es necesario. Xq son muy hediondo el pis de mono

  8. Baby monkey Toto needs a blanket un her Cage, specially because she doesn't use diapers. More higienic.

  9. What an ordeal!!! Poor baby monkey !!! You can see how many times she tried to escape and hated every bit of that bath, all you had to do was rinse her under plain water, that was it !, at one point I actually thought you were going to wring her dry !!!

  10. I feel bad for this guy, he's illiterate and uneducated, it's not his fault. His country is very very poor and in his country animal rights basically don't exist. I do think he loves his monkey, he's listening to the comments (he probably has a hard time understanding them) and bought her diapers and a bottle with his own money. Stop acting like he's torturing it, he just doesn't know how to handle the monkey.

    If you want to see someone genuinely heartless look at the fat bitch who took "care" of Santa. She once bathed her monkey with a water bottle straight out of a freezer.

  11. زنتو گاییدم بابا عجب ادم عقده ای هستی پدر حیوان رودراوردی کس کش حرومزاده خودت روانقدرنمیشوری کونی خواهرش روگاییدم که حیوان رودست شماداده میبینی داره زجرمیکشه کونی خوب بسشه دیگه هی میکندش زیراب

  12. It's good to bathe her like this, in a plastic baby bath, maybe you can put a little less soap, but it important to use the liquid baby soap for a good bath, só go on doing it. You rinsed her ok, it is very important that the baby monkey be very well rinsed and very well dried.
    And don't worry if she screams, almost all the baby monkeys do this but then almost all of them get used!

  13. If she behaves like that stick her right in and under the water in real life mothers would jump into the water with the babies still holding on

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