Capri I'm trying to film what's up everyone I'm Sierra and welcome back to my channel today we are gonna be filming a night routine with a newborn and currently right now I am pumping I would show you but you're gonna see my face we have Capri you just woke up from her nap since I change I just step back from Target and Ralph and Brent spring stuff away I know but I'm something right now babe show them the surprise I just got you and tell them what it's for my favorite what is it for our things are seven or eight year anniversary eight years of officially being together with me you're not supposed to be eating those chips those are for my mom I literally a virgin's you've never once bought them ever I don't buy chips oh my gosh showing your belly I didn't buying them I bought them for my mom because she watches Capri screaming baby hungry husband and hungry dogs I should have gone to TJ Mac oh it's my thirty now so I'm gonna pump finish pumping make a quick dinner then we're probably gonna W the dogs give Capri cop ringing I think he boots oh man Oh yep she pooped daddy mommy go now I'm coming a tiny Neeta oh you better go hurry no I'm not me come on let's go change you yeah go changer we should be a good girl good job daddy let me see your baby acne oh my gosh you poor things okay she's looking like she stars see we have a hungry hungry gummy even though you just ate I just pumped almost three ounces you starved you starved oh my so I just pumped three ounces and we put it in these dr. Brown bottles for right now because she drinks really really fast and apparently these are really good for like colic and gassy babies so we're testing you know we're still trying to find the right bottle for her so far doesn't work let me have one more don't eat it all who are you saving up for myself I'm a clipper nail stringing out somebody bareback they say to clip their nails in their sleep because it's easier but I know I she's right here and she needs a clip so wish me like a baby this is my first time cutting your new you looking that Daddy okay you look ready oh my god I'm so nervous come on sunday sunday sunday kiss she's a newborn oh my and if you hurt her daddy I'll be really mad okay look it looks huge from this angle I think this is why they say in their sleep yeah daddy heavy falling it's too heavy all right I couldn't think actually I think two haven't showered I would came home I was wondering why she smelt like Bo thank you hey – you fell into my arms haha a game makes sense I knew it was your stank I'm gonna show you some cute outfits I just got from for her from Kohl's and target don't dish mommy's team do we look alike give mommy King oh my God look at capris daddy's twin queen oh maybe she's gonna love these videos when she gets older strong I slept with her Friday like 30 minutes and she just held my pinky and she would just like move it every now and then usually live the life my mom came over and did her laundry I have some stuff in baskets I just need to organize all of her drawers cuz yeah they're messy but I just wanted to show you some outfits that I got for her they're all three months there's a little onesie look at the feet yeah pajamas I got some more pajamas little strawberry shortcake got a little lemons and she's an Italy girl Italian girl got another romper some sea horses I really like that bow this is I can't there's like little dinosaurs on there and then we have this pink plain rump er I really like to get the rompers because they button all the way down and plus it's hot and I'm supposed to keep her like not too too close because she has baby acne there's a little rainbow romper and then look at the butt cam this one lastly we have oh wait no tumor we have this one and then it comes with some cute little booty shorts that cover her diaper and then we have watermelons watermelon yeah and they were all $7.99 age excuse me you're already awake I hasn't even been five minutes isn't even made by me mate and I'll it's so nice this came in the mail today from YouTube and it's a cutest little baby onesie that has my channel name Sierra Dallas and then it says Ciaran Brent best wishes to you and your growing family welcome to the world cup REE your friends at YouTube though so sweet and it's actually like super cool to like know that they value you as like I don't know like a partner right babe cuz we're essentially partners since my work is all on YouTube yeah I love oh so sweet thank you you too Sam yeah all right we got some turkey tacos real really fast and some beans well that didn't work out it's blind here's mine only two there we go there's the mess I cook you clean tacos right yeah so I'm working Wow distracted yeah actually false Pacific fish bro um you said the men were better daddy got mommy some flowers because he felt that she had a really bad day and she was crying but she was you bet two of those so far two bad days yeah you had him break down before that daddy always buys mommy flowers why do you think is a baby here oh my god you do not get it any I'm just uh getting me flowers no you're right I get any just because if you guys have ever been to sprouts he needs training they're coming these shut up these are not Trader Joe's these are sprouts yeah yeah yeah shut up if you guys want the best gummy bears of all times go sprouts so Brian I always play sequence before we go to bed play usually the best I three but sometimes you know those games go pretty quick so we'll do like five start five and capris licking himself only harder for us to be here right now but nothing will stop us from cheating over dickwad well you laughing at I didn't even see it your next move cuz I was so focused on what's my next move you're gonna put a jug sequence um where's my next move [Laughter] plan 1 oh yeah it went all the way down my boobs it's all over right here thanks it's gonna stain your new fabletics shoes woke up and panic in she's hungry ok ok I'll feed you we're on our last game of sequence so after this oh you're gonna go ahead those bad boys there's like nothing there we're gonna give her a bath after this yeah just in case oh my gosh my boob is so oh my baby silly bitch I just woke up [Laughter] are you ready to give her back the clock bathtime give me my little unicorn unicorn can't show you boobies no she loves bath time Daniel is giving her bath time you're the only one that really bathes her oh I wish you would poop right now oh let me see Oh baby maybe we do daddy yeah me oh this is such a cute photo I need to take a photo smile baby's in 0 to 3 months now oh my look so cute with your Swan oh right you ready for your bottle alright daddy's gonna feed you a three ounce bottle is it I'm making it and then I'm a vacuum oh my you guys are the key things clean and ready Oh baby alright here's our baby Bryza i'm gonna give her three ounces the baby Bryza is the one thing that you definitely have to have its temperature we have a touch of body temperature and it automatically makes your bottle for you just got to shake it up and this is formula obviously make enough fresh milk so we have to supplement and this is perfect so I'm gonna go give it to her oh so panicky yeah you know she loves her bra but so I take care of the baby pretty much all night all morning all day until about 2:00 or 3:00 when Frank gets home and then he usually stops in and then that's when I usually do my work or do whatever I have to do to take a nap and he's feeding her right now I'm gonna pick up the house and vacuum get the house back in order does anyone else do this I literally did laundry yesterday and I forgot to change it into the dryer actually half of it goes in the dryer and half of it goes in the drying rack and I had to rewatch it oh my gosh comment below if you do this too cuz I'm notorious for doing that this matter how many times I vacuum a day it's okay managed to get a full think of dirt now that the hospital clean I'm gonna clean her b-b-breathe the filter has to be clean when today or every four bottles and I'm also gonna get her bottles all ready for today or today and tomorrow they're all ready and I don't want to do it's nine o'clock I have our bottles ready for formula in the middle of the night I have my boats already poured for it some Wow I cleaned the double burnt pretty much did that I just put all of like the small stuff away clean BP Brisa clean the entire house Brent fed Capri and now he's gonna turn the swing before having a baby Bretton a stash hard to the other so we still tried to like shower together like two or three times a week you know I think so yeah tonight we're gonna charge together he's still trying to put Capri down it's nine o'clock hopefully we'll be able to shower but like 9:15 and bedtimes usually around 10:00 my princess he's supposed to go night-night he's supposed to go night-night so mommy and daddy can shower oh you're tired oh I clean my house I haven't cleaned my room yet usually I make my bed but Brent lives in here so now I'm just breastfeeding trying to get her to sleep so we can take a shower together it's about 9:10 right now this is like an infant gonna sleep for her so Capri is still sleeping she's still in her swing she won't sleep in that all night but she does get really comfortable in the swing so we like to have her settle down in that we showered and then Brenda's going to buy it because he has to wake up at 5:00 tomorrow I'm gonna pump because my boobs meet you and Capri still sleeping so I'm gonna pump get a little bit of milk we'll use this tomorrow and I'm gonna watch a show and then go to bed actually you know medley because by the time I'm done pumping and you know capris gonna wake up and she's gonna be hungry so I'll probably either give her this sometimes I like to give her a formula though cuz it will keep her sleep a little bit longer if I give her breast milk she usually wakes up and in the hour if I give her formula she wakes up and about an hour and a half so it gives me a little bit more time to see don't forget to like this video and subscribe and I hope you enjoyed our nighttime routine at least a week I literally just started puppy it's been like three minutes since my last that girl does not like to sleep I don't understand why already I literally just walked out and started pumping every night she was not like st. during the night okay you up but I'm loving she starved huh 10:50 and I just pumped a little over an ounce so annoying because I really I'm just trying everything and anything to get more breast milk but it's not happening if I were still supplementing but she's getting fed during this book she's had two nasty boobs anybody hiccups Oh smithy hello hi my all right let's go change heal me again I'm sleeping in my nursing bra and sweatpants so much easier getting up in the middle of the night sleeping with the nursing bra or a nursing tank you


  1. It sounds crazy but a beer , or even hot chocolate (Mexican one) . Beer all the wheat causes your milk ducts or produce or if you ever notice before pregnancy it would make them swollen the next day ! something to try to get them working more

  2. I was so nervous cutting my new born nails so i brought a baby nail file, its much easier and less stressful lol

  3. How can such a small person SCREAAAAAAM SO LOUDLY! Cutie screams though, she es sooo beautiful! 😍 But poor Capri with her baby acne I hope it gets better soon

  4. the best thing to do to produce more brest milk is by putting capri on your brest more. brest milk of supply by demand and pumping isn’t the same and a baby sucking. Hope it helps !!!

  5. SIERRA! i know you said a few times that you wish you were able to produce more breastmilk for baby capri. i’m not a mom myself so i don’t know from first hand experience, but someone i’ve followed for some time has recommended the brand Upspring. maybe you’ve tried them before, but they have a product called “milk flow” that is supposed to help increase your supply. it has good reviews online that you can look into yourself if you’re interested. & it can be purchased in stores as well as online 🙂
    love you girl! hope you figure something out soon ❤️

  6. I recommend the honest company face and body lotion for her acne ! I used it on my son and it went away within a week !

  7. Breast milk helps with the baby acne. Put some breast milk where ever she has ance once a day and it'll go away 🙂

  8. you should try the baby gas drops with every feeding and warm compresses on her belly helps to when the screaming at night my daughter was the same way good luck

  9. I love how honest and real you are💗 I hope your breast feeding journey gets better… I can’t imagine how frustrated you must feel at times. Best wishes 💕

  10. dr brown bottles are very good!! i use them with my baby brother and it helps with gas!! keep using them! they’re amazing!

  11. I NEED to know what vacuum you have. I’ve been looking for a new vacuum especially since I have pets and mine stopped working very well. That one looks so good

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