hey guys welcome back to my channel trophy and in today's video we're talking about baby products I'm gonna be showing you all of the baby products that I pretty much use on an everyday basis these are the baby products that I feel are essential when you're having a newborn my son is almost two months old you seven weeks so he'll be two months next week so I've had a little bit of time to use these products and these are the ones that I absolutely love and I think that they are must-haves when you have a newborn of course all of these products aren't really must have you don't absolutely need them but I feel like they make your life a little bit easier so we're just gonna jump into the video I don't really have them in no kind of order on my product kind of clump the stuff that goes together together um so let's start with sleeping things that you need for sleeping so one of my favorite products that I have right here is the Duncan Tod if you guys watch my newborn baby gear haul I was kind of reluctant because the price tag I think these things are like $175 but I was saying that everybody loved them so I went ahead and spent the money and I'm glad I did cuz I really do like this little sleeper this is pretty much all he's been sleeping in he doesn't sleep in his bassinet which I bought so that was kind of a waste of money he sleeps in this and he sleeps right next to me in the bed and you can also move it to the living room so I like the fact that you can move it from one place to another and it's not even heavy so this is bright white and this is the one I got from Target I don't let him sleep in it just by itself because it can you know create stains if he pees or if he poops I usually put some type of blanket on top and this is a blanket that's kind of thicker not too thick because you don't want to be too thick that it's not um that it kind of messes up the form of it so when I put this inside it still keeps the form of it I have had to wash this one time and as you can see it's still nice and white you did pee on it because I thinner sheet on it the one day that hadn't finished she hunted us today he peed on it but I did just watch it and I put it in the dryer and it was fairly easy to put back on it did take me a little while to put everything it does really well when you wash it it's still nice in white so I like it I like it I would definitely recommend this for a seat speaking of sleeping when you have a newborn it's very essential that you swallow swallow swallow swallow my baby has like I don't know I don't know what he'd be thinking about what he'd be dreaming about but you know the newborn baby reflexes when he sleeps without a swallow he'll wake himself up every single time so he just like in the middle of night just jumping his stuff and moving and doing all type of stuff so swallows are very essential I have three types of swallows that we use my favorite out of the three is this swaddle the material or whatever it is I think it's just cotton I like this swaddle because it forms and it kind of keeps the shape and he stays pretty snugly inside of it these are the ones that I got from the hospital they really come in handy and I use them for swaddling and I also use them for just like lining his changing pad and or like burping him or putting them down or anything I use these things for everything another swallow that's good is the swallow me just this right here oh this one is nice for the smarmy babies because it has a Velcro you put the baby on the inside of this and then you do this part and then this part and your baby is nice and snug in the velcro Terrell has found a way to get out of these things so these are really good in the beginning I have a size small medium I need to actually get the bigger size cuz to you he's a big baby he's growing out of them so now you can't really fit this one because I have a guy sighs but when you was small and you could actually fit them these things were so easy to just put on him and you didn't have to worry about if you were like really good at swallowing because you know swaddling is an art it is an art and it takes time to learn how to do it but if you're not really good at swaddling out definitely recommend this because you just velcro them inside and they're good they're good they look so freakin cute when they're inside as well and then a third type of swallow that I use is the muslin swallow swap muslin type material swallows and these are my least favorite swallows because they're just I don't know that's too thin to me I feel like you can really really easily get out of these so the using this by itself is a note for me I use this on top of this so I'll use this on top of this just to reinforce some times especially now that he's bigger and he can barely finish on these I use this and then I put this on top of it so I double swaddle him and he's really really like he can't move at all another bedtime must-have is a sleep machine this sleeve machine was given to me as a gift this is the project nursery sleep machine and I think the person bought it from Walmart it has a light it has a timer and it has different sounds and you can even like connect it with Bluetooth and the sound that I use most often is kind of like a rain sound it kind of sounds like white noise and it kind of sounds like rain at the same time it's just like a Shh Shh and he speaks really well we he has that sound I noticed that whenever I turned on and I turn off the lights and everything and it is pretty easy for him to go to sleep and I think this one is actually pretty affordable I don't think that you need a really expensive sound machine I had the hatch baby one and I just went ahead and returned it since somebody had gave me this one as a gift and this one does the job and if you don't have a sleep machine if you don't want to buy a sleep machine you can also get thin app let me see what the name of the app is that I have I have the app is called sound sleeper and it has different sounds just like a sound machine would have and this one is absolutely free so it tells you it has like little categories the one the sounds that are best for newborns and sounds that are best for infants the sounds that are best for toddlers so moving on let's talk about breastfeeding if you are a breastfeeding mom I'm gonna tell you all the things that I think that you need you definitely need a pump I mean you don't absolutely need a pump but I think pump and just makes it easier especially if you want to put your milk in a bottle and you want to bottle feed your baby the pump I have is this one right here this is the spectra to pump and it's a double pump so you can pump over your breast at the same time I usually just store it just like this and then I'll watch out the pumping parts and just connect it so it comes with this part and all of this stuff comes apart and then it comes with a bottle and a little funnel that you put on your breast it's not called funnel you got the little attachment part I don't know the name of it but you just attach it like so and then you connect it to the machine and then you apply it and then you can pump and this machine is pretty easy to put together it's pretty easy to learn how to do pretty self-explanatory you put the parts together and then you pump and then has these little storage bottles the only thing is if you decide to get a spectral pump it's kind of it's harder to find a replacement items and materials for it so I will also recommend I'm Adele a pump because I use Manila when I was at the hospital and they worked pretty good to me I didn't see like a significant difference with the hospital pump in the spectra pump and the spectra pump is a hospital grade pump and I use the Mandela hospital grade pump when I was at the hospital so make sure you get it a hospital grade pump because those are supposed to be the best ones also if you're breastfeeding on a recommend the hacka it's called a breast pump so some people use it as a breast pump and they just pump I haven't been able to do it like that because I don't get that much milk when I do it like that and I don't even think it works for me the way that I use it is I just attach it to my breasts while Tyrell is feeding on one side I just put this on the breast and it kind of suction is on there and it catches all the letdown so you know when you're feeding your other breast starts to drip whatever this catches all the drip and each time I feed him I get about one ounce at least one ounce or one half ounce just from just putting this right there so if you're like the type who wants to save all your milk as much milk as you can you should definitely get this because this collects all the milk that you would pretty much drip anyway I also recommend getting a manual portable pump this definitely isn't a need but if you are on the go and you want to be out you don't feel like taking your electrical pump and everything and you just need to like pump because your breasts are full then I would definitely you know recommend get one of these it's like $30 and I got it from Target and I just put in my diaper bag and if I'm out somewhere and I need to like pump but he has been breastfed enough and my breast is still full then I would use this and the times that I used I feel like I got a lot more milk than just with the electrical pump because I guess it does more and it really sucks the milk out I really really like especially and sometimes I use this one at home and I'll feel like using the electrical one if you plan on storing and saving your milk I would definitely recommend you get some storage bags these little ones I have these are the lens you know breast milk storage bags and they hold about six ounces of milk and you get the pack that I have you get 50 of them this is what the bag looks like and I like it because it has a double seal so you can seal it once and then you can seal it twice just to make sure that nothing won't come out and it has like on the side it tells you how many milliliters and how many ounces aren't in it and then you can write the date you can write your name you can write the name of it I don't know what the name of the movie other than breast milk I don't break the name I just write the date the volume and the time on it so here's a look at some of the ones that I've saved so far I like them because they're pretty thin so you can store a lot of milk and all I did was wrote the times and the dates and everything on them so whenever I take them out I can just go straight to it I put the older ones in the front and then I put the newer ones in the back so I can use the older ones first if you guys want a video specifically about my breastfeeding journey and you know how I split my milk and how a pump and fries and all that stuff leave it down below in the comments and I will get on that ASAP so let's talk about things that you need when you are changing the baby obviously you need pampers and you need I'm talking about pampers obviously you need diapers and you need a white my favorite type of diaper is right now in the Huggies diapers I use pampers and I use Huggies and I prefer the Huggies over the Pampers I just like the way they fit a lot better I feel like they keep everything in a little better and I just just like them better than the Pampers and then the wife's that I like the most are the Pampers wipes to me they feel more moist the Huggies ones aren't as wet and I feel like the Pampers ones it's just easier and use less you can get more up because there are wetter but of course it just depends on your baby all babies are different some babies like a certain brand and better than another brand also when you're changing your def to need some type of product for diaper rash I have two different products that I like I have the boo Joe's but paste and then I have the aqua for healing ointment the boo jobs but pay especially the red one is really really strong I'm not saying strong in a bad way but it works instantly basically so if your child has a diaper rash and you want to get rid of it put this on there and it'll be gone the next day it's like a thick paste it smells really good to me it kind of has like a sweet little scent to it but I'm telling you if you put this on your baby's butt the diaper rash goes away instantly it dries it out in it's gone so but I don't use this all the time because it is pretty hard to clean up and I find myself having to use a lot of wipes each time just to clean up this stuff also because it's it kind of sticks to the baby especially if your baby have a lot of rolls it gets stuck in the crevices and everything so when I'm not using this I use this this is the Aqua for healing ointment and I just put this on him after each time I change his diaper and this works as like a barrier a skin barrier so that when he poops and pees it doesn't get directly on your skin it gets on this and this helps to protect his skin I like using it on his skin to UM to kind of moisturize it and especially if his skin is peeling and if it's cracking when I put down his face it just it gets rid of it like the next day so I definitely recommend this aqua 4 and this both of these I love both of these so much you don't need some type of changing table and the one I use is the system it's the Greco pack and play and I love it because it has a changing table on it it has a little rocker on it that you can remove and then underneath it also has a bassinet so if you don't want to like buy separate things you can just buy that and you have like a three-in-one system and I also like the fact that it has a storage on the side which is where I put all the typers all the wife and in all the little everyday diaper change and just hygiene stuff and I have everything in one spot I literally use the thing all day long every day I cannot live without it it's so freaking good I use it all day like literally all day since day one so that's one of the things that I just I think everybody Jeff I think everybody Jeff it's just great all-in-one product the next newborn must-have is the poppy pillow this pillow is great it has different functions it's really good if you need a break from nursing you just wrap it around you and then you place your baby right here and you can actually be hands-free you can move your hands and your baby can be breastfeeding instead of having your arms hurt and you're just holding your baby and you're just like oh I can't move you feel so restricted and it also you can use it to prop up your baby sometimes I use it when I just want Tyrell to sit up of course I'm monitoring him and I just want him to sit up so he sits to my right here and you can sit up and look at everything so the Bakke pillow is bad okay so the product that I am most passionate about today in this video is my great go simple suede swing y'all so I just got this swing has it been a week it's probably been about a week or less that I got this swing I ordered off Amazon and I'm telling you this thing is amazing I have to mount meru swing at first which is double the price in that triplet price and Tyrell was not the biggest fan of this swing so I did I would listen to all the hype that everybody was saying it was the best swing out there and then when I go on Amazon I see this swing and have really good reviews as well and it's only eighty one dollars and the swing is very simple all it does is sways back and forth back and forth and it has different speeds it'll go slow it all the way up to six feet it plays music and it has like little different sounds on it I think that's about it it has like a little overhead mobile on it so that the baby could look at the Stars but it's so simple and it's really all you need another thing to note about the great gold swing is the hair support it doesn't have the best hair support the thing that they have inserted inside of it when I just leave that by itself Tyrell would lean over and you'll be just leaning and sleeping and I don't like for him to do that so I had the mama Roo infant insert still so I just put that in there and then that keeps his head nice and straight so he's not leaning in it Tyrell likes to be picked up and held all the time and he would literally cry every time I put him down no matter what he was in if he was inside of his little rocker when he used to be inside of the Meru anything if I just put him down for a second he would just practice he wants to be held all the time and this swing as soon as I put him in this swing y'all as soon as I put him in this swing it instantly like helped it was crazy like all of my prayers have been answered oh I just cannot just I want to cry right now next week is so freakin good so I definitely recommend it in addition to the swing if your baby likes to be held like minded I would definitely recommend you get a carrier I like this carrier because it is really easy to just put on and go the I had a different type at first I think it was the Moby Wrap carrier and it was too hard for me like all those steps I'm gonna wrap it into place and the baby inside in making sure that you wrap it just right and it has to be this way in that way it was too much so I returned that and I got this one off of Amazon I think it was about $30 and it does the job it's really really nice it feels secure it has buckles at the bottom it has buckles two sets of buckles on each side and this one you can use it in different ways so you can face the baby inside you can face the baby outside and then even put the baby on your back of course it depends the age of the baby so right now since the surrealism newborn the only way that he can face its inward when he's able to hold his head up on its own Dinka face our and then I think when you're I don't know a little bit older than they can be on your back the box has a chart on it and it tells you like when they can do each step of it so yeah this one is really really nice it's so easy to put on and take off it takes less than a minute just to buckle everything on put the baby on and go you obviously you're going to need a car seat and you're going to need a stroller the one that I have is the bright eggs I'll put a picture I don't know the exact name of it but it's the combo so you have the car seat and you have the stroller which i think is perfect though because you can take the car seat out and attach it to the shoulder and it makes it really really easy I like that specific stroller in car seat because it's really lightweight and like I can handle it all with myself and be in and out of places I could easily pack up the shoulder put in the trunk take it out connect the car seat and be on my way I like the fact that it's lightweight when I roll it is really really smooth and it turns nicely and then also it can grow with the baby so when the baby is big enough to be in a regular stroller you can use the regular stroke and you can attach the little tray to it so the baby can have like their little sippy cup and everything you can take walks I really really love this shoulder and I would definitely definitely recommend that one when you're on the go another thing that you're going to need is a diaper bag this is a diaper bag that I have which I absolutely love I love the color and I think it's just so cute and it's so she is just the right size that I could put everything that I need inside of it I like the style of this diaper bag it's the backpack on so you can just put on your bag and you can go you can be hands-free you don't have to worry about having a diaper bag in one hand trying to bounce the baby another hand you just put this on your back and you can be hands-free it has different compartments Oh on the inside is insulated and I can put bottles in there and they stay nice and cool for a long period of time and they really do it really does work because when I put a cool bottom here take it out it's still cool it also comes with a little change of path so when you're in public and you don't want to put your baby directly on the changing pad you can just put this down and then when you get home you can disinfect it or whatever I will be making a what's in my diaper bag video very very soon like within the next couple of days so be on the lookout for this videos coming real soon it's coming at cha wait how do the photo is clear PET SHOP coming at cha can you the next thing that you're absolutely going to need is a baby bag this is the one that we have is nice and simple this is no more than 15 dollars at Target and it really does the job you just put it inside of the sink when I was looking at the reviews it was saying that the little holes will smoosh the babies private areas so if you have a boy and you don't wanna get his private area slush then I will recommend to put down like some type of little towel or blanket inside which is what I do we have a special gas too many ready ready to any ready so Terrell is going to be with us for the rest of the video if you can stay quiet if not I'm gonna go put it make it as smooth I'm gonna put a baby sweet sweet but I will as far as baby watches and shampoos I've been using the Vino and the burst bees I'm not really like head over heels in love with either one of them because he has really sensitive dry skin so I'm still looking for the best products for him and his skin so if you recommend anything please leave it down below let's talk about clothing as far as clothing I keep it very very simple with my baby all he wears all the time are onesies and socks onesies and socks as you can see onesies and sucks because he really doesn't know anywhere and I just think it's pointless to just buy him full outfits right now but when he gets bigger he'll be wearing more but right now all he wears is one of these it sucks when he sleeps I just keep him in a onesie and then I wrap him up and swallowed him I don't put any of those long sleeves sleepers on them when he gets old enough that he doesn't have to be swallowed and I'll get the long sleep sleep sleep errs and let him sleep in those but right now I think that'll be too hot for him since he's already getting swaddled and if I just let him sleep in there by itself then he'll be waking himself off every few minutes because of his little reflexes that he had when he sleeps at night he likes my hope my goose babies are pretty messy so you're gonna need bibs and you're gonna need burping cloths those are essential it doesn't really matter what kind just give bibs they're kind of like the most which i think is so freakin cute are the the bandana kind went up with us on him he looks so freaking handsome it's so cute the next product that I cannot live without which i think is amazing is the Nosefrida so you put your mouth on this side the little red side and then the other side you use to suck out the baby's boogers so for example I'll put this right please not spit up on me I'll put this right here and then I would suck in and then suck out his boogers and it makes it so much easier than using like the old-fashioned kind the regular nose aspirating type thing and don't worry about you sucking the boogers like in your mouth because it has a little filter in there so it catches everything another must-have is hand sanitizer we keep hand sanitizer all over the house because you want to make sure that you try to keep your hands as clean as possible and the baby doesn't get in terms especially when you have guests and everything come over when we have kids I tell them to wash their hands and the sanitizing hands like you got a wash and you gotta sanitize before you touch this baby before you touch this baby come on let me demonstrate something this is how I was sitting him in there good mood you had just sit up and look at me I doesn't let me dizzy our baby boo be boo boo ha ha ha ha you're like great you don't you'll be talking to me like this I just talked to him I hear a grown man a grown man another thing that you're gonna need is a thermometer this is the kind we have this is the KMP I don't know how much it is or whatever this is the comic from the hospital and all you have to do is just turn it on and then put it underneath their underarms and it's pretty accurate another essential for me since I'm breastfeeding is the Enfamil atibaia so liquid vitamin D supplement I guess you could have any type of vitamin D supplement I have to supplement him with vitamin D because they said that when you breastfeed doesn't get a thing when you breastfeed the baby doesn't get enough vitamin D so it's good to supplement them and I have noticed the difference when we used to change him before we started supplementing with vitamin D you know when your bones pop you hear that popping noise so when we change him and move his legs and stuff you'll have the popping noise but every since we've started using this daily I get one one milliliter a day ever since we started using that then I haven't been hearing them and if I do hear them it's just definitely not as often as I did in the first place so these are very very essential especially if you're breastfeeding make sure that you supplement your baby with their vitamin D they don't get enough from the breast milk another essential is a play mat Toro has like a little puppy play mat which he loves and we use that every single day where we do tummy time I think it's good to just have something that's on a flat surface something I would give them the opportunity to look at different colors and different and shakes and stuff like that because he loves his he does it for tummy time he likes to sit on his back and look up at the different things that are hanging lately he's been hitting the little bumblebee that hangs from his top and he's been using this hand stuff and looking at the bright pretty colors so a play mat is definitely an essential and play mats are pretty fairly cheap and you can find them pretty much anywhere aren't you guys can I concludes the video I hope you enjoyed it if you did please comment down below and like this video if you're not already subscribe subscribe to my channel so you can be a part of the truth as always I love you guys and I'll see you next time bye you


  1. Thank you for the graco sway swing video a while back… just got it today and he’s already asleep… I get freedom… to go wash his bottles lol

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  4. Awesome video! My daughter has sensitive skin too. The best I've found is the Mustela for very sensitive skin. Its a life saver for her newborn skin. They have it oat target and Amazon.

  5. cetaphil baby is the best baby soap for babies with sensitive skin! it also has a great baby scent. it has worked wonders for my little ones that have sensitive skin!!

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  7. You’re so lucky. My daughter hates feeling restricted. When I swaddled her to will cry fight her way out of it the whole time and if I put it on her while she’s sleep she’ll go right to sleep but babies aren’t mostly in deep sleep so even if she wakes up a little bit she’ll fully wake up trying to fight out of it. The same with the carrier which I got the same one and just cradling her in my arms. I do have a swing and half the time she’ll chill and fall asleep and the other half she’s crying to get out. She doesn’t even like laying on her own. The only thing that works is putting her own a pillow on my lap and bouncing them. 😩 Btw she has nothing to self sooth herself because she hates pacifiers. She’s trying to suck her hand/thumb but that’s going to take a while to actually get her thumb into her mouth

  8. I never swaddled my two last babies, just wasnt a fan and they actually did pretty good with sleeping at night. All babies are different, due in September with my 3rd might give swaddling a try with this one 🤷🏻‍♀️

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