hey guys oh my gosh I forgot how good the lighting is in my bedroom yes girl I'm feeling this lighting like well this is way better than my normal lighting hello welcome back to my channel and welcome if you're new I am a new mom and my baby girl is high so my baby girl is 7 weeks old and so I've put together a list of my favorite newborn things and things that I think that you'll really need I'm kind of leaving out the obvious things here because I don't want to make this video 3 hours long there's a lot of things that you can find if you really are looking at it for an in-depth list of what to buy for your new baby Babies R Us has an amazing one online and it's the one that I use and I got way more stuff than we really needed so I'm going to talk about some things that you might not have thought of and that really are essential for me and my baby skyla I'm going to start with the ollie swaddle this is from the company of the ollie world people have a lot of mixed feelings about swaddling so if you choose not to swaddle totally cool that whatever works for you and your baby but we swaddle and it makes skyla feel really snugly and secure I can tell right when I put her in a swaddle she feels so like at home like she's back in the womb so we couldn't do without a swaddle my favorite one is the ollie swaddle and I have the lavender one and this is what it looks like it's this huge big square with Velcro and the bottom has like a little elastic thing so if you want to kind of gather the bottom you can but here's the way it works you wrap them in the middle of it like imagine her bodies right here in her heads right here she's not too freaked and you wrap it around like this here's the velcro then we wrapped this around her so she's in a little cocoon and then you can wrap it around with that little elastic I showed you at the bottom and you can do it as loose or as tight as you want which is my favorite part it doesn't get up in their face and it's just like the material is stretchy so they can still move around and they're kind of like they're in the womb so it's my favorite one on the market aren't you baby let me talk you me next is the owl let a lot of people have different views on this just like everything but the l-let is a little smart sock that you put this kind of popping out that you put on your baby's foot this is the newborn socks that I have right here and it's very dirty so sorry but newborns get things dirty but this is what it looks like it goes around their foot and it's pulse oximetry if I'm saying that right and it will tell you if their heart rate drops or gets too high and it'll tell you their oxygen levels so it's kind of like what they use in the hospital you know when your baby was first born and they had that little anklet on this does the same thing so it gives you peace of mind in the middle of the night so you can sleep without worrying and checking if they're breathing constantly because this little base station will go off if they stop breathing if their heart rate or oxygen levels are at an abnormal level it will go off and wake you up and you can go check on the baby right away so you'll be the first one to know you don't have to worry about waking up every five minutes to check on them like we did before we had this on her I'm sure you know about all the different clothes that you'll need for your baby and I'm a huge advocate for you're gonna need more than you think you're going to need you hear all these people saying don't buy too much don't buy too much especially don't buy a bunch of newborn clothes but for us my babies almost 11 pounds and she's still in newborn and the only things that are a newborn that don't fit her and she was 20 and a half inches the only things that don't fit her are the Koala baby brand the Koala baby runs really small so that's kind of just the exception to the rule but Scylla even though they measured her wrong at the hospital they thought she was 18 and a half inches she was really 20 and a half when we went to the pediatrician two days later they remastered her twice and she was really 20 and a half inches he was 21 inches last time we went in she's probably longer than that by now and she's still in newborn but one thing that I do want to tell you about that I love their gowns and if if you haven't heard of gowns basically this is what it looks like and at night time you can change their diapers without pulling their legs out of the zippers and the buttons you know to fumble with a lot of stuff this you just slip up do the diaper slip it back down super easy this one is from one of my favorite shops this is the brand loved by Hannah and Eli it's a sleepy bear and it's so cute we love putting this one on her bibs that might sound like duh you need bibs but I didn't think that newborns would need bibs since they're not eating yet I didn't realize how much spit-up happened and if you don't want if you put like a really cute outfit on your baby and you don't want to have to change them seven times throughout the day which does happen if you have a baby with reflux like mine does and I'm breastfeeding her and she still has reflux so if you don't want to change their outfit a hundred times throughout the day you'll need bibs and some of my favorite bibs are these bills by Ayden and an eye and they're like little bandana bibs like this I got them at Babies R Us and these came in a three pack so they're really cute they have little stars little polka dot and I think one of them maybe had little hearts I don't know I might be wrong but I put these on her so that I don't have to change her outfit every time she spits up the woven of this might look like just I just washed it so it's like so what this might look like just what's the difference between a regular pasty and a webinar the difference is the web and up is weighted so you can set it on their chest and they can suck on it when they want to spit it out they spit it out but it doesn't really fall anywhere and it helps them keep it in their mouth when I give her loose pacifiers they seem to fall out she just doesn't really get it so I think that this is a really good Pasi to start your baby off with a lightweight bouncer and the reason I'm saying a lightweight bouncer is because you'll be in different rooms throughout the house and you'll want to move the bouncer with you to whatever room you're in when my husband is watching her in his office he can just take the bouncer upstairs and bring her up and put her in it and that makes it super easy my baby really loves being outside too so when we go outside and sit on the back porch we bring her out and put the bouncer out there and I always cover it with a mosquito net because in Texas right now we've got mosquitoes and it's hot so it gives us a peace of mind having her in clothes and a mosquito net outside next on my must must must must must have list is the doc tot and you're probably gonna see like spit-up stains on those because she's in it every single day this is what the doc etat looks like this is the clip that unclips once they get too big you can open it up so their legs can come out like that but this is a life saver you can use this as a lounge piece you can use this in bed and you can Co sleep with it this is great for napping it's good for chillin it's good for taking with you everywhere you go seriously like this thing is amazing she can sleep in this no matter where we are what we're doing what's going on if I put her in this she instantly relaxes and goes to sleep so this dog has been a lifesaver I know doesn't really look like when you see it you're like what's the difference between that and like you know just laying on a soft bed or laying in a soft bassinet or Lang you know on a Buffy lounge or like what she's in right now there's just a difference I don't know what it is on the website it says that it's made to kind of resemble the womb but I think that they just like that feeling of being enclosed and it just soothes her and it's hard because before I got the dog I wasn't thinking like I was like oh it's gonna be you know just another like little thing for her to chill in its you know it's going to be nice but it's not like a must-have and now that I have it I just don't think I could ever go back I'm actually going to do a dedicated video on the docket ah so that's going to be enough of that for now a shade blocker for your car so wherever the car seat is which if it's in the middle you want to put one on both sides but if you have the car seat like on the left behind you you definitely want to put a shade blocker up on that side a mirror this is also one that's a little bit controversial but I put a mirror up on the backseat so that I can look in the rearview mirror at skyla and see that she's not like I don't know it just gives me a peace of mind to be able to see her and see that she's doing good that she's moving around and breathing whatever it's scary having a newborn so like being able to have that peace of mind when you're driving especially if you have to go on like an hour-long drive which I had to do the other day to take my mom to the airport if I had to drive an hour without being able to like look back and see that she's okay it would just stress me out so by all means don't just distract yourself by staring your baby the whole time but when you're at a stoplight or stop sign or something to glance back and get that peace of mind to me is worth it I didn't think of this one just because I don't know I had everything I had my my stroller my car seat my infant carry cot to lay flat in the stroller I had the mosquito net I have the rain cover but I didn't think about having like a sunshade cover for if I take her out when the sun's out for some reason it didn't cross my mind you don't ever want to put like a blanket over the car seat or a blanket over the stroller or whatever you're doing because it can get way too hot inside the stroller so an alternative to that is like an SPF blocker like a Sun Shade and my stroller the stock a stroller you can buy a summer kit for it and it has like literally an SPF sun shade that comes down over the straw or the carry caught whatever you're using and it'll cover them from the Sun and shade them from the Sun but the sides are open so the breeze can go through on this sides it has like a net in the back like where the little hood canopy comes up it has like a net that opens up so that the breeze can come through with the summer kit also comes like an absorbent pad that goes underneath them so if they sweat it kind of soaks in and it's white so that you're not my stroller is black so having that white cover and then the the sunshade and the summer kit is pink so it helps with that heat because having a black stroller in the summer I just didn't think about it and now having the summer kit makes everything better if you're interested in my stroller system I have a dedicated video on it and I will put it in the description box the Dom I have a Dom Dom for babies that spell do hm Dom for baby noise maker for the night time it helps her stay awake longer it's just white noise and we love it I got it at Babies R Us and I think that it's the best noise maker white noise sound machine out there to apps on my phone that I could not live without are the what to expect app and the Wonder weeks app both tell you exactly what's going on each week with your baby Gerber soothe this might be one of the biggest life savers that we have had throughout the first few weeks of Skylar's life skyla was diagnosed with colic because she was crying a lot a lot a lot and the doctor told my pediatrician told us to try Gerber soothe and their probiotic colic drops and I'm telling you she's a totally new baby after going on Gerber soothe a thermometer this is probably gonna seem like a duh you need a thermometer but what I didn't know is that the best and nurse told me this the best type of thermometer you can get for your baby is a rectal thermometer and even though it's gross like to have to put a thermometer in your baby's butt it's the most accurate oh it's the most accurate so I highly recommend the Vicks rectal thermometer sorry about my dog the scylla got really really bad baby acne around four or five weeks and so the way that i combatted it which now she's completely free and clear I used the Aveeno baby eczema therapy like cream and I put this on her whole body after every and even like spot treated some places on our face I also used a regular just coconut oil this when I ordered on Amazon I also use this on my stretch marks on my breasts since I'm breastfeeding it's safe to put on them and I also use breast milk so I used Pumped breast milk and I got a cotton ball and I just dabbed it on the areas a week later it was completely gone the for moms infant tub and I also got a cushy insert for it at Babies R Us to put while she's tiny tiny but I love the for moms infant tub because you run the water straight on top of the thermometer that tells you the comfort zone and it goes off if it's too hot or too cold and it goes into a separate pool which has like a plug so you can unleash the plug like it fills up a separate pool before it overflows into where the baby is so if it's too hot or cold you can just flip the plug and it'll drain out once it gets to the perfect temperature you once it gets to the perfect temperature you put the plug down and it overflows into where the baby is so the water is perfectly warm and it also has two little overflow vents on the side so that the water overflows and it constantly refreshes so it's clean fresh water while you're bathing your baby and it's just orga nama CLE correct the way that it's set up it fits in our kitchen sink perfectly so that's where we bathe her when we use it the Buffy lounger which is what she's on right now and I'm just going to move the camera down so you can see what that looks like it's basically just this little lounger like that it's like a little cushy it sets right there wherever you are if you're on the couch if you're sitting on your bed like I am right now just perfect for them to chill out on the cover does not come off you can buy extra covers on Etsy or you can just put like a blanket down like a muslin blanket that's what I always do when I have her on it sort of blanket down then wash the blanket if she spits up or anything and it's worked really well for us the grow egg is something that I've really loved this basically tells me whenever the temperature in the room is too cold or too hot if it's too cold this little thing right here lights up it'll turn blue and if it's too hot it'll turn red any time that the grow egg is glowing yellow or orange it means the temperature of the room is perfect for your baby and it's important to me because one of the factors leading to SIDS is having a room that's too hot another thing that makes life so easy for me is the honest company diaper and white but Allah because they send a big box of diapers and wipes each month I love that I get to pick new prints each month I just think that it's so much fun I love the diapers too because they're the only brand that she's never had any blowouts out of the wipes are thick and cushy and just comfy all around she doesn't get diaper rash when we're all in the honest company so it's convenient and it worked really well for us the prints were on right now with honest company are adorable this is the one that the package we have open right now I like this elephant print as you can see it's just so much fun they have tons of prints for you to choose from here is a little leopard print strawberry print and last but not least my favorite the macaron print another thing that I can't believe I'm putting on here because I was kind of against it at first was the wipe warmer I had bought one and then decided not to use it because I was afraid that if we were anywhere else I didn't have a wife warmer that having a cold wipe on her bottom would really just freak her out but that hasn't been the case I decided to start using the wipe warmer and I'm telling you there is something about having a warm wipe on your baby's bottom it makes me feel better I can tell it makes her feel better it actually helps me get the nest up better it's something about them being warm I feel like it cleans better it feels better it's just a comfortable situation all around the brand that I have is much munchkin and it's from Target ok guys that is it for my newborn must-have list I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope that you took something away from it please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and give this video a thumbs up leave your comments below let me know which products I don't have on my list that you have on your list let me know if there's anything else I need to pick up and I will see you guys tomorrow bye do you want to say bye Scylla say bye I think that's a little bit of an angry face say bye bye YouTube thanks for watching my must-have list

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