17 Replies to “Newborn Monkey TOTO is very happy with little girl bathing near her so TOTO wants to play out side”

  1. I agree… Everyone: PLEASE STOP WATCHING THESE TOTO VIDEOS…. Do not encourage these people by giving them your attention/view. They are not treating this baby the way it needs to be attended to, they bath it in harsh chemicals daily just to video it, and that cage as a place for an infant to spend as much time as this baby is forced to spend in there is UNACCEPTABLE. Please don't click on any more Toto videos and hopefully these ignorant humans will get the message.

  2. Yeah right, very happy in the cage!
    At least put some food in the cage and do not starve poor baby to death.

  3. Will no longer watch. You sir have no clue how to take care of this animal …please turn her over so she can have the life she deserves

  4. How the hell is it happy trying to find a way out of that dirty nasty cage it's living in except for when it's filmed bathing or eating

  5. Stupid and ignorant woman!!
    You are NOT in the jungle!!
    Why CAN'T poor baby monkey Toto stay OUTSIDE the cage to play with the human baby!!.This is humiliating! The ONLY problem that could exist is that baby Toto isn't WEARING DIAPERS, so she could PEE AND POO ON THE BABY, but this is NOT a problem: the man of the house, (I don't know if he is your husband) hasn't started to PUT DIAPERS ON HER. He doesn't know that URINE AND FECES smell very bad and give diseases.
    But you are very CRUEL with baby monkey Toto. She should be in contact with you and your daughter.
    And I don't understand what your daughter is doing INSIDE Toto's plastic bath! This is not a place to stay!
    Poor baby monkey Toto. She NEEDS another human family to adopt her and make her life HAPPY.

  6. Are you going to cage Toto when he’s bigger is that what his life is about now? Won’t be watching anymore

  7. Ew you put your child in the same bath tub you wash that rat in? Disgusting. Who knows what diseases that nasty turd carries.

  8. Yes i agree with you,its cruel,its bad enough that they have been taken from there mother by someone…then its in a cage in a very dirty yard,ABUSE ABUSE

  9. Why get this precious baby if all you going to do is keep her in a cage, she needs to be loved cuddled and fed milk this is nothing but abuse in a animal, how would you like it if your baby girl what is put in a cage and lift their , pleaae show her love 💘

  10. What I jist do not understand is why get a wild life baby if you are going to just keep them in a cage 24/7?? This is NOT the life she was made to have these are naturally free primates and caging them will eventually make them snap or just give up on life… Smh… Its just sad if anybody thinks this precious baby is actually happy!!!!

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